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  2. Check out this bargin eBay Auction -- Item Number: 320699381813 Can you believe that?
  3. I read on Craigslist someone was selling just a box for an ATARI 130XE, just a box for $20 is this unusual?
  4. I keep reading or seeing that K-RAZY SHOOT-OUT by K-byte is rare is that true? For atari 400/800
  5. I re-routed this cassette cable and using the correct lines now. Not knowing how APE and .ATR's work....if I load a DOS .ATR into the disk one location and turn on 800 it is suppose to start booting right? Assuming RI, DSR and correct com port is used.
  6. Are you sure? I've never seen a "casette SIO cable". I've only seen SIO cables. All being the same. I suppose the ones that are wired in (on the 410, XM301, etc) might not carry through all signals, but then those go at the end of the chain anyway. Have you checked continuity? You may just have a broken cable... --Kurt Yes I whipped out my multimeter and the cable is good just not the right lines used. for example pin 7, 10 not used
  7. I think your cassette SIO cable should be OK. What RS232 cable to PC are you using on the other side of the SIO2PC. And is this a homebrew SIO2PC or a Atarimax one? You gotta set the data line in configure, RTS, RING, CTS. I am finding out that cassette SIO cables will not work, thought i could use it but can't. I will try ordering one from Best. BTW how do you order from that site? Just email them?
  8. I tried searching forums with no luck. I take it Cassette SIO cables do not work with the SIO2PC (card) cables? Which cables do? only the old disk drive ones?
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I guess those carts that work in the right slot are real rare hard to find now?
  10. This might be common knowledge but I wanted to ask. I read in an FAQ that there were only a few cartridges designed for this right slot in the 800? So it is basically a useless slot?
  11. I was like you, I did not want to do a lot of programming with a 400 keyboard so I went looking for an 800. The 800 I got came with gorf, never played it, is it a fun game? (have not had time to look at my new stuff)
  12. I have a 400, was looking to see how much it is worth. Was willing to part with it before, now not so much.
  13. A few years back I was looking to see how much 400's were going for on Ebay and it was like $10, I just saw two listings today for $79 and $179. More people becoming like me and wanting to get back into these or what? I have also found Craigslist seems like a better place to find a lower price. I talked someone into selling an 800 and other stuff for $50 which included shipping, so for $30 got the lot of 410 games and books, he was asking $20 locally.
  14. Thanks for the offer but someone more local offered and I took him up on it, will let you know if i am successful. Thanks to you all, this place is best place to go for help.
  15. The pin just slides a bit back and forth, so you saying maybe try to pull it all the way out and try this method? Sounds like it might work.
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