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  1. what ever happened to The Golden Axe?

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      He fell off his roof while sleep-roof-walking in the nude and broke his wiener.

    3. CPUWIZ


      He was just here 2 days ago.

    4. SoulBlazer


      If you want the TL:DR version he's suffering from major health problems.

  2. I repaired my NES Top Loader, now who wants to buy it? lol

    1. Rick Dangerous
    2. bigbee99


      no. I was having some trouble with the reset button. It just needed a cleaning. I thought about giving it a composite mod though

  3. I still hate working on n64 controllers. No where near as much as 5200 controllers though

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    2. greencoman


      Thanks for posting this. Is this our first picture of the surface of mars because I thought it was'nt.

    3. bigbee99


      No they are not the 1st. It's just a new "mission"

    4. FastRobPlus


      I tried watching the Mars landing, but my vision just isnt as good as it once was.

  4. 3d Movies and TV's. Still a Gimmick?

    1. HatefulGravey


      Yes, and a bad one.

    2. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Always will be until no glasses are required at least!

  5. I don't think Dr. Mario is a doctor of anything. He just keeps throwing pills expecting everything to go away.

  6. Why can I not stop watching Firefly?

    1. NE146


      Are you watching it in a jar? Cool bioluminescence stuff going on eh :)

    2. HatefulGravey


      Because its that kind of good, and the perfect example of how stupid Fox really is.

  7. Bow Ties are cool

    1. BillyHW


      And they're in the shape of a bow.

    2. Grig


      Bo Derek is even better

    3. bigbee99


      But Fezes are cool too. They are the new Bow Tie.

  8. So I finally watched Avatar...

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    2. Random Terrain
    3. bigbee99


      Jaybird, give it a try. I felt the same way and I have not seen Titanic for the same reasons. But I'm a scifi nerd. I finally gave in after two years. It was a $.99 blue ray rental anyway. I guess it was well worth the $1

    4. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Or skip it and watch 'FernGully: The Last Rainforest.' It's the same F-ing movie with a couple of changes.

  9. Feed me Seymour! Feed me ALL night long!

    1. toptenmaterial


      my favorite is Steve Martin as the dentist

  10. It's just a jump to the left...

    1. retrorussell


      And then a step to the riiiiight..

      (never did much care for Rocky Horror)

  11. Watching Red State ... again.

  12. God! Torrents suck!

    1. retrorussell


      And they're dangerous.. caught NASTY viruses on my last computer just from karaoke file torrents.

    2. pangasinan


      People still use torrents ??,they are so eighties.

    1. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      I never knew TINY TIM was in a Rock band!

  13. FF7 via S-Video, GO!

  14. I love it when my husband leaves his FaceBook open! I don't snoop on it, or anything like that, I just love that I don't have to snoop! I wish there was something embarrassing I could post about him, but I'm babysitting, so I've got my son plus 2 to look after & my brain is distracted! If he keeps it open like this tonight, I'll think of something funny I can tell you all about him...maybe I'll tell you guys about the timer I dressed him up in my purple prom dress, he has excellent cheekbones...

  15. There is an "insinuative" program for the band students after school tomorrow. They can bring video games with a TV for other people to play. Since everyone had the newer stuff covered like PS3, 360, wii, ect. Bryce volunteers my C64c. I only have a hand full of carts so the disk drive is going too. Why not? The worse thing they can do is break it. These kids don't even know what a C64 is. We had c64's in my 3rd grade class.

    1. save2600


      +100! I bet the kids will be mostly fascinated and respectful of the stuff. A little impatient, but respectful nonetheless. :-)


  16. Warlords on the 2600 with the kids. 0-0-0-5. Dad is still the BOSS!

    1. Zedex


      Cool. When I have kids someday I'm going to introduce them to Atari, Commodore and NES games before this Xbox crap.

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