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  1. 1 hour ago, rietveld said:

    i already have a stand alone Adam and a Expansion 3 Adam but this means the most because my wife got it for me for Christmas.   We were looking at old photos of our Christmas's as a kid and i commented on how I asked for the Adam back in 1984.  but i knew it was too expensive and did not complain when i never got one that year.  i guess she wanted my Christmas wish to come through even if it was 36 years later. 

    and you didn't think the wife would let you have it!!  Great Christmas for you!!!!

  2. On 12/19/2020 at 4:43 PM, Itchy Scratchy said:

    As far as this book.




    Just curious. 837.67 kB · 0 downloads

    I have had this giant book since 1985 and have not seen any other revisions. 837.67 kB · 0 downloads

    Apparently if I have v3 then there are at least 3.







    I've got 2 copies and I couldn't find a revision # on them.  They are both preliminary release, as is yours. Dated 1994 which I thought kind of odd as the ADAM came out late 1983, albeit a bunch of bad ones.

  3. 9 hours ago, NIAD said:

    Yes, Coleco shrinkwrapped all data pack cases for individual software titles and blank DDPs. I do not recall if the 3 data packs included in the ADAM Computer package were shrinkwrapped... but something tells me they were.


    They all were shrinkwrapped

  4. 24 minutes ago, Sixthview said:

    Assuming they are all the same, I think they are 104s.  Specifically marked 104Z (T) - The t is in a circle below the 104Z.

    I know I have 104s.  Can I replace with modern caps whether Ceramic or Metal Film or should I search out some old stock?

    Sounds fair to me, BUT it depends on the difference on the Z or s designation.  If not interchangeable, you could smoke something.  I am not qualified to know the difference and I have been looking and not seeing what the difference is.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Sixthview said:

    First post on here...  Coleco nut in my youth but nostalgia kicked in and I have been messing with my ADAM for about a year now.

    So in a box at my mother's house, I found my old memory expander.  But it has seen better days.  

    I am wondering what others think... 

    1. Should I try it out before I do anything? (worried about messing the ADAM up permanently) 
    2. Should I put new caps on first?  (I am an amateur at soldering, but I think I can get through it if I know what caps I need)
    3. Just throw it out?




    Definately don't plug it in without replacing the caps.  I don't know the value off hand but it should be marked ?????

  6. 26 minutes ago, rietveld said:

    just waiting for the zip drive to make its way up here. 


    Ok thinking....................OUCH, that hurt.  The original software for IDE from Micro Innovations only allows 10 EOS and 4 TDOS partitions, while I think if you "copied" the cf IDE setup you got 20 EOS and 5 TDOS, correct?  If so, the original will not be the best bet here..............

  7. 2 minutes ago, rietveld said:

    yes you can


    that is how i made my 2 physical IDE hard drives.   I used a usb to IDE adapter to connect a physical IDE drive to my laptop then used windows disk manager to format it.  I then ran your CF card software writer and selected the IDE hard drive instead of CF card as the destination.    

    Since this worked I decided to try this with a zip drive that is in an old Win xp computer and sure enough it wrote the image to the zip

    Then it should work, the only software I used was the same as for making a physical IDE hard drive


  8. 4 hours ago, rietveld said:

    The disk images would be helpful


    i have an older win xp system with a zip 100 so i can easily make the zip disks once i ha ve the proper format disks

    I may be off the curve here ...... but, I also wonder if you can just do a block copy of the cf drive #1 onto a zip disk.....................................seems like that would work, although I am not tech support or the programming brain

  9. 20 minutes ago, rietveld said:

    i just bought this


    Tekman found this on ebay for me


    huge thanks to him


    i am running a MI dual IDE hard drive using your ide card.  My plan is to replace the slave ide with the Zip100

    Looks good mon..............I can email you the format disks, etc unless you want to give it a whirl your ownself.  I looked at Ebay US & CA and they both had some available too.

  10. 12 hours ago, rietveld said:

    i am not sure how to even tell the difference between them;  the IDE connector looks the same


    The label says simply IDE Zip 100, the ATAPI is labeled also.  It's all in the sticker

  11. 6 hours ago, rietveld said:

    I saw RFDiRocco's zip setup.  I would like to install a zip using my IDE card.  can i use any zip drive? or does it need to be ATAPI? Non ATAPI? 100?250?


    thanks in advance for the help


    Original ZIP 100mb drive only, ATAPI will not work, no way, nope


  12. 6 hours ago, Zak said:

    Hi! I would like to share with you the "Kenia" model, imported and distributed in Argentina by the local company "Kenia Fueguina" in the 80's. It is a European Coleco with Revision D board, adapted to the PAL-N standard. The game included was "Donkey Kong".









    Aventura > Venture

    Androides > Frenzy

    Jungla II > Pitfall 2

    Dragón > Dragonfire

    Tuberías > Zenji

    Pimienta > Pepper2

    Delta Competición > Omega Race

    Croac I > Frogger 1


    COOL, it is always kind of nice to see what companies did to further sales.  Changed the name to appeal to the projected audience.

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  13. 12 hours ago, rietveld said:

    The wifi modem is on the right of the Adam. I used a green LED for power status and a red LED for modem activity to match the MI hard drive on the left of the Adam.

    The tape, and glue are used to insulate the electronics from the metal enclosure; just in case something gets bumped.

    My question also, does it work.....................I have to believe it does though.  CONGRATS!!  Only problem case looks a little big.....maybe..... Just got done here making a data drive from Eric P plans, docs and programming.  Gave it zero chance with my skills at soldering.............BUT, it works!  Miracle!

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