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  1. I agree that the system can be somewhat challenging but that is just part of the fun for me. So far I haven't run into too many glitches on the games I have and several of them are very enjoyable. Some of my favorites are Gloop, Shippy, Battlejewels, Stuntcare Extreme, Zapem and Orbz. I am more into retro gaming so these really appeal to me. The SD card games are okay and although Tony Hawk can be difficult to control it is still fun and playable if you stick with it. The bluetooth was hell to get right but I now have it configured close to perfect and the internet browsing is working well if a bit slow by today's standards. Those cradles are hard to find and in fact it is the only official Tapwave accessory I am missing. My hotsyncs have been fine without it though and I now hotsync through bluetooth so no cables are needed. Haven't tried emulation as I not really into that but I am sure that would be full of problems and I do not want to chance crashing the whole console. Anyway thanks for replying and if you do get another one and the free software is no longer around feel free to let me know and I can always e-mail you some. If you do happen across those last two sd card games please let me know as well.
  2. Hey, I just got one of these a few weeks ago! I have downloaded some free games and have 6 of the 8 SD games... still missing GTS Racing and Tiger Team: Apache. Anybody have any of those two? Anyway it is a real enjoyable handheld with web browsing (albeit slow). Great audio and controls too. I also use it for playing MP3s and reminding me of appointments. Real useful to me since I don;t have an Iphone.
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