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  1. You need to visit the cloud screen as soon as you pass the 10k score, if you fill a birth before you do you miss the opportunity of getting the stalk.
  2. I don't remember anyone getting to level 7 last time we played this
  3. 87575 Still haven't got a strategy that works for the cloud screen on level 6
  4. 78585 had 4 births left. Didn't manage any on the cloud screen though
  5. I sometimes visit the cloud screen, even if I've filled the births on that screen, just in case the stalk is there. I've never read the instructions so I had assumed it was completely random.
  6. Never managed that before. I did however manage to collect two bonus lives from the stalk on the clouds screen (1 life each from two stalks) on my last go and so at one point had 7 lives in the bank! It's irritating that there seems to be no pause key in this game
  7. 68408. Managed to bounce on the dragon's back on the cloud screen. Tried to do it again but died, so not sure whether you're supposed to be able to do it or not
  8. 62838 Level 6. It all gets a lot quicker on level 6!
  9. 50009 level 5. If I remember rightly, last time we played this I failed to beat level 5, or was it level 6?
  10. Yep one the best games on the Atari, looking forward to this round
  11. I had a few more tries but didn't improve my score
  12. Bounty Bob 139790 still on hydraulic lifts stage
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