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  1. Is that a new title Luc? You are AWESOME as usual. A very HAPPY HOLIDAY today to you! And to all other AtariAge ites! Luc "May the wind under your wings bear you where the sun sails!" (Tolkein)
  2. And there is your answer. Probably made no difference by leaving both plugged in, as the voltages all go the same place; but the idea of the module 3 ADAM add-on was that the stuff out of the box was a complete ADAM if you added your own CV unit to the back of the ADAM module.
  3. Seller has a high opinion of that cart, I got 2 of them I think. Maybe I can sell them if I can get that price. Then I can retire from my reitrement
  4. Methinks someone has a screw loose here. But then, show knows.
  5. This is a Micro Innovations IDE hard drive interface card, goes into the left slot as you face the ADAM. Requires an IDE device wit special software installed so that ADAM can access it.
  6. A ripoff I agree too. This has to be a custom label made to look original and a price out of whack; but hey a person has to try, right?
  7. A good question for sure. In your case the best solution would be to use an old ibm desktop power supply that will provide you with +12v -12v +5v and -5v the rub is finding the -5v to use and no getting at AT power supply that needs a specified load for it to kick in. Attached is a jpg of the power needed. For others (you included), the power supply can be removed from the ADAM printer and used natively. BUT, that takes an ADAM printer to steal it from.
  8. Disk drives are worth $250 and up, especially working; and are very sought after. Power supply in the $50-75 range maybe.
  9. HMMMMMM.........I think you should become GODMOTHER :-) !!!!!
  10. Actually the price sounds spot on. What bothers me though, is that with the potential profit involved, the seller wants a mere $10 to ship this jewel.
  11. GREAT find, especially if it wokrs good out of the box!
  12. Well said, I thought I was doing something wrong when all I got was the opening screen. It has to be a Virtual ADAM problem of some kind, not the fault of the roms.
  13. Mike, check out this page...... http://ann.hollowdreams.com/programming.html It has pdf copies of original Technical Manuals which include diagrams.
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