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  1. JBJ 189200 2.10 Being able to control the platforms makes it much easier. Only trouble is it makes me careless cos I start rushing around!
  2. What? You can kill the bugs and move the platforms in Jet Boot Jack? I should read the I instructions for these games more. I played it for hours last time we played!
  3. I think the game would be much more playable for people if you didn't get set back each time you lost a life. Anyway from your screenshot I got to the same place as you, the bit where you have to shoot out the middle block but the channel is too narrow to do so, so you need to do it before you enter
  4. Although I've played it quite a few times over the years, I only worked out the other day that you could shoot stuff on Captain Sticky's!
  5. Great, I'm glad that what I found was useful. Thanks for the update
  6. Just playing and the game crashed both times I tried to exit the left hand side of the 'Dr. Jones room. I'm using the xex file on a stock PAL 800XL. Tried it in my Ultimate cart and SIO2SD, same result. Haven't tried the ATR file yet.
  7. This is great. Thanks for your effort. I was only playing Manic Miner the other day, still can't beat it!
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