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  1. Primal Rage would be awesome if combos weren't completely broken on Jaguar. Without combos what's the point?
  2. I do not have this cart. I do have the V2 ROM that was released in the linked post. It hasn't been stated if the cart is required or that the ROM is acceptable for this round. What say you @Rick Dangerous?
  3. I do believe there is an archive somewhere that has anything you are looking for.
  4. I don't really care about winning. It's exciting to get a top score but I really just enjoy playing the games. It gives me an incentive to play my games and often they are games that I wouldn't think to put time into otherwise. I don't always have enough time to participate in every game but I participate every chance I get. I'm happy that the schedule has been extended for each game because I would have missed more of them otherwise. I definitely will not miss Rebooteroids.
  5. This was worth dragging a thread back from the dead more than 20 years later?
  6. I am. I have been using the Gamedrive. I will try my cart and see if it makes a difference.
  7. I haven’t won a game. It always pairs me against the Bulls.
  8. If you get the CD version of the game there is no reason to get the cart version besides having it in your collection. The CD version has everything that's in the cart version and more.
  9. What I did is I installed a free version of the game on my computer (2048-qt) and I played it during any idle time I had until I was able to get the 2048 block. Then I jumped on the Jag to try for a high score.
  10. There was an initial run of Gorf but the game was pulled due to a cease and desist from the license holders. There is no legal way to obtain this game.
  11. Here is the relevant page in the game manual that includes instructions on resetting the EEPROM: https://www.atariage.com/manual_page.php?SystemID=JAGUAR&ItemTypeID=&SoftwareLabelID=1100&currentPage=4&maxPages=22&currentPage=5
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