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  1. I really like this game. The first few levels aren't too bad to navigate. In general you are pushing right. It starts to get a lot harder though. When you reach the first city street level there is a lot to navigate.
  2. Yes the CD version does have a level editor that saves to the memory track. 72,150
  3. 38,650 I’m recovering from surgery so hopefully I will have plenty of time to bring my score up.
  4. I enjoyed the video! For anyone that hasn't seen it:
  5. I love seeing the progress you guys are making. Great work.
  6. I wouldn't include those carts as they weren't intended to be Jaguar games.
  7. Brain Dead 13 in the longbox. My retail CIB collection remained incomplete for many years while I waited for a deal on a decent copy. Ultimately I dropped the "deal" requirement and finished the collection.
  8. I really enjoyed this game. So much so in fact that I ordered a copy from Gatz. Good round! Killer score machine!
  9. Lucky run. I managed to pick up quite a few specials without dying and I was shooting an awesome spread. It makes all the difference.
  10. I decided to give it one more go. 66,370
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