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  1. Open up the console and clean the cartridge slot with an old toothbrush and some contact cleaner... then wipe down every pin with a q-tip. If that doesn't work check to make sure all the pins are making contact with the game (not too separated from each other). If no change then check under the cartridge slot and see if any solder is missing on the pins.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you to whoever posted this as it fixed my continual fire issue on the right. I had to lift pin 6 and 7 out (a real pain to do btw) and bridge the pads with some solder. It now fires only when the joystick button is pressed.


    Muchas Gracias!

  3. Open up the O2 and look at he ribbon connecting the Keyboard to the main board. If it doesn't seem broken then carefully pull it out from the connector and clean the ends with contact cleaner or rubbing alcohol and then plug it back into the connector. I have had this happen to me once and that solved it.

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  4. It certainly cannot compare to a PSP as far as game library and ease of use. However, at the time it had one of the clearest displays and most responsive touchscreens around. Some of the games were fairly good and you could play just about all palm games although most of them do not hold up well today.


    The Zodiac has a classy form figure and very rugged shell so they do last unless really abused. I am one of the few Zodiac collectors and now have just about everything that was available for it. Since it was a commercial flop they are getting tough to find CIB and as mentioned the battery will fail eventually although all of mine do still hold a charge. I still test all of mine out every year and do play some games every so often.

  5. I'll take the following carts... I just ordered an AV cable for my TI a few days ago so these will be well played. Thanks in advance.


    TI Extended Basic and Manual

    Indoor Soccer


    Video Chess (Quantity = 2) just one of them

    The Attack

    PM me with shipping to 34668 and I'll send the money right away. Thanks, Roger

  6. I have one I just tested and video and sound work fine. It has the strap and ext port cover and both battery doors. The screen is nice too with only a few very light scratches that you don't even notice during gameplay. I also have a GG AC adaptor, screen magnifier and several games so let me know if you want to add something and we will work something out. I can send pics if needed. PM me when you have a chance if interested.

  7. Wow, I know there are not many Giz collectors around but that is one impressive collection. Now that you have a bunch of those pre-release game cards this may be the best Gizmondo collection around. Congratulations and sooner or later those last two commercial games will show up.

  8. Okay this is what is left...


    Commodore stuff

    MPS801 printer that powers up and has a print cartridge installed. I also have the manual and a paper perferator. I little dusty but it looks all there. SOLD!

    Vicmodem with instruction booklet and cassette

    1 C64 serial cable for connecting the disk drive or printer.

    1 C64 Sargon III box, instrucion book, disk and homemade back-up disk. Box is a bit crushed. SOLD!

    PC/IBM stuff

    1 Street Fighter clamshell box, disk pak instructions, and Disk 1 and 2. The box is in nice shape with only a small tear on the spine and a tiny piece of the plastic missing from one of the corners.SOLD!

    1 Skate or Die box, instruction sheet and 2 disks-Program and Events and More Events. The box is crushed in the middle.SOLD!

    Sound Blaster disks 1-4 5.25 inch and 1-2 3.5 inch. No info on the disks but I assume PC.SOLD!

    1 Lotus Works 5.25 disk with Smartpics sheets and 1 SQZ outliner for Lotus 3.5 disk and User Manual SOLD!

    1 Kraft Thunderstick joystick. It looks to be the kind you use in Flight Simulation or Air Combat games and is in decent shape. SOLD!

    1 Suncom joystick card. The box it is in says IBMGC-1 on the outside.

    Okay that is all and feel free to PM any questions if you are interested in something.

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