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  1. your printer from the cv upgrade to ADAM will work as the standalone's power supply
  2. I know this may be sacrilege to diassemble the new CV Flashback, but .......... you can easily switch the fire buttons so they work like the original CV ones. Take that sucker apart and carefully swith right to left and left to right; there is just enough wire to do that. Then you have the original fire button order.
  3. C'mon Joe, surely you have seen rellik's auctions before. I don't know who he thinks he is kidding, but i really don't think he is fooling anyone or getting any buyers at his prices.
  4. Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing the one wire patch (jumper) for whatever reason. Never paid much thought to the SmartWriter chip set other than noticing that some had 2 instead of 3; although I believe there are 4 sockets right there together. What was # 4 for.........................hmmmmm
  5. Are we perhaps seeing some differences in the original Coleco ADAM boards?? Things that the original programmers and board developers never imagined would or could be done with their product. I for one, think it is AWESOME the more things we find that the CV and ADAM can do that never crossed the mind in the early 1980's.
  6. Should have no problem with Dollar General. I purchased mine at ToyRus and ordered online 2 more for others from Dollar General with no problem, they work fine.
  7. http://coleco.freeservers.com/proddes.htm and scroll down to the data drives. Terry is not inexpensive, BUT where ya gonna get parts, unless you can get untested one on Ebay and buy it. Hopefully, you can request and get a bad drive with a good spinning wheel with good tire. GOOD LUCK
  8. ADAM's House has "dead" data drives. You could ask for one with a free spinning timing wheel and good tire, then take it apart for the timing wheel unit. Will cost you about $20, but you can't find them any other way except by buying a dead one with a good wheel
  9. Mini tv screen; like a dvd screen tht gos into a headrest so the back seat people have some entertainment. Did it last winter and it works great, although the power had to come on a millisecond after the unit boots up. AND it is one tiny screen....like about 4.2" or 11 cm, but totally clear and useable.
  10. Amen to that! Lots of the controllers I have disassembled have the brittle little slide on clips, which sometimes slide off by themselves. No wonder the controller wouldn't work. I have had controllers that were factory soldered on also, as Coleco must have come to their collective senses at some point.
  11. ADAM controllers are undoubtedly just as easy as Atari controllers. Take out the 4 corner screws around the joystick; carefully pull apart the controller from the top to separate the 2 halves - the bottom of the controller has a small hook closure. When you have the controller in 2 halves, remove the center screw for the joystick (if memory serves) and the entire controller will be loose. CAREFUL !!! if your controller has clips on the wires at the bottom of the controller, they are flimsy and come off easily - if soldered on, no problem. Now lift out the circuit board a little so you pull off the side buttons. At this point, you can use electronic spray cleaner on the side buttons, then push in the button a LOT to clean the contacts. You can do the same for the joystick contacts, possibly even sand lightly with black wet sandpaper if needed for clean surface. Have cleaned and "refurbed" a lot of controllers this way and only found 1 controller where the joystick pad was actually worn thru. NOTE: if you have clip on wires and a plug on breaks, you can just solder it on to the pad. Good Luck !!
  12. But first I have to get the town and specifically the tourist guy to respond to me. From photos we found, there isn't much left to see, it has been 30+ years after all. Would be nice to have it as simply an abandoned factory and headquarters just as they left them in 1985 and then totally in 1989......but, reality sets in and we can't have everything.
  13. No senor...............................mineself is large and in charge. BUT the reply was about Amsterdam NY where the ColecoVision and ADAM were also made.
  14. Still no CVFB at local Dollar General and they claim it might not get here until Black Friday [Nov 29].
  15. JF, am checking on the status of the building for possible visit by ADAMcon 27 in July 2015. Have been trying to get ahold of the fellow who offered tours of the buildings etc; BUT have not had a reply. Also emailed the mayor of Amsterdam. she DID get back to me and promised ot have Rob get ahold of me............still no contact. ANYWAY, the factory is all but derelict and closed down with no markings to identify it as Coleco; a house Coleco used as a headquarters is still standing and could possible been had for tours, but is nothing like the orriginal.........after all, it has been 30+ years............
  16. Stopped into the local Dollar General today. They knew about the ColecoVision Flashbacks, but had none; checked their book on the inventory for Oct and none present. Their take was that they will have them by Thanksgiving day, and possibly in time for Black Friday......which starts on turkey Thursday...
  17. Don't know about changing to a ball stick, but you can change the fire buttons quite easily. 4 screws to take out, then carefully remove the buttons and pop out the tiny circuit board behind them. There is just enough flat cable to flip left to right position and right to left position, put the buttons back in, screw that puppy back together and your buttons are just like the original CV. On a whim we looked last night and switched the buttons and it worked great.
  18. Got one today at Toys R Us (with overlays) and it is a nice game box. Hooked it to a 25" tv and the game select screen was kinda sketchy, but the games themselves were very acceptable considering it is ColecoVision quality. THEN I hooked it up to the 32" sharp flatscreen, man what a difference! Game select screen was almost perfect and the games came thru even better than the 25" GE i had tried. SO, I am happy with the picture quality and the controllers worked good also. Apparently one can have Toys R Us send to Canada if you pay with paypal.....good. NOW......IF our friends in Europe desire this console, I will purchase one and send it to you for free; you pay my price of $40 US +$5 + 6% sales tax for Michigan AND the shipping to you via USPS int'l mail. YOU will have to pay with Western Union which I have found to be a convenient and safe way to pay quick and easy; have used it to Canada, Uruguay, Italy, France and it worked great. I think my reputation stands on it own that you will not get taken advantage of. I am not going to buy quantity and get stick with them, but they should be available in smaller amounts, like 1 or 2 and then buy a few more, etc so that i can send them on to ya'll. Send me message here on AtariAge
  19. My local Dollar General is clueless as well. Never heard of it, but "we will be getting in trucks of merchandise every Friday".
  20. Got mine too !!!! Yours will come Jim, you are just a little west of me.
  21. Got mine too !!!! Yours will come Jim, you are just a little west of me.
  22. Got mine too !!!! Yours will come Jim, you are just a little west of me.
  23. Cute Jim, but it doesn't make the wait any easier. Still waiting for my copy as well.
  24. Well I got them....now what to do with them. About 800k worth of pics and instructions.
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