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  1. I guess I was just looking for background information, faqs, that sort of thing. Stuff you might expect to find under docs.
  2. I've tried to go to the Spectranet site (http://spectrum.alioth.net/doc/index.php) for a few months now, it seems that it is non-functional, and based on what I've searched out, it seems that it's probably been abandoned, or not updated in quite a while. Thanks
  3. Ah nothing special, I just misread in the VBXE install instructions the D6XX connection, thought it was only needed if using U1MB. It doesn't work to good without it. I couldn't figure out why it was working in my 1088XEL, but not on this board. RTFM closely..
  4. Nevermind, I figured it out. I can be stupid sometimes..
  5. Anyone running VBXE on these yet? I'm having some issues getting it running.
  6. I was confused as well. I can verify that you cannot use the original Atari factory basic rom, the mod has nothing to do with it. If you want to use the factory rom, you would have to create an adapter to switch the pinout. In order to use a 27Cx, you need to do the mod, it won't work otherwise. One other note, I didn't want the battery backup, so I didn't order/install parts for it. You need to jump pins 5-6 on the U12 footprint, otherwise no worky..
  7. Would it be possible to get the VBSOX3 plugin with the NTSC palette?
  8. Santos, I actually thought the upgrade of the video connector to 8 pin DIN was very clever. I think that it might have worked with both at the same time. I think you can use composite video as substitute for CSYNC (I could be wrong about that), so you would only need the RGB connections, as Sync (Composite), Audio, and Gnd are already available, without having to disconnect UAV, not sure why you have +5V there, I don't see that connection on VBXE output. After I get everything working, I may actually try this to see if it works, using composite for sync. On another note, I noticed a 75ohm resistor silkscreen on the board (not part of UAV portion), but it wasn't listed in the BOM, was it just missed, or is this actually supposed to be a different value? Looking at the two revs, it seems this is only on the Rev2 board. After checking the Mouser project, it does seem that the 75ohm resistor is there however.
  9. I can't remember, but if there is an encrypt selection, that will also cause it to fail on verify. The other thing is if you are trying to do vector tests on the TL866II+, there was a slight issue on the configuration of the test that caused it to also fail. You can see the issue, and solution here: I'm assuming that XRAM should be able to test the 576k for functionality.
  10. So SJ1 isn't a component, but a jumper? Does anything need to be removed component wise from the motherboard (like the standard 130XE), or is it taken into account already? VBXE install instructions aren't very clear on which components either, it just has a red square that says remove all components in the picture, but that includes Freddie, which I don't think is the case. If I'm understanding correctly, in order to use UAV, first have to remove jumpers from 4-5, and 7-8 used for VBXE, then place jumpers for UAV. Both VBXE and UAV cannot be connected at the same time with this configuration, of course adding a separate connector for one or the other would allow that I believe. But no tying 1-4-5 and 3-7-8 together. To do this without opening the case, could wire in a DPDT switch for this purpose. The question was for this board specifically, using the built-in connections, not in a general case, I was aware that they can be used together, as I had them working on 1088XEL.
  11. Completely missed the note in the original BOM about reusing the Ferrites, duh.. I do have one other question, along with those left above. What is the SJ1 surface mount component on the backside? Seems that it goes to the 5V to Pin4 on the UAV/VBXE jumpers. Seems kind of critical since it's an open otherwise. I don't see it in the BOM, or in the Mouser cart.
  12. Any idea when we might be seeing this core palette change, for those of us that aren't using this with U1MB?
  13. Got my board the other day, looks good. Have a few questions.. Can UAV and VBXE be run at the same time, or is it one or the other? Are there VBXE install instructions for this? The normal 130XE installation is calling out a bunch of parts that need removing, not sure if parts needed to be removed, and if so, which ones. I'm assuming the Video Setup 10pos header is for the VBXE connections, not sure which ones to connect to which. I could back trace, and make some educated guesses, but if you have a list already, that would be better.. Can Ferrite beads be reused from original 130XE MB?
  14. Thanks, I did look in the Bom that was posted here, but there weren't specific numbers, and I didn't see a link for a basket/shopping cart.
  15. Santos, regarding the SMD ICs for the UAV. Are all of these SOIC format? There are several different SMD footprints for these, including different SOIC as well, the BOM only specifies model, not specific footprint.
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