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  1. OK, you got me. I made up all of that stuff about Messiah claiming that the NEX was not based on a NOAC, that it would have improved compatibility, and I also made up the fact that the NEX is not just another NES clone, which offers nothing substantially new or better over any other NES clone... no, the NEX is worth $30 more than a Neo Fami or a refurbished original NES. It turns out that Castlevania III and Gauntlet work perfectly, as do all of those wonderful Koei games, Camerica games, and NES reproductions. I was also lying about the A/V stuff. The NEX's video and colors are perfect... no they are better than the original NES's, and the audio is even better still! I was also making all that stuff up about the fact that an original NES can also be used with the same wireless controllers as the NEX. Of course that isn't true, I mean, if it was, then that means that somebody would have to sell a receiver unit, of sorts, which could be plugged into the NES's controller ports, so that the wireless controller could communicate with an original NES. The problem is that nobody makes such a receiver, and therefore the NEX is the only NES system capable of using wireless controllers. I also had several forum accounts on this forum and at DP, which I used to post as numerous different people, pretending to attack attack the NEX and making up all sorts of lies. I also started several web sites, under different aliases, which I also used to write negative reviews about the NEX. Hell, I even got a job at Lik-sang, so that I could trick the company into dropping the NEX from our inventory by claiming that it wasn't up to our standards of quality. By the way, that negative comment on Lik-sang's NEX reviews was also written by me. It was all part of my plan. Yes, Messiah was completely innocent of any wrong doing, and there are no problems with the NEX. I realize that I will go down in history as a big liar, and that the NEX will forever be recognized as an improved recreation of the original NES. In fact, most people will ditch their original NES systems in favor of this unofficial clone so that they can finally play all of their NES games, with improved audio and video and wireless controllers! BTW, did you know that I was the person who started all of those false rumors about the Xbox 360 crashing and being incompatible with many original Xbox games? Yes, I am tricky bastard indeed. But hey, none of it is true, so you can just ignore the lies. 979529[/snapback] Well, at least you are admitting it.
  2. Well as I understand it from him, it's still a game store that sells new games. They just support more older game systems than your average store would. You could, for instance, pick up Twilight Princess and Zelda 2 at the same time. 973180[/snapback] True, I forgot to mention they sell new games, too.
  3. I don't know if this was posted here already but I just wanted to give a plug to a new classic gaming store here in Jersey. Digital Press has opened a store in Clifton, I stopped by today and was definately impressed. They had games for almost every system every made. The prices seemed very fair also. I picked up a few NES R5 and R6 carts. I really hope people support this store because they are so few good classic game stores around. If anybody wants the address or directions, you can PM me.
  4. Deus Ex is easily worth that much. I paid $50 for it when it came out and I loved the game.
  5. Tecmo shot themselves in the foot by charging $30 for their compilation when Taito, Namco and Capcom's complations are much better and are only $20. The only game I would be interested in playing is Tecmo Bowl and the NES version is better than the arcade version anyways IMO.
  6. The $20 I paid is worth it for Dragon Spirit alone. This games rocks.
  7. ****THIS LOT HAS BEEN SOLD***** I picked this lot up at a yard sale last weekend. I cleaned and tested every game and they work great. Includes: an NES top loader 2 dogbone controllers P/S and RF switch 1 orange Zapper 27 dust sleeves These 51 games: Adventure Island 2 Adventures of Link Amagon Arkanoid Balloon Fight Bump 'n Jump Burgertime Code Name: Viper Commando Contra Dig Dug II Donkey Kong Classics Donkey Kong 3 Double Dragon 2 Dr Mario Dragon Spirit Flintstones (missing end label) Galaga Gunsmoke Ice Climber Kirby's Adventure Legendary Wings Legend of Zelda Life Force Lode Runner Lunar Pool Mario Bros. Mike Tyson's Punchout Operation Wolf Othello Paperboy Popeye Power Blade (small tear on label) RBI Baseball Rescue Rangers Rush 'N Attack Spelunker Spy Hunter Star Soldier Super Contra Superspike Volleyball Tengen Tetris The Last Ninja The Mafat Conspiracy Tiny Toon Adventures 2 Tiger Heli Time Lord Track and Field Xevious Wrecking Crew Zodas Revenge w/manual I am asking $125 for everything. Shipping by UPS will be extra and will be 27 lbs from zip code 07072 If interested, PM me and we'll talk. I know I could probably get more on E-Bay, but I wanted to offer it here first.
  8. I remember reading somewhere that Ninja Gaiden is going to be one of the unlockable games.
  9. I am buying this game when it comes out and Capcom Classics too. I just wish that Konami would put out a Contra compilation.
  10. $40 is high. Like other people said, you can find them cheaper at garage sales if you are willing to be patient. My local guy who used to sell NES systems for $20 now sells them for $30 as there are definately less and less of them coming in the door. If you pick one up, the first thing you must do is to install a new 72 pin connector or fix the old one by bending the pins back. Except for the connectors, NES systems are very reliable.
  11. 1 SNES system (no yellowing at all), 2 controllers, RF switch and P/S and these 9 games: Cart only (unless noted) Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Super Mario All-Stars Super Mario World Kirby Super Star Space Invaders Warp Speed Sunset Riders Yoshis Island Tetris 2 (complete) Asking $50 shipped (which includes UPS shipping with a tracking number and $100 insurance, USA only) I cleaned all the games and everything works great. PM please if interested.
  12. I alphabetize them according to what it says on the end label Legend of Zelda goes under "L" and Zelda II goes under "A" for Adventure of Link. Star Tropics 2 goes under "Z" because the end label just says Zodas Revenge.
  13. My vote goes to the original NES Contra with the SNES Contra: The Alien Wars a very close second.
  14. I have these 4 complete NES games if anyone is interested. Final Fantasy (complete w/ handbook and both maps) Flintstones Kickle Cubicle Paperboy (box has very minor wear) All the boxes are in nice condition, the carts are in MINT condition with absolutely perfect labels. The person who owned these really took care of them. The Final Fantasy book and maps look like new. All the boxes have price stickers from the place I purchased them but I believe they can be removed with some Goo Gone. If anyone is interested in making a cash offer, please PM me.
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