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  1. I think that it should be renamed Plaque-Man since his teeth are going to rot from eating all that cereal looking crud on the screen.
  2. I would have to say Dragster. In a way it's all over before it ever really begins.
  3. The power adapter kind of should match exactly. Atari® Part No. co16353 Plug in-Power Supply For use with video game used only with models cx-2000/2600 input: 120v 60 Hz 9w output: 9v DC 500mA - --(o-- + I hope that helps.
  4. I was wondering: Is there any website/forum out there dedicated to this kind of question? What the high scores can be for the all the different Atari cartridge game variations. That would certainly be awesome.
  5. Donkey Kong was the single biggest let-down for me during the 2600's career. More so than Defender and Pac-Man put together. And to think I payed $29.95 for it in '83 still makes me mad today. Did you know that once you clear both screens the difficulty does not change? That you just play until you bust your arm?
  6. Yealth


    Is Q*Bert (Atari) the exact same Q*bert as the one that was made by Parker Bros? Or is it a better version? Does it contain Slick??
  7. Yealth


    Does anybody know how much Atari paid for the licensing to do this game? I was thinking about how expensive E.T. was for them and I got to wondering about Krull too.
  8. Was there ever a 2600 Galaga? And if not, why??
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