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  1. Does Altirra have an NTSC specific one? Seems like maybe that would be an option, or maybe what was done here:
  2. Is there a way to make that a permanent change? I'm thinking more of cartridge games, which you aren't loading DOS first.
  3. Based on the above responses, it seems to me that it is possible, and NTSC palette I wouldn't necessarily call that an extra feature.
  4. Wouldn't it just be easier to detect of the NTSC/PAL jumper to set the palette as well?
  5. I've been experimenting myself, and probably the closest IMO to a buckling spring, would be a Kalih Box Navy key, of the ones that I have tried.
  6. I may be talking out my ass here, and no offense to people like GFX artists who want their own palettes, but I think the majority of people would just like the experience that they are familiar with (NTSC or PAL). I know there are extended features in VBXE, which I have yet to explore, but the main thing I'm using it for, is to connect to more modern LCDs. I would indeed just want to set it once, and forget it. Having an NTSC "core" would be most preferable, and when I bought it, I was not aware that this was even an issue, but I've spent a lot of time trying to solve a problem, that looks like it wasn't really a problem per se. It might even help more VBXE adoption, as during my research to find out what the "problem" I was seeing was, I saw it mentioned here and there, that were it not for the PAL only palette, they would have bought one.
  7. The 800/1200XL keyboard may be the best of the 8-bit line, but given what options are available in mechanical keyboards today, it's a bit lacking, especially if you like more tactile/clicky keyboards. The springs do buckle in a buckling spring keyboard. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckling_spring https://imgur.com/a/KBHoi
  8. Definitely would love an NTSC palette if possible. No clue how to change it though.
  9. Did anything ever become of this? It seems the issues I'm having with VBXE, are looking more and more like this is the solution.
  10. Thanks Mr Robot, I have tried to run that, but I'm not having luck, but I'm fairly sure it's how I'm trying to run it, and I just haven't had time to sit down and monkey with it. I would still like to know your feedback on Star Raiders colors. No one has said it outright, but I'm getting the impression that the PAL color palette is indeed responsible for the differences I'm seeing, so Star Raiders in PAL would be the colors that I'm seeing, Green Shields instead of Blue, and a Blue-Green dos screen, instead of Blue dos screen? I'm wholly unfamiliar with PAL, since I've only used NTSC versions. My impression with Sophia was that it was still closer to NTSC than what I'm seeing with VBXE, because I noticed an immediate difference in color after installing VBXE. Tracking down whether it was the GBS-8200 or VBXE has been my issue since, but the Sony PVM monitor was also very Green so that's been narrowed to the VBXE.
  11. Mr Robot I'm still fiddling with the VBXE color issues, and it really seems it's more the VBXE than the GBS-8200 at this point. I'm trying to figure out what the "default" color palette output should be. It may be that the PAL color palette that the VBXE outputs is just what I'm seeing, but I have no idea, as I have no other examples to see, and pictures will always be affected by camera white balance and display monitor. I did connect it to a Sony PVM monitor with RGB inputs, at my work, I'm getting the same results, I would actually say greener than the GBS board. I've gone through the settings, tried different color temp settings in the monitor, nothing really changed. I also tried the color pot last night, as I suspected, it had no effect on the VBXE colors. Can I ask what colors you see out put from the VBXE on your setup? I'm assuming you are getting a blue background for dos, can you check Star Raiders, to see what color you see when you turn on the shields? Here is a video showing a blue shield (What I see UAV to CRT): https://youtu.be/V_dA8dkN4Qk?t=69 Here is a video showing a green shield (What I see VBXE to CRT/LCD, also notice the purple "red alert"): https://youtu.be/3_VDM8nC9sM?t=14 No idea what setups the machines were in these two videos, if they were real hardware, or just emulated. But it gives you an idea of what I am seeing, on CRT, and from VBXE. I will be trying the GBS-Control custom firmware/hardware to see if that makes any difference with some of my issues, though that is a bit of a tangent from this particular thread.
  12. With buckling springs, you are going to be out of luck. This is for many the panacea of mechanical keyboards, but it isn't just a springs, but a whole key mechanism. Otherwise a Cherry MX (or clone) buckling spring would have happened long before now, since the mechanism is much bigger than the self-contained key modules. There is one manufacturer that is using the original tooling, to re-create the IBM Model M keyboards, but that is the entire keyboard, not just a key module. There was one person that created a prototype buckling key module, but haven't heard anything since, and in addition, it was much taller than the Cherry MX style.
  13. That's funny, because my UAV picture on a Commodore 1702 is stunning, it's what I'm comparing the VBXE output to LCD with. I can definitely see the difference between the blending that is inherent in NTSC CRT, vs the obvious sharp but jagged lettering on LCD. The greenish hue to color is what concerns me the most, and then the noise. I'm wondering if I just got a bad board. I also got the tear line bar, most noticeable when in 1088XEL bios menu. I have a ESP8266 module on the way to try out the GBSControl firmware, may have adjustments that will fix issues.
  14. I'm taking the +5V off the 1088XEL aux header, but the 1088XEL is being powered by the CUI +5v PS that I believe was suggested for the 1088XEL. The RGB2VGA-XLD board that has the filtering, I'm assuming that is the big carrier board, not the small add-on board. I'll take a look at the schematic for the filtering, can I assume that it can be used on the +5v line as well? As for the green tint, unfortunately I have no way of seeing if the output from the VBXE is color correct, looking at more VBXE threads some people were complaining about the NTSC output, since it is using PAL palette? I don't know if it's the GBS or VBXE that is doing it, I may have to put the pots back on the board, but I'm dubious at adjusting using those, as the signal is weak as is. I'm wondering if I should just get an OSSC, but of course that is a lot more $$$. My display looks very much like the one pictured here in Dos.
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