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  1. Ebay item number 114481115816 CV plus Atari add on and Steering wheel add on - all in original boxes. Bid @ $26 with less than a day to go. A STEAL for sure.
  2. There is a Filemanager program on the VDD. When it runs it will tell how how much ram you have.
  3. Sounds fair to me, BUT it depends on the difference on the Z or s designation. If not interchangeable, you could smoke something. I am not qualified to know the difference and I have been looking and not seeing what the difference is.
  4. Definately don't plug it in without replacing the caps. I don't know the value off hand but it should be marked ?????
  5. I like it!!!!! When you get just the right equipment, it works!! HAVE FUN!!
  6. Say WHAAAAAAT? thingy to hook to parallel card and do the impossible?
  7. Ok thinking....................OUCH, that hurt. The original software for IDE from Micro Innovations only allows 10 EOS and 4 TDOS partitions, while I think if you "copied" the cf IDE setup you got 20 EOS and 5 TDOS, correct? If so, the original will not be the best bet here..............
  8. Then it should work, the only software I used was the same as for making a physical IDE hard drive
  9. I may be off the curve here ...... but, I also wonder if you can just do a block copy of the cf drive #1 onto a zip disk.....................................seems like that would work, although I am not tech support or the programming brain
  10. Looks good mon..............I can email you the format disks, etc unless you want to give it a whirl your ownself. I looked at Ebay US & CA and they both had some available too.
  11. The label says simply IDE Zip 100, the ATAPI is labeled also. It's all in the sticker
  12. Exactly, that is the fun part. Remember, all this hardware dates back to the 80's
  13. Original ZIP 100mb drive only, ATAPI will not work, no way, nope
  14. COOL, it is always kind of nice to see what companies did to further sales. Changed the name to appeal to the projected audience.
  15. if socketed, very easy, if not you need to unsolder the eprom and socked a new one.
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