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  1. Here you go. Let me know if you need anything else.
  2. Ok, I’ll try to get that done tomorrow.
  3. Which ones are still needed? I e got a new scanner now.
  4. Great deal! Fair warning though. O2 collecting can be addictive. Good luck getting all the Hybrid games. They can be a challenge to set up and play correctly but have a certain charm all their own.
  5. As long as the voltage and amps are similar any male tip power supply should work. I believe an Atari 2600 should be compatible. The O2 has a bridge rectifier so anywhere around 9 to 12V and around 500 amps should be ok.
  6. Yes, open up the bottom cover and there is a little switch on the silver RF module in the upper right.
  7. My scanner is busted. Would close up IPhone pics work?
  8. I have a complete set of O2 Games, boxes and manuals. However I haven’t used my scanner in years. I’ll give Atlantis a go tomorrow.
  9. I too am anxious to play this. I hope all is well with the project and people.
  10. Do you mean the disc on the bottom or the top shell?
  11. You should get a video signal with some random blocks and figures. of you are not getting power I would check the voltage regulator first as that can fail over time.
  12. Not the backlight issue. It could be the ribbon cable that connects backlight to the power is not properly seated. I’d check that first just in case.
  13. The one with the dual tips works with either the barrel or straight tip O2s. I think the earlier models used male AC plugs and the newer used female. The Voice does not need its own power supply you are correct.
  14. I saw the Astrocade either at Sears or Lionel Play World. It was something I wanted but the parents thought it was too expensive.
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