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  2. Pick me! Pick me! I am interested in getting this game in physical form.
  3. Hey everybody. LidLikesIntellivision did not break any chain.. the Trotter was lost in the mail.. 4 Trotters (black cart) were originally built for this tour. If 1 got lost, then the next cart would be sent out to replace it. After the Trotter was hosted by LidlikesIntellivision, it traveled to Peru and Italy before it went missing again. I authorized using 2 of the limited run Silver Trotter carts after the 4 Trotter carts were lost. in total, 6 Trotters have been lost over the course of 11 years of world travel, the last one lost going from Brazil to Mexico. sorry for the grammar errors, my only internet for now is on this tiny smartphone screen, until I can get paid off on my hospital bills.. then maybe I can go back to using my laptop
  4. Gateway

    Titan Axe Beta

    No offense is intended, and I agree the artwork looks great! However, something looks a bit "off" about the female in the label design. Either her head looks a bit too small, or her bosom is a bit too high. Anybody else seeing that also.. or is it an optical illusion? Again, the label concept is great! The game also looks interesting
  5. Tunnel Runner? (the box has "3D spherical monsters on it)
  6. Good guess, Waggie! you may be correct However, my guess is Spike's Peak Eddie Bauer sounds a bit like "bear", and Spike climbs and hikes in the outdoors. East and West could refer to the A and B difficulty switches OR the double- ender XonoX carts, also Spike starts the game traveling to the right side of the screen. Cooper, I believe, refers to the "Cooper Black" font used on Zellers carts, but I am not sure yet what the connection is. Hmm.. (Yoda) Meditate on this, I will.. (/Yoda)
  7. Journey: Escape (sings) Don't Stop Believin'...
  8. 2 minutes into the new year here. 2015 will be the year of the "Knight Rider 2600"
  9. Congrats, Brian! you guessed correctly! The answer is KLAX Here is a recap of the clues and their meanings that I was going for: Clue #1. What goes up... must come down, pal. In the gameplay, you can send colors you don't want back up the conveyor, but the tiles soon come down to you again. "Pal" is a hint that the game is common in PAL format (but also 10 copies in NTSC format are known to exist) Clue #2. First the worst, Second the same.. Last the best of all the game. I heard this playground rhyme as a kid. It refers to Klax being the last title released by Atari, for the 2600 (and the game is one of the best.) Clue #3. Video of the Minion saying "Bee Do!" over and over or, as our French friends may refer to as a klaxon siren of their emergency/police vehichles. Clue #4. Okay, I thought more people would respond during the last 24 hours, but perhaps i need to wait 8 crazy nights before i give another clue. That was on Christmas day (24 hours) and the "8 crazy nights" line is in Adam Sandler's well known "Hannukah Song" which traditionally covers 8 days: So 24 x 8 = 192. Klax on the 2600 is CX26192. Clue #5. Michael Jackson and his glove I picked this photo of the King of Pop because his iconic white glove is in full view and looks similar to the "K shaped" white hand you move around to select game options in KLAX. The hand also appears on the label of other Klax versions, like for the LYNX for example. Clue #6. I Love Lucy iconic episode the video features Lucy and Ethel working at the chocolate factory (and failing) to wrap the candies on the conveyor belt. They "stack" some of the candies in order to keep up, but still end up "missing" some of the chocolates.. similar to gameplay in KLAX. Clue #7. Although late to the party, this game appeared on at least 22 different game consoles or computers. According to http://www.klaxworld.com the arcade game made it onto 22 different systems by various programmers, most of them released. The 2600 version only was sold in PAL countries, because the 2600 market in North America was all but dead in 1990. Whew! ok i just typed all that from my phone. Back to you, BrianC!
  10. Hey guys! I see where some of your guesses are coming from, but nobody guessed correctly yet. I promise, there is no advanced math needed to get the answer. To clarify, Yes, the fourth clue was subtle and referred to "8 crazy nights" but also "24 hours" Also, as mentioned, the game is not food-themed, but, yes, our European "pals" here will have better luck finding this game. One more clue, I think will give it away: 7. Although late to the party, this game appeared on at least 22 different game consoles or computers.
  11. Not Breakout or Crazy Climber.. Here is another video clip clue about gameplay, though the answer to this puzzle does NOT involve food or drink in the game itself. The scene is from an iconic episode of "I Love Lucy".. and I am a bit surprised that Atari never licensed a game featuring Lucy or this scene. Hmm http://youtu.be/HnbNcQlzV-4
  12. Good guesses, but not Phoenix, and not No Escape.. Here is some info about the clues so far: Clue #1 refers to part of the gameplay, Clue #2 and #3 are related to the label/manual for the game and/or the game in general. The 4th clue alludes to the value of this cart. Clue #5 is below (about gameplay):
  13. Nope, not Gorf. Okay, I thought more people would respond during the last 24 hours, but perhaps i need to wait 8 crazy nights before i give another clue. Happy Holidays everybody!
  14. Clue #3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFmwV-U3oSg&feature=related
  15. Clue #1. What goes up... must come down, pal. Clue #2. First the worst, Second the same.. Last the best of all the game.
  16. Mangia? If you eat too much, you die.
  17. I hope I am not too late for this one! I recently bought the DVD of the 1st film, and found the movie to be hilarious Please add me for a STANDARD EDITION. Thanks!
  18. Necropost! I think this is a good list, but I will open it up for any other suggestions. Or if anybody wants to start a new list, you are welcome. Maybe the above list could work on a poster, or a Magnet or something. Hmm.
  19. Hey, some of you guys need to back off! How many of you have produced a homebrew before? I have, and I know that it takes lots of details to build a homebrew from idea to shipment in the post, and little mistakes can happen. Rudy is an okay guy, and he has been willing to make things right with those that are having issues with their order. Let us cut him a bit of slack. I, for one, like my cart and manual. As for the game itself, I will offer some "constructive" criticism: The game concept is fun and unique for the 2600! However, I feel the game could have used a bit more polish to make it great! Just an example would have been perhaps, to have an open door on both sides of the house, then your wife could appear at either side for a touch more randomness of where you need to go while dodging the falling snow. Another feature may have been to add a street car passing across the bottom of the screen so you have to avoid getting run over while shoveling (But I have not played far enough into the game, this may indeed be in the game already. ) I hope with your next release, maybe you will share with some of us first as a beta-release to work out any game design issues that may come to light before you start producing carts. The above is not meant as a slight, only a suggestion. The game itself is a fun diversion the way it is now, but don't be afraid to share it in the Hombrew Discussion or Programming forums here or elsewhere in the future to make the game the best it can be. With that said, I played several rounds tonight and here is my current high score.
  20. Hi! Please add me to your list for interest in a loose cart! Thanks!
  21. Hi. I just pre-ordered a loose cartridge (can not afford the boxed version at this time. Sorry) Good luck with the sales!
  22. Does your friend work at Kinko's? I hope he/she is "warm to BASIC"
  23. Thank you for sharing this! :thumbsup: I missed out on the limited edition. Are there plans to do a standard cart release at some point? Later.
  24. Please keep working on this! It sounds like a fun adventure game. The 2600 needs more of this type of game.
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