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  1. It is widely regarded as the best title in the series. I started with Silent Hill 1 on the original PS1 in 1999 and the game blew my mind. I was super hyped for Silent Hill 2 and I got it as soon as I bought an Xbox. I finished the game in one sitting and it was better than I could have imagined. I've played it many times since then and I still enjoy it each time. I will always have a soft spot for the first game but it's hard to deny that they improved on every aspect, especially the story, in the second game. If I were to give the first game an edge on anything I would probably say the "other world" was creepier. Silent Hill 3 took the crown on that though.
  2. I'm not sure what cables they were using for that video but Wolf 3D looks way cleaner than that on my Jag using S-Video.
  3. We have an AtariAge club on the Xbox One/Series platform which has quite a few AtariAge members in it. I got a PS4 Pro a few months ago and noticed there was no AtariAge community there. I have created one and invited a couple AtariAge members that are on my friends list. Unfortunately we don't have as large a list of PSN handles as we do for XBL so I only have a couple on my friends list. Search for the AtariAge community and join up to connect with other AtariAgers. Hopefully the communities will become available on the PS5 soon. I hope to see you guys online!
  4. Week 1, Day 3 That’s all I had time for this round unfortunately. I really enjoy this game. I look forward to the next time it comes around.
  5. Doom and Wolf3d run demos in engine. If the game's constants, math, and random number generation are not all producing expected results the demos will desync. On the Odamex (doom source port) development team we use demo checksums for regression testing. If demos desync we know we screwed something up. If your game's demos are desyncing (which does result in things like running into walls, failing to open doors, shooting at walls, dying prematurely, etc.) the game is not running right. While it is most obvious in demos it is also happening while you are playing. How that will manifest can vary from your character or enemies moving at incorrect speeds to the game crashing. Maybe you will never notice or maybe it will ruin the game for you at some point.
  6. I consider WTR to be one of the three good racing games on the Jaguar along with Super Burnout and Power Drive Rally. World Tour Racing doesn't have the tight controls of Super Burnout but it has much better controls than Checkered Flag. It also doesn't have the excellent framerate of Super Burnout. It's pretty cool to have the in-car perspective if desired and it looks pretty good. I like it. It's not worth getting a CD unit for at today's prices but it was a good reason to get one back in the day. If I had to sort the racing games from best to worst I would go with Super Burnout Power Drive Rally World Tour Racing Atari Karts Club Drive Checkered Flag Supercross 3D If you throw Checkered Flag with the improved control patch in the mix I would probably place it 4th but there is quite a distance between the quality of the 4th place and 3rd place in this list. The top 3 are good games. Checkered Flag had potential and elements that I really liked back then but spending any amount of time trying to seriously play the game is just frustrating. The patch makes it at least somewhat playable so the better elements can be appreciated. Include ST ports and this list would change significantly as well. Supercross 3D is irredeemable. Biggest disappointment I ever had buying a new Jag game. I had been looking forward to it so much and within minutes of popping it in I was done with it.
  7. I don't think it's very good. Not in the same league as Super Burnout. Some like it though.
  8. So is this round over on Saturday or on 12/31 which is Thursday?
  9. I appreciate the ability to use regular or rechargeable AA batteries. When my PS3 controllers die I have to buy replacement batteries and hope they are actually high quality and don't meltdown in the controller. Then there is the DualShock4 and its awful battery life. I'm glad Microsoft is sticking to this consumer friendly approach.
  10. It's one of my favorite Jaguar games. When I got my Jaguar as a teen Super Burnout was one of my first games. My step-dad loved it and we played it pretty much every day that summer. I guess that would have been about 24 or 25 years ago! When I put the cart in now I have the high score on one track but he has all of the rest.
  11. Looks great. It should be noted that a number of people that release their games on cart would not be interested in ordering these because of the inclusion of the Atari logo on the back. One of the stipulations Atari made when they released the Jaguar to the public domain was that their logo could not be used when releasing unlicensed content or product. Of course anyone at home that wants to do a shell swap isn't going to care about that and they may even prefer it.
  12. I have not been able to defeat the second boss. It is really hard.
  13. I scored 16,110 but I didn’t get my phone out in time to catch it. Guess I need to be ready to snap the pic next time!
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