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  1. I just played the Parker Bros version on slow and it seems to play about the same maybe slight more difficult. Resets with a bonus life after every 5th screen and as with the Sierra online version doesn't appear to get any more difficult after the 2nd time through
  2. Definitely worth a bonus point or two!
  3. Sierra Slow 96030. It doesn't get any more difficult after the 2nd time through and you get an extra life after every 5th round. I was planning to retire at 100k but got careless
  4. The first two rounds of both versions of the game are about the same. After that the Sierra Online version is a bit easier I think
  5. I meant it started with an extra life, but I didn't realise the difference between the minimum lives before game over, so good point
  6. Parker Bros Fast 17370 Sierra Fast 18205
  7. Good competition so far, I didnt get close to winning any of the first three rounds which makes me happy. I'd rather lose in a good competition than win with just a few people playing
  8. My choice would have been Popeye but I voted for my second choice (Frogger) as it had more chance of winning
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