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  1. Damn, both Cynicaster and Razzi3 P pushing hard on Grobda. I'm stuck on Frogger right now. I will have to hit up Grobda next. Hopefully I can hit 20k. Let the games continue....(but dont use continues in our games, hehe...) MO
  2. Ali Baba and 40 Thieves Wow, this one is cool when you actually know what the hell you are doing. This one steals parts of sound bits used on the PacMan series, which are also made by Namco. And moving around the board feels similar to PacMan, with a splash of Lock n Chase. 29,200 Gobda 11,800 Low scoring game that gets insanely difficult....not a good combo.
  3. Time Pilot 395,800 It took a bit, but large improvements are made when you get back into the groove on this one. For better results, watch how the enemies enter the board after one is destroyed. When one dies, they get replaced, and sometimes will dash at you upon entering your zone of attack. If you can always be ready immediately after destroying a target, you will be way less likely to get clipped or blindsided. Watch the parachutes, they can lead you into enemy fire in the later reaches of the game.
  4. ...and the final week is here!! The stage has been set for a final 4 week showdown! Its fixing to be a tight one! Pardon for the cliche-ness. GAME ON!! MO
  5. Someone said it earlier, the Programmers of this one are definitely fans of Speed...this one is wild. 99,500 MAM
  6. Let's get right to it, mate$!! M.O. with an improved score on Renegades.... Almost looped 'er twice! 196,500
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