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  1. Lioks like some kind of odd off the wall person or tiny company trying to find a weird niche in society
  2. Jump in her Jim !!! You have it possibly in the huge archive you made?
  3. Well Jim, I kinda agree with Henry. When I first got a physical hd for the ADAM, that was quite the deal. Physical spinning hd is more in line with the original ADAM timeframe when things were just starting to pop on the 3rd party market.
  4. While no one "hd" is maybe better, I do have a variety of hookups. CF cards, laptop IDE drive, normal IDE drive, MFM drive, Sparq drive, and Zip 100 drive. All work good, except that the older physical drives (if not booted up frequently) seem to get lazy and won't rev up sometimes unless you give them a bump.
  5. Possibly, had an ADAM here in Florida when I got here that didn’t want to work. Found the pins in the phone jack bent. Might have been something else, as I also disassembled it and cleaned it; but whatever it was it’s working good now.
  6. Only suggestion would be to take apart the ADAM, unplug all connections and clean them all, then try again.
  7. The ADAM will work with a good power supply as you mentioned. Because the ps was inside the printer it had the printer logic board attached. Is is NOT needed to make the ADAM power up. You either have a dead ADAM or a bad ps - as you surmised.
  8. Nope, Powerpaint only needs a 64, to access a full page of graphics. any memory expander needs to bank switch the memory, that is why any expander greater than 64k needs an addressor card in the center slot wired to it. The signal for use above 64k is not available in the right memory slot.
  9. Sounds great IF all works and still a fair deal if a data drive is bad
  10. AWESOME Christmas gift, Luc. AS always, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  11. Should be the CONTROL key and the letter S; pressed at the same time
  12. Keyboard key is stuck inside the keyboard or shorting out inside and holding the key down. Unplug the keyboard and turn it on, it should come up with smartwriter and the printer quiet. Then put a piece of paper in the printer and turn the ADAM on; if you can see the imprint or actual printed letter, that will be you clue as to which key is causing the problem
  13. The drive IS stock Coleco ADAM disk drive; this one was modified by Ed Jenkins of E&T in Texas. Memory escapes me, but Orphanware made their 720k drives one size, E&T made a different size, and MicroInnovations followed Orphanware size I believe. Only the drive mech was swapped out and a new eprom was inserted in the ADAM controller board to make the 320k, 720k's work.
  14. I "think" this is what you want rietveld, check it out. Adding Programs to IDE cf Setup.doc
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