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  1. Ive run across this problem a few times but the culprit is usually the membrane keyboard. Ive had a few dozen 02s and about a quarter of them had keyboard issues. Im not saying it cant be the chips but in my experience the keyboard is the likely problem.
  2. The only one I recall shrink wrapped was Computer Intro as it had that thick manual.
  3. Well it was worth a shot. I looked around but none of my boards have any of those chips.
  4. It is the 8244 Audio Video chip. You will probably have to pull it from another O2. Ill check to see if I have an extra one. Ive already sold 2 of them in the past. I havent heard of that issue and mod but if you do find out please let us know.
  5. You can try swapping out the two socked chips on the motherboard. They are the 8048 and the one right below it. These chips do go bad from time to time.
  6. Well this may be the case of good timing here. I recently moved and just found my O2 spare parts box. Inside was a male tip O2 AC adapter. I tested it in my fluke and you can see the reading. Let me know if you want this. Im in the U.S. so if you are too shoot me an offer and I can send it out to you.
  7. It might be bad Controller chips or a broken trace from the chips to the controllers. Take a close look on the motherboard and see if there is any corrosion or damage between the controller inputs and the chips.
  8. It seems that either there is a crack in the interior of one of the connecting ribbons or the screen itself went bad. Ive had both things happen to me before as Ive had 6 Zodiacs over the years. There is someone selling a display model on EBay and that might be your best bet for a cheap screen replacement and/or ribbon change. Sorry I couldnt be of more help.
  9. Try taking the back panel off (you will need a small torx but) and press in the ribbon that goes to the tapwave circuit board. They have connections under these little brown plastic tabs. I had a similar issue and one if those ribbons had come loose.
  10. Ive got one that may fit the bill. Ill atrach some pics for you. It is currently apart but I can put it back together if you want. Without the innards it would weigh less for shipping but the board has ram issues anyway. It is missing two of the rubber feet and the bottom label. This weighs about 3 lbs as a shell and would ship from 34668 so you can check the shipping. Just shoot me any kind of reasonable offer. Let me know if you need any other Colecovision stuff as I have extra controllers, games, parts, etc. PM me if interested.
  11. So glad you got this fixed. Thanks for letting us know.
  12. Beautiful set! I wish we had gotten the Parker Bros. Games here in the USA. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I have a board with both those chips still on it but without the power regulator or CPU. Im pretty sure the 8244 is good but I cant guarantee it. If you want it I can solder off the big 4700 cap and send it to you. How about $10.00 shipped in the US but again as is. PM me I interested.
  14. I could use the 2 Odyssey 2 Voice modules... does the INTV 2 have controllers? My zip is 34668 for shipping estimate. Thanks, Roger.
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