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  1. Awesome work. I do believe Carmack said that he could have gotten music working or better performance on the Jag if he had more time. But it wasn't Carmack that got it done. It was CyranoJ. Finishing the job.
  2. Gotta love those Songbird banners! Plus a Windows 95/98 theme. And they have all the codes!
  3. I listened to the whole podcast before I posted. I was not convinced that the Jaguar left a lasting legacy. I enjoyed the podcast though and I found the topic to be an interesting one. I agree with a lot of the other opinions expressed. PS1 undoubtedly left a lasting legacy as did early Atari consoles, NES, etc.
  4. I loved Jaguar from the moment I bought my first one as a teenager. It's been over 20 years and I still love it today. With that said the answer to the question posed is no.
  5. Challenge 4 Race 2 is tough. I don’t think I’m going any farther.
  6. Easy. You buy the game, make an account, use the code that came with the game, then you play. You have access to the online service for the life of the game. I would expect that life to be long as Guild Wars 1 is still online. I purchased the first Guild Wars around 2006. I have paid no monthly fee and I can still log in and my characters are preserved to this day. You can actually register for a free Guild Wars 2 account and try the game out. The free account has some limitations but you will definitely be able to decide if you like the game or not.
  7. Today's physical media give the illusion of future playability. Most major releases require day one patches to even be playable or to obtain the whole game. If online services cease to exist a whole lot of this console generation's physical games will become coasters.
  8. Get Guild Wars 2. Once you own it you don't have to pay again. Great game. I hate to think about how much money I spent on World of Warcraft.
  9. They are fairly different. I think the Jaguar game is more a sequel or adaptation. The graphics and music are totally redone. The Jag looks and sounds great in comparison. I haven't directly compared the tracks but they seem different to me. The controls feel different. I just don't think they can be considered the same game. The SNES game is called Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme: Skiing & Snowboarding in the US and it is called Val d'Isere Championship in Europe. "YEAH!" I found that I started doing better at the game when I changed my control settings to control scheme 5. Having the jump button assigned to up on the d-pad was really messing me up.
  10. My only issue with this idea is that, outside of wiping out, there isn't a lot that will affect the final time if everyone is accelerating the whole way. Maybe that wouldn't be the case if we went with one of the harder tracks. If we did a specific Giant or Slalom training track it would offer more opportunities to improve on your time as every missed flag adds a penalty.
  11. Well I have already put more time into this game over the last couple of days than I have in all the years I have owned it. I have a new appreciation for it as it is a pretty good game for the Jag. This challenge is pretty hard though. Last night I got to Challenge 3 Race 3 so I think I got pretty close to completing it. I could definitely see someone attempting this and giving up on it. The key to this game is to make small adjustments to your position only. The turns are largely automatic. If you steer into turns you will probably crash.
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