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  1. For those who haven't seen the Missile Command screen colours beyond the first few screens
  2. Please add a Millipede vote for me, if it means that much to Marius I'm happy to play it again
  3. Not heard of Croyde Bay, will have a look on th map. It looks nice
  4. Oops sorry yes numbers for the teleports, not space key
  5. Miner 103385 Bonus #0 13585 Bonus #1 Got to level 4 - forgot score! Bonus #3 Zone 1 complete
  6. Ha, I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't bother to read the manuals! Level 4 is just a case of working out which jumps you can make and which you can't
  7. You're using the teleporters right? Stand in 1, press space, and you're transported to 3?
  8. You missed my JSW 'end sequence' video post #46, that was me completing it, all 83 items!
  9. Z10 S3 from teleport 4 you can jump over the left hand mutant, grab the item and then kill both mutants on the top level. Z10 S9 you can jump further but it doesn't give you any advantage because you can't land on the platforms on the left of the screen
  10. It's possible to beat Zone 10 Station 3 on the cart version. (it's definitely station 3 you meant cos this didn't seem too difficult?) On Zone 10 Station 9 you are to jump from the platforms on the right into the shoot on the left, but not onto the platforms on the left as far as I can see
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