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  1. Someone said it earlier, the Programmers of this one are definitely fans of Speed...this one is wild. 99,500 MAM
  2. Let's get right to it, mate$!! M.O. with an improved score on Renegades.... Almost looped 'er twice! 196,500
  3. This is far from done. L 07 - 230,900 In case Cynicaster tries to clip me last minute, I must keep going...
  4. Ok. Now that I see Cyn has eclipsed 200k, time to dig into a Saturday am game session. Uurr, uurr, uurr!!!!!
  5. Donkey Kong: Best Arcade game ever made. Let the party begin...
  6. Wow. This game has that ' come on I know you can do better' voice that keeps you there for a long time. I managed to get to the 5th, where Mr Chomper starts to travel faster.
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