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  1. Anyone made a complete mirror or uploaded somewhere?
  2. About the SCART-Genie board but also the breakout boards would be nice.
  3. Do you provide the Eagle project, too? Thnx. ti99user
  4. Great Job, can you post the full schematic picture (or a link)? Thnx. ti99user
  5. Important information is 32k RAM expansion. I know the jumper settings are documented on the board but documenting there meaning would be great. BTW: Do you offer a schematic, too? ti99user
  6. OK, thanks to all who answered. Didn't find any documentation but 32k memory expansion was needed. Works well now. BTW: Any documentation of the jumpers for the V9g version available? Thank you. ti99user
  7. Hello, Tried to setup a "TI99/4A 512k Cart v09g" with a M27C4001-10F1 EPROM. Jumpers are set default for 32pin version. Tried 3 different EPROMs with EPROM content from this thread: * 512kUtilities052415a.bin * 053015Gamecart4.bin * Games6.bin Topics are: 1.) Menu is not displayed every time 2.) If displayed and pressing the menu nothing happens Tried it on 2 different european PAL TI99/4A. Any ideas? Is the EPROM content correct? Thank you. ti99user
  8. Yes, I have which should support the flash. But it is parallel interface only. Have to look for an old PC. So alternative programming of the external flash via TI99 would be fine.
  9. Ok, tried it with the following configuration: 1.) NanoPEB (2 different) 2.) F18A, V1.5 Firmware 3.) Programmed only the 128k Flash into the ATMEGA, the EEPROM into the ATMEGEA and the fuses with the command line stated above (so no 512k file programmed into external flash) But only some modules work. With one nanoPEB XB2.7 only blue screen, with second wild characters. Any ideas? Must the external flash also be programmed (I guess)? What's the recommended way for programming all 3 files (especially the external flash without an external flash programmer)? Thnx.
  10. No, I didn't have a 32k attached. Worked with nanoPEB now, all tests passed :-) What's a recommended "package" to load into the AVR and flash?
  11. OK, programmed now with my posted command line. I'm getting further, but still I guess an issue: 1.) GROM TEST menu is displayed as cartridge (2) => fine 2.) Pressing 2 3.) Displayed: >>-- CART CONV BY TURSI --<< 4.) Nothing happens for at least 10 min What should happen, is this normal? BTW: avrdude-5.11 worked well but avrdude-6.1-mingw32 crashed. Anyone else having same issue?
  12. So you are using?: http://www.mouser.at/new/yamaichi/yamaichiburnin/ Which EPROM Burner? Thank you. TI99User
  13. Great, so command line looks like: avrdude -P \\.\com5 -c stk500v2 -p m1284p -U flash:w:ubergrom.hex -U eeprom:w:ubergrom.eep -U lfuse:w:0xC2:m -U hfuse:w:0xD8:m -U efuse:w:0xFC:m -U lock:w:0xFF:m BTW: GUI looks different than Avrdudess. Which program do you use Will try it next weekend. Thank you. TI99User
  14. Ok, GUI looks good. Will try it next weekend. Thank you. TI99User
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