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  1. The GameDrive uses a user installed Micro SD card.
  2. You can submit a score for any game that has been played in the current season to add a participation point so no worries.
  3. Play it as much as you would like. To play the original Atari 2600 version of this classic game, select Info on the title screen and press C 26 times followed by Down.
  4. @masematte came in and shut this whole thing down.
  5. Super Burnout, Power Drive Rally, World Tour Racing. Those are the good racing games from the original retail run. Now we have some additional good racing games by way of ST ports. Checkered Flag... I had it when it was current and it was crap then as it is crap now. I mean... I bought it from the store with my own money (as I did all of my Jag purchases) so I really really really tried. I put plenty of time into it. I just never enjoyed any of that time. Luckily I had purchased Super Burnout before CF so when I was done being frustrated with CF I could slap Super Burnout in and have fun again.
  6. I hope the update might include a slight delay between dying and respawning. Dying while holding down is often punished with double or triple death. I think that's my only complaint. The game is a blast but definitely harder than it looks.
  7. I believe that is running in VJ. I think you can just see the bottom of some of the icons at the top of the picture.
  8. I am enjoying this game. There are two things that are really annoying though. 1) Fireballs are the worst. Ok they keep going until they hit a wall and they hit all enemies they pass by. Great. The problem is enemies are usually up in your face and you can't attack again while the fireball is still on screen. Terrible weapon. Throwing knives are excellent. 2) I wish there was a way to jump off a ladder.
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