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  1. Is the one on the left a CRT also? If so this can very likely be corrected in the service menu. Get the 240p test suite for a console you use with that television (I use the Dreamcast version) and look up the service manual for your television model. As bad as my geometry looks in my last pic it looked a lot worse before I adjusted it. By opening up the television I should be able to get it near perfect. My previous CRT was able to be adjusted to a very acceptable geometry just with the service menu. That JVC is a fantastic set btw.
  2. I just recently picked up a "new" set and I worked on the geometry in the service menu the best I could. Unfortunately it looks like the cone is turned a little so I need to open it up and adjust it from the inside. I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. I noticed this game emphasizes my CRTs flawed geometry because it utilizes space very close to the overscan area.
  3. I like it. I think it's the best fighting game on the system and that includes Primal Rage. I think combos are broken in the Jaguar port of Primal Rage. If not they are just incredibly hard to activate. Ultra Vortek plays a lot like an MK game. Learn a character's moves, which are reasonable easy to execute, and there are good fights to be had. It comes off as a reasonably serious fighting game compared to Kasumi Ninja which pretty much has you laughing most of the time. Then there's Fight for Life, Double Dragon, and Dragon The Bruce Lee Story. There's a list of turds.
  4. Personally I like Impulse X better and it does have rotary support. I am happy to play Breakout 2000 though.
  5. I got the package in the mail today. Thanks for the HSC memorabilia @Machine! I won't give away the surprise.
  6. PM sent. Good season guys. Looking forward to the next one.
  7. I threw one together for you. Total Carnage MRQ.zip
  8. Yes it's the Jagdoom engine. The levels were modified to use only assets provided by Jagdoom and then the wad was substituted into a Jagdoom build. Adding the super shotgun requires modifying the game engine to support it. That has now been done in the Slayer Edition development. Hopefully we will get a Doom 2 port utilizing this modified engine in the future.
  9. I have been looking for these two roms as well. I scoured every computer in my house trying to find them because I'm certain I have them somewhere. Online links are currently dead as far as I can tell.
  10. I see what you are saying. I do think I activated a Doom cheat by accident once or twice over the years. When I intend to activate them I appreciate that they aren't difficult to activate. I would consider the save game issue to be more notable than the cheat issue. Hitting 1-3 by accident is a lot more likely than pushing multiple buttons on the keypad at the same time.
  11. I don't really understand these two points. The first one I actually don't comprehend. What does he mean save game is too easy? Does he mean that the save is too lenient in that it allows you to fail and pickup without losing much progress? I wonder what he would think about modern video games. Then he says Doom cheats are too easy... Doom... cheats... are too easy. Ok first that's not on Atari. The cheats included in the Jaguar version of the game are the same cheats included in the original version of Doom. Second... they are cheats! If you activate them then by definition you want to ditch the difficulty and just have fun! Once you activate cheats all bets are off on challenging gameplay. What strange things to consider bugs or errors.
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