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  1. Wow. This game has that ' come on I know you can do better' voice that keeps you there for a long time. I managed to get to the 5th, where Mr Chomper starts to travel faster.
  2. Looks like I will be winning the Participation award soon. Let's kick this week off on this weeks action. I hope everyone gives Moonwalker a chance. It has beat em up style, but it's way more. 127,620
  3. Wow, that was a blast getting into The Pach" after many years of shelving it. I hit my 20 mil target. Mission accomplished. MO pledges to pursue that pesky Razzie P in the second half of the season, while fending off Cynicaster also. Because a friend of mine named Ricky Bobby reminded me that "if you're not first, your last!!!"
  4. Oh yeah!! I had just enough in the fuel tank to conjure up this fine looking digit for "The Pach". I swear I could play DDp for 24 hours straight and still want to keep playing. That demonstrates just how good this game is. 21,642,630 -- Board 5
  5. 77275 Squadron 7Wow, I'm glad I started on it early enough, this one is a blast as well! Definite strands of Missile Command are found.
  6. It's taking everything I've got. I'm sooo close. 18,548,030
  7. Oh I'm definitely hitting DDP hard tonight i have to hit 20 million. I managed to squeak out an improvement... 15,473,590 Up next is Colony 7, let's see what this one is about.
  8. My Starting ship is the Red Shot Type. The Red Laser Type works better for Hit Counts. The other two ships I just couldn't get used to.
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