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  1. I understand that, but my assumption is that since the current VBXE has the cores with and without the memory expansion, that the palette isn't affected by the memory part of the core, and that part won't change, and both can be generated like current versions of the cores. However, if it can't be done, I'm not going to let that hold up the NTSC core update.
  2. I really hope that we can still get an updated core (with the memory upgrade enabled) as well, since there seems to be agreement.
  3. I'm still very much interested in getting this done. I'd like to put this in a 600XL I have that doesn't have the memory upgraded, and definitely want the NTSC to be color correct.
  4. It sounds like it's been decided, is the updated core available? On another note, I would like to try using the 256k memory part of VBXE as well, is all that's needed is the right core flash?
  5. Is there an RGB mod for the 1702 that can be built? I would be really interested in this.
  6. It would be great if Candle or Lotharek could help with this, as this has been an ongoing issue, for literally years. I'll admit that I was disappointed after spending the money, where none of this was really mentioned in the "marketing" of the VBXE. I know that many are just "meh it's not a big deal" with this, but when I can see the clear difference between the color scheme in UAV, and the VBXE output, especially in games, this is really an unsatisfactory solution for people who grew up and are used to NTSC on the Atari. Since I have no idea how to change it, there is little I can do (I can't even return it now), but voice my opinion, but it seems that since the palette can be programmatically swapped out, that creating a new NTSC core would be relatively simple. As stated before, it is basically useless to have a program to swap out the palette, when it gets cleared when the power is cycled, which is essentially required for most games, especially when running from a cartridge. I kind of put my Atari stuff on the backburner for now, as I had other stuff to work on, and this whole thing just put a bad taste in my mouth about getting a modern video output, after also having issues with Sophia, which in the end I should have just bought a DVI monitor that worked with it, but VBXE seemed to be the solution for everything, only finding out after the fact about the palette issue when the output colors did not match my previous experience. The fact that this gets brought up again and again, with no resolution from the creators/sellers, is disappointing to say the least. I spent many hours chasing this down as an RGB to VGA converter issue, when it was the palette all along. That no one seems to care, except those of us with the issue, is extremely frustrating. As for consensus on the palette, again I have no specific knowledge, but it would seem that there are NTSC palettes for other systems that worked, or that are used in Altirra. Having done a little bit of research, I was unable to find definitive information on the NTSC palette, so I must have a lack of knowledge on the subject that I can only suggest what I have.
  7. I would love to see an NTSC palette for VBXE, unfortunately I have no idea how to do it, kind of why I was asking the questions in the first place. I'm certainly willing to experiment, if someone can come up with the changes.
  8. Does Altirra have an NTSC specific one? Seems like maybe that would be an option, or maybe what was done here:
  9. Is there a way to make that a permanent change? I'm thinking more of cartridge games, which you aren't loading DOS first.
  10. Based on the above responses, it seems to me that it is possible, and NTSC palette I wouldn't necessarily call that an extra feature.
  11. Wouldn't it just be easier to detect of the NTSC/PAL jumper to set the palette as well?
  12. I've been experimenting myself, and probably the closest IMO to a buckling spring, would be a Kalih Box Navy key, of the ones that I have tried.
  13. I may be talking out my ass here, and no offense to people like GFX artists who want their own palettes, but I think the majority of people would just like the experience that they are familiar with (NTSC or PAL). I know there are extended features in VBXE, which I have yet to explore, but the main thing I'm using it for, is to connect to more modern LCDs. I would indeed just want to set it once, and forget it. Having an NTSC "core" would be most preferable, and when I bought it, I was not aware that this was even an issue, but I've spent a lot of time trying to solve a problem, that looks like it wasn't really a problem per se. It might even help more VBXE adoption, as during my research to find out what the "problem" I was seeing was, I saw it mentioned here and there, that were it not for the PAL only palette, they would have bought one.
  14. The 800/1200XL keyboard may be the best of the 8-bit line, but given what options are available in mechanical keyboards today, it's a bit lacking, especially if you like more tactile/clicky keyboards. The springs do buckle in a buckling spring keyboard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckling_spring https://imgur.com/a/KBHoi
  15. Definitely would love an NTSC palette if possible. No clue how to change it though.
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