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  1. I also prefer it to the 2600 version... just better and bigger. Popeye is a mess on many levels but Super Cobra is pretty good and although Q-Bert is not one of my favs but it is a passable port.
  2. Another update adding 1 new member and updating several others. I now count 24 of us in the club! Double Platinum Plus VPB--- all 49 original O2 & 61 Videopac carts CIB+Parker Bros& many other sets from Jopac, Radiola, etc… just an amazing amount of games! Over 20 different boxed consoles from O2 USA, Canada, Brazil, Videopac and Jopac. 2 different CIB Voice, Chess Modules and Microsoft Basic + both Wico accessories. O3 prototype console with modules and games + almost all Homebrews & unreleased stuff. TomBeck –all 49 original O2 & 61 Videopac carts CIB+Parker Bros& many other sets from Jopac, Radiola, etc… just an amazing amount of games! Many still sealed! 8 different consoles (many boxed) from O2 USA, Videopac and Jopac. A CIB Voice, Chess Module and Microsoft Basic + almost all Homebrews & unreleased games. Lots of O2/Videopac related paperwork, catalogs, advertisement, etc! CCC--- all 49 original O2 & Videopac carts (several different sets) CIB+Parker Bros& Imagic sets. All of the reproductions and most of the homebrews. Several PAL and NTSC consoles and an Odyssey 3 Command Center, Chess Module & Microsoft Basic. Platinum- Metarog-all 49 original O2 carts CIB+233-In-One and the Pink Panther April Fools. 2 CIB consoles, 1 AV modded custom painted + 1 CIB Voice. Almost all original paperwork, manuals, catalogs,& Scorepad plus a Vidlid plus and Protective cover. ScottyDont00-all 49 original O2 carts CIB+about 21 Foreign, hombrews, repros and multicarts. 1 CIB console + 1 CIB Voice. Added a whole bunch of Brazalian carts and an AV modded G7400. Ataribuff-all 61 Videopac carts CIB, 3 CIB consoles (Kinder im Verkehr, G7000 and G7400) Jeff31-all 49 original O2 carts CI,1 O2 console CIB, 1 O2 console loose, 1 Voice loose, 28 Videopac games (6 CIB) and 3 homebrews. Superbee- all 60 Brazilian carts CIB plus "Missão Impossível/Viagem Programada, a complete collection of Odyssey Aventura mags, 8 consoles (3 boxed), several Homebrews and carts from other regions, 2 Voice modules (1 boxed) - boxed Chess module - C7020 Microsoft Basic Module unboxed. Darrin999-all 49 original O2 carts +3 O2 consoles CIB & 1 Videopac console and 2 Voice modules plus 46 homebrews, 3 multi carts, 4 parker brothers, 2 imagic games RickO2- all 49 original O2 carts CIB + all Parker Bros and several Homebrews. swlovinist-all 49 original O2 carts CIB+ all Packrat and most 2600 Connection Homebrews, signed Ralph Baer pinball and 2 multicarts. 5 CIB consoles+1modded. 1 CIB Voice and 1 loose. Also has a boxed Wico controller adapter. Glazball-all 49 US releases CIB along with the 233-in-1 Multicart. 1 O^2 system CIB and 1 loose+1 Voice loose. IwantgamesJ- all 49 original O2 carts CIB, 1 O2 console (boxed) +1 Voice (loose) and a G7200. Plus 4 European Titles (skiing, marksman, labyrinth, nightmare) and 1 homebrew (Astrododge), all CIB KylJoy- all 49 original O2 carts CIB, 1 RGB modded O2 console + 2 Voice (loose) and a G7000. Also has two boxed Atari joystick adapters along with several boxed homebrew carts and multicarts. Lazzeri- all 60 Brazilian Odyssey carts complete with only a few missing cardboard tags. About 20 US O2 carts, 15 Euro carts and 20 Homebrews. One boxed Brazilian Odyssey, One Boxed O2 and a loose Voice. Gold- Krslam-all 49 original O2 carts+55 Videopac carts+more than 20 Foreign, hombrews, and multicarts. 1 CIB console + loose Voice and Chess Module. Atari2600land- all 49 original O2 carts+3 Parker Bros, 18 Homebrews and loose Voice. Ubersaurus-all 49 original O2 carts+boxed O2, 2 Voice units, Multicart CIB and 3 Hombrew/Repros. Atari_Bill-all 49 original O2 carts (most CIB), 1 CIB Voice, 4 Parker Bros, several Homebrews, most Odyssey Adventure Mags and the Adventure Club packet. mtshark7-all 49 original O2 carts (1 missing manual)+over 30 Homebrews, 233-In-One, various repros and 2 consoles (boxed) +1 Voice (loose) Near Gold- Bassguitari-48 original O2 carts missing only Powerlords +KTAA. 2 consoles (2 boxed) +1 Voice (loose) and 3 Odyssey Adventure mags Trilinear-48 original O2 carts including all the N.A.P variants CIB missing only Atlantis + a few homebrews. 1 boxed O2 +1 boxed Voice Leonardo Biagi- Almost all brazilian titles (2 missing, O Gato e o Rato and O Segredo do Farao (and if we are counting the Ectron Mission Impossible cart is missing as well)). All titles CIB, one NIB. Two prototypes, One loose system and one NIB System with the factory packaging. 37 CIB games O2 carts, 12 homebrews, 1 Japanese, 32 Videopac, 1 Videopac Siera,The Kids in Traffic and 10 Jopac titles. One CIB US system and one boxed Voice. 1 loose Videopac G7000 Sierra, 1 NIB Radiola Jet 25/04 Videopac with factory shipping box, 1 loose Brandt Jopac Others- SSG-unknown but not close
  3. Ok, trade is on with the immortal one.😉
  4. Pm returned... I’m sure we can work something out so this is on hold for you.
  5. I won an O2 lot so I could get one of the official score pads and a few game upgrades. Included in the lot was one of the official O2 Protective covers from back in the day. I already have one so Id thought maybe one of the O2 Brotherhood and/or Club members might want one for their collection. I could not find a sale of one on EBay or anywhere as they are quite scarce. So Ill take a reasonable offer or trade for either O2 stuff I dont have or a Turbografx game perhaps. I am missing the last 2 Odyssey Adventure magazines and several of the full page flyers... I know Im missing Killer Bees and a few others. Anyway if anyone is interested let me know and see if we cant make a deal. Here are some pics of the cover. It has some silver paint spots but they come right off with some alcohol and is otherwise in very nice shape.
  6. I have Pick axe Pete and Math-a-Magic loose with instruction manuals. I also have the following CIB Alien Invaders Plus Football UFO Type and Tell Additionally, I have the box and manual for Dynasty, Attack of the Timelord and Ive Got Your Number. I also have about 20 other loose games... most with manuals. Let me know what you need or I can just take a pic of all of them tomorrow. Hope we can make a deal as I need the room.
  7. Ive viewed it... I dont know why it says no views. I dont currently have any but will let you know if I run across one.
  8. That is a great looking O2! I really like the dual joystick ports with dust covers... just a great idea. As to the keyboards... they are usually fine. Ive only had two or three fail me in the 30 or so consoles Ive worked on. The ribbon connector to the main board was usually the issue. Congratulations on the successful mods.
  9. A few more from my daughter... Invaders from Hyperspace=Earth Defense Force Volleyball=same Alien Invaders Plus=Alien Invaders
  10. Another 2... Ive got your number=Play Arithmetic game Dynasty... she couldnt find a clear picture but she thinks it says Rivers. Im not sure if that makes any sense so you may want to wait on that one. BTW, Ive got your number has a green label.
  11. Ill let her know... 2 more Bowling/Basketball=same UFO=Mysterious UFO
  12. 3 more... Monkeyshines=Monkey Mischief Hockey/Soccer=Ice Hockey/Soccer Freedom Fighters=Space Fight
  13. A few more... Baseball=Baseball Pachinko=Pachinko Computer Golf=Computer Golf Showdown in 2100AD= Battle of 2100AD
  14. My daughter is studying Japanese and says that the above is 1. Mastermind 2. English Vocabulary game 3. She cant make out. Th Pick-Axe-Pete label translates to Gold Rush.
  15. I have a dead Colecovision power supply that I could desolder the cable from if that helps you out. I am in the USA so I dont know if shipping is worth it but pm me if interested.
  16. Is that a flat screen tv? My O2 did the same thing on my modern tv but worked great on a CRT. If it doesnt work on a CRT then one of the main chips could be bad.
  17. He got them from me... I am out of loose internal joystick cables but I do have several spare joysticks.
  18. PM returned... still got it.
  19. Oh, I assume you have the barrel type plug on your O2 but if it is the Atari 2600 type this one will not work.
  20. I have one I just tested on my O2 for about an hour with no issues. It is DC instead of AC like the originals are but it worked great. The first one I tested had some waviness to the screen so I got rid of it but this one was perfect. It weighs 8 oz so I should be able to send it 1st class package for about 3 bucks. How about 6 bucks shipped if gifted and 6.50 if goods on PayPal? My email is metarog@yahoo.com and I've had several transactions on here you can check in the feedback forum. Remember to put your addy in the notes section. Here is a pic-
  21. I tried this game but could barely crack 50k... I never was any good at pinball!🙁
  22. Here is a receipt from 1/13/82? And I think it says "Odyssey Exchange". I wonder what the exchange was about as they were charged over $46.00 including $13.00 for handling! That was a lot of money back then. The other receipt is a purchase receipt from 4/3/82 taped to one of my O2 boxes.
  23. Cool stuff... I think I have one too from an O2 that was repaired. I'll post it up tomorrow if I can find it. I love finding additional stuff like this.
  24. You could also just get the Packrat multi-cart which has all the original games from all regions plus a few older homebrews. There was a 6 month wait when I got mine last year so it might take awhile. Here is the link in case you are interested... http://www.packratvg.com/o2multi.html
  25. Q-Bert and Popeye were not released in North America so you would need to get the Brazilian versions. They do pop up on EBay from time to time but otherwise are tough to come by.
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