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  1. HMMMMMM.........I think you should become GODMOTHER :-) !!!!!
  2. Actually the price sounds spot on. What bothers me though, is that with the potential profit involved, the seller wants a mere $10 to ship this jewel.
  3. GREAT find, especially if it wokrs good out of the box!
  4. Well said, I thought I was doing something wrong when all I got was the opening screen. It has to be a Virtual ADAM problem of some kind, not the fault of the roms.
  5. Mike, check out this page...... http://ann.hollowdreams.com/programming.html It has pdf copies of original Technical Manuals which include diagrams.
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALSO LUC! We all know how you have impacted the ColecoVision community and thank you for your ongoing support of it.
  7. You'll be sorry you misssed this auction too. Ebay # 202542880569 This is one whackjob for sure. Very belligerant as well, as his description shows in detail I think he may possibly and most probably missed the whole concept of the Happy Holidays season. TOO BAD
  8. My chance to wish ALL of our AtariAge ColecoVision and ADAM users a very HAPPY HOLIDAY season. May all your dreams and wishes come true this season and into the coming new year.
  9. Can appreciate the sentiment Shon, but I am still waiting for a cd hookup and a scanner; both of which are entirely possible with the technology we have had since the ADAM's conception.
  10. Dang son, why you got to get into the heads of the Coleco designers. BUT, that is a darn good question, obviously they wanted internal no fuss onboard storage......data drive. Possibly if things had not gone haywire, the ADAM night have had an external dat drive. I firmly believe that almost nothing is impossible to add to the ADAM, it just takes "out of the box" thinnking and the ability to engineer and tie the hardware in with innovative software. We just don't have that level of expertise available? Or if we do, it is such a big task, nobody wants to tackle it alone.
  11. Schematics are in one zip file; the ADAM Technical Manual contains them as well in section 4.1 and they may or may not be clearer pics
  12. Go for it..................go here http://ann.hollowdreams.com/programming.html and download the entire ADAM manual as well as the diagrams you seek.
  13. http://ann.hollowdreams.com/colfacts.html and download the 2nd from the bottom link............should have the diagrams you seek. From your description, I a concluding you have an ADAM. the colecoVision is only a single board while; while the ADAM is the computer bottom board and the cv game board as a daughter board containing the video/audio for the whole system. As a last resort, the F18A add on board bypasses the Coelco video/audio and replaces it.
  14. Super item Rey. THANKS! Gives us insight into Coleco of that era.
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