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  1. I'm having trouble getting AvP and CapAmer running. I have the ROMs provided. Am I missing something? Like Rush n Attack needs a parent ROM? B
  2. Imma try and get back into some MAME guys! I've got 1 week to catch up I guess! Here goes nothing!
  3. AAAAaananannnnnddd. I posted it in the wrong place lol B
  4. Imma try and get back into some MAME guys! I've got 1 week to catch up I guess! Here goes nothing!
  5. bigbee99


  6. Awesome! Thanks! I'll give an update when time allows me to complete this! B
  7. Yeah. The help key isn't working. I picked up a Basic cart and when it gets to READY I get nothing when I press any key. Sounds like keyboard issues to me. I did pop it open and it's very clean inside. And the connection look to be ok. I did nothing further though. I have not researched any troubleshooting for the keyboard yet either. Suggestions? B
  8. Either of you have a few extra carts you would like to off load in one shot?
  9. I have acquired a 1200XL computer. This is my 1st Atari computer (I have 3 c64's). From what I have read, there is no kernel chip. I have no carts, disk, or disk drives for that matter. Just the 1200XL and the PS. I'm wondering what you can do with it w/o any other hardware or software. And then I guess I will start my 8-bit Atari collection with a few carts. Maybe Basic or something. Below is a video link to the machine. Is it powering up correctly? Thanks B
  10. I understand theses are rare. I'm not talking abbot the modded systems either. What do the toploader with a/v outs go for these days? Any insights? B
  11. I was thinking something Like that. Thank you! B
  12. Not sure how to price this one, but for a Rare box still in the plastic this seems fair. $20 plus shipping and I will send it yo you. Or send me an offer. As far as shipping it, I don't want to flatten it (I know some people prefer that). I feel it will damage the plastic that has been protecting it for so long. I will just overly package it into a box. B
  13. I know right? I don't really think it was that honestly. I just think things change on his end. It's all good. No hard feelings. It's gone again just like that. B
  14. Remember all this stuff? It's back! the other guy backed out. Please only message me if you are interested in the whole lot and no I will not ship it media. It is boxed up and packaged and all that jazz already. I don't want to unpackage it. The last guy was in Ohio and it was going to be $16. West coast and far north east will be about $25-35.
  15. Here's a big pill of stuff. Just pay shipping and it's yours! I just have no time to tinker with the stuff. Most is not working, the other is untested. SNES (dead) Sega Genesis (dead) Gameboy (dead) Gamegear (dead) Dreamcast (dead) 3 loose carts (dead) 2 NES controllers (dead) 1 NES RF cord (untested) 1 NES Akklaim cordless controller receiver (untested) PM me. I have it boxed and ready. It weighs about 14 pounds and my zip is 29691. That way you can calculate what shipping would be for you before you raise your hand Thanks B
  16. Well I'm back... kinda. My machine died and my back up machine was so slow I never set up MAME on it. I picked up a used Win 8 machine earlier this week to get me through until I can buy a new PC. I have not set up MAME on it either. Soon enough though. I hate that I missed Final Fight and Sunset Riders GAME ON B
  17. 89,840 I'm getting the hang of it. Lotta scoring options. The greed is killing me. B
  18. I haven't even worked the radar into my game play yet lol. Maybe that would help. I couldn't figure out what it was doing. B
  19. 240,650 That's on par with what I got before at least B
  20. 2nd run. I was just remember how to score it. Then BOOM! 44,410,876,430
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