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  1. Well said, I thought I was doing something wrong when all I got was the opening screen. It has to be a Virtual ADAM problem of some kind, not the fault of the roms.
  2. Mike, check out this page...... http://ann.hollowdreams.com/programming.html It has pdf copies of original Technical Manuals which include diagrams.
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALSO LUC! We all know how you have impacted the ColecoVision community and thank you for your ongoing support of it.
  4. You'll be sorry you misssed this auction too. Ebay # 202542880569 This is one whackjob for sure. Very belligerant as well, as his description shows in detail I think he may possibly and most probably missed the whole concept of the Happy Holidays season. TOO BAD
  5. My chance to wish ALL of our AtariAge ColecoVision and ADAM users a very HAPPY HOLIDAY season. May all your dreams and wishes come true this season and into the coming new year.
  6. Can appreciate the sentiment Shon, but I am still waiting for a cd hookup and a scanner; both of which are entirely possible with the technology we have had since the ADAM's conception.
  7. Dang son, why you got to get into the heads of the Coleco designers. BUT, that is a darn good question, obviously they wanted internal no fuss onboard storage......data drive. Possibly if things had not gone haywire, the ADAM night have had an external dat drive. I firmly believe that almost nothing is impossible to add to the ADAM, it just takes "out of the box" thinnking and the ability to engineer and tie the hardware in with innovative software. We just don't have that level of expertise available? Or if we do, it is such a big task, nobody wants to tackle it alone.
  8. Schematics are in one zip file; the ADAM Technical Manual contains them as well in section 4.1 and they may or may not be clearer pics
  9. Go for it..................go here http://ann.hollowdreams.com/programming.html and download the entire ADAM manual as well as the diagrams you seek.
  10. http://ann.hollowdreams.com/colfacts.html and download the 2nd from the bottom link............should have the diagrams you seek. From your description, I a concluding you have an ADAM. the colecoVision is only a single board while; while the ADAM is the computer bottom board and the cv game board as a daughter board containing the video/audio for the whole system. As a last resort, the F18A add on board bypasses the Coelco video/audio and replaces it.
  11. Super item Rey. THANKS! Gives us insight into Coleco of that era.
  12. I am sure that if one looks, the single strike ribbon can be found and transplanted into the Coleco ribbon case; it is an easy thing to do, just make sure you have a 1/4" ribbon.
  13. BITD, man that makes me feel old. Anyway, I don't know the answer to your question, other than to say there possibly might be something to your idea. I remember that some programs for the ADAM had to reset the memory locations to higher numbers or something in order to have room to run effectively.
  14. It IS out there in cyberspace, because it is on the Virtual Disk Drive. Don' t know where it came from, but I will try and track down a copy of the .dsk file. Millie V has it on disk.................. http://retrosystemrescue.com/product/coleco-adam-programming-disks/ OR here it is in .dsk format - as you requested MacADAM.dsk
  15. Try this attached 7zip file. IDE_CF_100mb_Docs.zip
  16. Yes, a splitter works. It is the same principle as the disk drives; they simply pass signals thru the drive 1 port and onto the drive 2 port. I have a 4 port 6 pin that works great plugged into the front port.
  17. Well, although the ADAMnet hard drive never made it into production, it is a working model, albeit without TDOS onboard. As a working ADAMnet hard drive it is a very good piece of ADAM hardware. I have one which dribbled downstream and into my hands some years ago, and kudo's to your dad for a model well done. The why and where of not producing them is history only your dad may know, but the hard drive is a nice "one or two of" piece of history.
  18. I totally agree with all NIAD just said. After silently watching an ADAMite from the inception of the ADAM leave his data pack in the drive in order to boot his hard drive, I started doing the same and have never lost or fried a data pack. Have had a few ADAM video boards go south, but that can be corrected with the F18 upgrade. All in all, the ADAM is almost indistructable. One user even cleaned her keyboards by soaking them in the bathtub for a while and then letting them drip dry until completely dry and they WORKED after that! The one big Achilles heel as NIAD mentioned is the "tire" on the timing wheel, and that can be repaired most times.
  19. the display turns off as a feature of the display itself, keeping it on would make the electrical used higher, generate heat, and generally be annoying
  20. They are what was used for programming the master chip to put the program into it. The display turns off to save the display from burnout; as soon as you unmount a program it will turn back on
  21. It actually was written by a young guy (post college age) who wrote it under contract to Coleco. He used a Televideo computer and while he had some experience with Basic programming, he did not have access to a real ADAM computer while he wrote the manual. He sent me what he thought were his original 5 1/4 disks because they were labeled ADAM, but they only contained some vague personal stuff; the info on the ADAM was probably overwritten at a later date when the disks were reused. Another goodie lost to history, although it was interesting to know how the Basic manual came about.
  22. The VDD was set up to use all the ADAM disk sizes - which means 160k. 320k, 360K, 1.2mb, and 1.44mb. The total of 100 disks was arbitrarily set by the "how much is enough or how many is too many" idea. How many disks do you want to thumb thru to find the disk you want? These parameters let the user have an awful lot of disk space to fill. IF you can access more is a trial an error thing that I am sure you can explore
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