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  1. Very impressive that there is 2 channel music with game sound effects at the same time! (There being only 2 channels for sound, this is not usually attempted.) First “Froggie” for 7800, and now “Chaotic Grill” have this. I can not think of any other examples that do this without hearing an obvious dropping of one sound channel.
  2. Now a Star Trek too:
  3. Libretro can take care of all kinds of display effects from CRT to “why would I want this”. Scan lines can be done in Shader tasks or Overlays (png replacing touch screen keys if using a controller). There are even settings to fix lag so that a button press instantly displays a reaction. I’m not for Retroarch or against Retroarch, it’s just another emulation option that can range from simple to very complicated in use.
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  5. I bought both the boxed cartridges and the ROMs for DKarcade, D2K, and Ms. Pac-Man. Carl’s work is spectacular for lots of reasons. Real hardware, flash cart, and emulation now covered. Ms. Pac-Man ROM doesn’t work in old builds of the Prosystem emulator, used on things like PSP and Raspberry Pi. Newer builds were guarded and hard to come by for some drama reason. Ms. Pac-Man is the only Intellivision ROM that game me some trouble, but it’s so good I found ways... Hover Bovver - and Now Anthropomorphic Force- have great use of the Intellivoice! Thanks for giving us more use for the Intellivoice that many own, but only a handful of original games used.
  6. Stephen, When playing a game, I press the top center. It just happens to look like a Space Invader. Then for Stella’s Settings, I choose Quick Menu: Go down to Options, touch into this: And that scrolls down to: For global things like Threading and Vsync, I go out to the main start menu, then touch a far right bottom gear icon, video settings there. I hope that that helps a little. And again, I am very thankful to those that got a modern build into Retroarch! It benefits all OS systems just as it is now. iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 11.3.1 jailbroken
  7. My comments on this Cyclone Spinner: Spectacular! Exceeded my expectation. I’ve wanted that Tempest feel ever since the first time I played arcade Tempest. This delivers! A weighted spinner that spins. The weighted disc gives momentum, and the grab/stopping resistance to change direction is perfect. The use of an optical mouse inside means a high resolution tracking with consistent motion output (not old mouse tech that used spinning wheels with holes and emitters and sensors). Less things to get dirty, less things to fail. The only thing that spins is the weighted disc. The included bolts to the aluminum bracket makes mounting solid. Also included was the knob Allen Wrench to tighten that to the shaft, nice! No buttons, but that simplifies things, making this just a spinner. I mounted mine in an extra deep cigar box. A project I casually did while watching a retro games stream. Simple enough.
  8. I also have 2 7800’s. My first, newer manufacture date 7800 glitches some Homebrew and kills Harmony Carts where they need re-flashed. My second, older 7800 (no expansion port - so it is not the oldest) plays everything. I did cut the cartridge guide at the 4 corners so it acts more like guide tabs rather than a rectangular cup. Makes inserting tight fitting carts easier to remove. If it had the capacitor that made the one Atari game work but which blocked Supercharger and some Activision, I removed that.
  9. It is set to Auto. I had turned it to Off when I noticed the bullets were incorrect. Changing Phosphor mode to On corrects the bullets. (I would usually set it to Off in previous versions as it shows what the program is doing with its limited objects.) Is version 6 automatically skipping frames?
  10. I tried that Space Invaders Deluxe 2005 (latest version) with the Retroarch iOS Stella 6.1 Beta 2. Sometimes the invaders have shots coming down but my player has none going up. Another time my player shoots up, but the shots coming down are not visible. I selected game options 1 & 2. I’m more thankful that Stella in Retroarch has been updated to Version 6.0.1. That 3.9.3 hung around way too long.
  11. Right? And the SOUND from the Intellivision sound chip original carts never had ROM to make good use! Real arcade sound!
  12. I say this all the time about the Jr. I also use both a Heavy Sixer and Colecovision with Expansion #1. (With the new Colecovision Power to USB adapter, and my ColecoVision's Composite Mod, that picture display is VERY nice - comparable to other S-Video modded systems I have.)
  13. Good job on the animated title screen! You have many good ideas. I am another who used the title screen differently. In my “D.K. Arcade 2600” the “How high can you try” screen is the TitleScreen Kernel. (The game’s title screen is done with batari Basic.) The monkey is drawn using flipping 2 graphics for 3 colors. More than one monkey uses the same graphics data (a tiny bit of added assembly). A variable “level” (1-4) already used in my game is passed from my bB game to the TitleScreen Kernel so it knows how many monkeys to draw.
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