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  1. Okay to recap so far and feel free to correct me if mistaken...




    Metarog-all 49 original carts CIB+233-In-One.
    2 CIB consoles + 1 CIB Voice.


    ScottyDont00-all 49 original carts CIB+about 21 Foreign, hombrews, repros and multicarts.

    1 CIB console + 1 CIB Voice.


    Ataribuff-all 61 Videopac carts CIB

    3 CIB consoles (Kinder im Verkehr, G7000 and G7400)




    Krslam-all 49 original carts CIB+55 Videopac carts+more than 20 Foreign, hombrews, and multicarts

    1 CIB console + loose Voice and Chess Module.


    Near Gold-


    Bassguitari-48 original carts missing only Powerlords+KTAA.

    2 consoles (1 boxed) +1 Voice (loose)




    SSG- unknown but not close


    Some great collections here and I know there are several more members with complete or near complete collections...

  2. Since it seems like quite a few AA members have complete or near O2 complete sets I thought it would be fun to start a list...


    Not sure what the "rules" should be however I would think only the original 49 releases are needed to be complete. I also don't think variations should matter so whether you have a later Philllips release or the original Magnavox copy it all should count.


    I suppose we could have levels so that if you have all boxes, manuals, game pieces, etc that would be Platinum, missing some would be gold and a loose collection silver? What about a boxed console and The Voice? How about an addendum for Homebrews and Multi/Flash carts?


    Let's discuss... I'll put my stuff in as a starter.



    Metarog-all 49 original carts CIB+233-In-One.

    2 CIB consoles + 1 CIB Voice.

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  3. Great way to get a complete collection on my book... cheap and near complete.


    I actually got about 2/3 CIB with a CIB console and Voice from a Goodwill auction that for some reason I was the only bidder... all for $80 and including all the Master Strategy games and an Atlantis to boot. Later on I found a Demon Attack box with Manual in a lot and got the game on EBay for about $30. The rest I got through an AA member and Power Lords through EBay for $120 or so but it is mint!


    BTW, let me know what boxes you need as I have about 6 or 7 extras-most with manuals.

  4. I just got mine in, played several of the games and it seems to work flawlessly. This really breathes new life into the old O2 as although I have a complete US set I now get to play all the European and Brazilian exclusives and several early Homebrews to boot!


    I just wanted to see what others think of it and what games they "discovered" on it. Also my switches seem kind of stiff-is that normal? This took 6 months to get so I really want to be careful and not break anything.

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  5. It is not too difficult... each switch has 4 or 6 tabs holding the upper part to the contacts that are soldered to the board.


    Use a thin flathead screwdriver and straighten the tabs a little then get some needlenose pliers to pull them out enough that the top metal sheath comes loose. Carefully pull on the silver metal switch rod to remove the upper part. There will be two small metal leaflike springs so be careful not to lose them as they will just fall out.


    Then use some contact cleaner on the metal contacts that are soldered to the brown board until it is nice and shiny. Carefully clean the leaf springs until they are shiny too. I then use some electrical lubricant spray on the contacts and reassemble making sure the leaf spring contacts are in the plastic housing correctly. Place the assembled upper switch on the contacts and bend the tabs back until the switch is secure.


    The Game Select and Reset have regular springs in them also to make them pop up so be sure not to lose them. You can clean the silver rods with Brasso and a wire brush if they are nasty too.

  6. Here are a few things you can try...


    Clean the contacts on the cart connector and the game(s) with some rubbing alcohol and cotton swab. You can use an old toothbrush on the connector.


    If no improvement and you tried several games open up the console and check to see if there is any corrosion or broken traces on the board. Also check the connector pins for continuity to the various chips and power sources.


    If all the that is good you probably have a bad 8048 chip. It is a sensitive chip so check the power rail from the voltage regulator to the chip and see if you are getting 5 volts. If so you can just replace the chip-if you can find one. If the power is wrong it would probably be easier to find another O2.


    Keep us updated and the SNES RF switch will only get you a grainy picture so if it does work you can always AV mod the O2.



    This came in an EBay O2 lot and seems to be from Magnavox based on the stickers on the back looking similar to those on some O2bottom shells. I have never seen another straight pin switchbox other than the beige one.



    It works fine but is much heavier due to the metal construction. Additionally it has a coaxial connection on the bottom but that is only an output to the TV. Anybody ever see one of these or know anything about it?



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