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  1. It seems that either there is a crack in the interior of one of the connecting ribbons or the screen itself went bad. Ive had both things happen to me before as Ive had 6 Zodiacs over the years.


    There is someone selling a display model on EBay and that might be your best bet for a cheap screen replacement and/or ribbon change.


    Sorry I couldnt be of more help.

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  2. Ive got one that may fit the bill. Ill atrach some pics for you. It is currently apart but I can put it back together if you want. Without the innards it would weigh less for shipping but the board has ram issues anyway.


    It is missing two of the rubber feet and the bottom label. This weighs about 3 lbs as a shell and would ship from 34668 so you can check the shipping.

    Just shoot me any kind of reasonable offer.


    Let me know if you need any other Colecovision stuff as I have extra controllers, games, parts, etc.


    PM me if interested.post-29633-0-54874200-1539369872_thumb.jpegpost-29633-0-86663400-1539369896_thumb.jpegpost-29633-0-75719700-1539369933_thumb.jpegpost-29633-0-98028500-1539369963_thumb.jpeg

  3. The only time Ive seen one of these was back in the very late 70s when one of my neighbor friends endec up with one. Most of us had 2600s, one or two had O2s but only one had this. His father traveled a lot for work and brought one of these for a birthday gift I think.


    We did play it quite a few times including a baseball game, a vertical shooter of some sort and a couple grid maze games like PAC-Man maybe? My memory is fuzzy on that but one of the joysticks busted and I never saw it again.

  4. If you look at the reference numbers of the games that is the guide of the order of launch. The 1978 games are as follows...


    Speedway/Spinout/Crypologic 9400 (Pack-In)

    Blackjack 9401

    Football 9402

    Armored Encounter/Sub Chase 9403

    Bowling/Basketball 9404

    Mathimagic/Echo 9405

    Computer Intro 9406 (1979)

    Matchmaker/Buzzword/Logix 9407

    Baseball 9408

    No 9409

    Computer Golf 9410

    Cosmic Conflict 9411


    You might want to post a wanted ad here in AA as we have a good sized O2 community.

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  5. You actually dont need a sync cable as you can put whatever you want on an SD card of less than 4gb and run everything from there. Anything you keep on the internal memory will be wiped out if it ever loses power so the SD card is the way to go.


    Go to this site- http://dl.openhandhelds.org/cgi-bin/zodiac.cgiand download whatever you want directly to the card and run it from one of the Zods SD slots. You will have to run PopAccess (it is on the site) to authenticate some games and they have to be installed correctly but otherwise it should be easy.

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