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  1. My bad O2 just gets a black screen no matter what I do. It could be a power issue somewhere so I have to check the whole power rail and see if there are any issues. Not a high priority since I have several working models when I get the itch to play.


    BTW, I actually have 3 currently non working O2s, 2 CIB perfectly working ones, a test console that works but has connector issues sometimes although not since I moved the pins in and I have several others working models I am going to AV mod and sell on Feebay to fund my O2 collecting.


    I also did confirm that I have working extras of the two socketed chips just in case you need them.

  2. Bummer... I'm sure you have done this but make sure those contact pins are clean. Spray alcohol or contact cleaner and use an old toothbrush on them then get an old credit card and wrap some cloth around it and push it in and out.


    Also make sure all the back pins and all corner pins are contacting on the game carts. The middle front pins don't seem to be used in most games. You can try and rock the game a little towards you when you turn on the O2 and see if that helps.


    If you get no results let me know and I'll see if any of my dead O2s have good socketed chips. I can then send them to you and you can give that a try.

  3. Danboris has a point... It is easier and safer to just replace the bad pins than to replace the whole connector. Check continuity on every pin and only replace if not conducting or deformed. I sent you the whole connector but it is very difficult to remove and pads could be damaged in the process to say nothing of the lower pins (two broke while I was desoldering them).


    It shouldn't be too difficult to extract pins from the connector and you have more than a dozen to choose from. You just have to be careful not to deform the top pins too much but otherwise this should solve the connector issue.


    I hope to see a pic of KC Munchkin playing on your O2 real soon!

  4. Okay, two things here that might give you hope... One of mine was doing the same thing and I moved the pins in the cart connector a little toward the center by wedging a tiny eyeglass screwdriver behind each pin and pushing very carefully. Lo and behold now all games load just fine. So that might be your issue as well.


    Secondly, if you can't repair the cart connector let me know and I will try to desolder one from my dead board. I will check continuity first so I'm sure it is not broken. I can then send it to you for shipping cost which should be 2 dollars or so or just send me an old video game you dont want. I just sent another AA member a keyboard from the same dead unit.

  5. After taking it apart this last time, I got the random squares for the first time. This is the first time it's not just been a solid color. I'm not sure if you'd call that progress but it's a change.

    I would say that is progress as at least your getting video unlike mine. Press the reset button and see if there are any changes on the screen. I had this happen to one of my older O2s and it turned out to be a bad 8048. The changes can be subtle but I usually look around the "battleship" thing on the left. Let me know what if anything happens.

  6. I just tried one of mine too and got 4.9v so it seems like the power is good. Just in case I took out the power switch and the connections were filthy so I cleaned them up but still black screen.


    I wonder if there is a short being created somewhere after the 8048 chip. I think next I'll test the continuity between the 8048 and the cart connector and see if anything is amiss.

  7. I Am having the same issue with one of my backup units and can't figure it out either.


    As to the rf shield... You can cut it off as you don't need it... in fact later O2s didn't even have it. Just make sure there is a ground from the board to the rf box.


    I know that on my unit the problem is not the socketed chips as I put them in a working unit and they work fine. I suppose it could be one of the soldered chips but it don't know how to test them.


    I am pretty sure it is not the cartridge connector either as I get the same screen whether a game is in or not and on my working units I get the messed up blocky screen without a game in.


    Good luck and if you do figure it out on please let me know.

  8. I am not sure if I should start another thread to ask this but it does pertain to a complete collection so here goes...


    Does anybody know exactly what documentation was included with the older O2 consoles? I know there is the "Wonderful World of Odyssey" packet and that is pretty well documented but I don't think the early models included it.


    I have had several and most included the following:

    Instruction Manual

    Warranty sheet

    Service sheet

    Registration card


    Some included one of the game catalogs too.


    Was there anything else?

  9. I do enjoy the O2 collection as well. I completed mine some time ago, but haven't around to finishing up all the CIB. It's mixed at the moment, but I've gotten all the tough boxes out of the way. I would recommend the Parker Brothers titles if you can get them. They are probably my favorites, so much so that I ordered the Spider Man homebrew to go along with them. Something about them looks very cool to me.


    It is great to know there are other members of the complete O2 club! I see a lot online about completing Sega, Nintendo, Intellivision etc, but very little on the old O2. Good to hear there more fans out there.


    Thanks for recommendation on the PB games... I'll get them eventually and the multicart as well.

  10. Yikes, that is about double what I paid... In fact that is probably what I have in for my whole set as I got most of my collection in one huge lot for less than $80 including Atlantis, The Voice, and almost 40 different games.


    PS. Thanks for the PM Scotty... I'll contact the guy you suggested when I have some extra cash.

  11. I just completed my U.S. set CIB including the Imagic carts and Power Lords. I also have 2 CIB consoles(one has detachable joysticks) and The Voice along with a lot of extra goodies. This was a fun set to collect for with the great box art and very retro games. The Parker Brothers games are on my radar if I can find them complete and cheap.

  12. Ok, here are the pics... Looks in decent shape with no broken posts but it is missing all the rubber feet but you can just take those off your old one. I don't know what to charge for this so if you have some video game related stuff you want to trade for this let me know as I have a bunch of systems. Even if you have manuals and inserts or whatever let me know.


    Hope this helps, Roger



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