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  1. One caviat, we suggest and also kind of insist that you use a power strip to tun on all your ADAM things at the same time so as to not interfer with each other. Another caviat, none of the MicroFox Technologies hardware is intended to be "hot swappable", in other words do NOT swap compact flash cards OR microSD cards while powered up - you will run into trouble sooner or later by "letting the smoke out" and ruining the hardware.
  2. Far as I understand it Joe, Rey is busy with fmily health issues still.
  3. IF you still have the IDE card and need a working GAL chip to make it work, we have them $22 including shipping.
  4. Now you SEE it, now you DON'T! Dat wascally wabbit gots lots of stuff which Coleco never heard of, but hey..........................
  5. This guy has some serious money issues, 1 millon 200 thou for a box with stickers? Good luck with that one, "sir"
  6. BIG city, no car Joe. He actually used to work for the bus company writing sofware! Maybe he still gets free rides????
  7. The ADAMnet cables in a 3 ft length, 6 wire connectors and a silver gray color to match approximately the color of the original Coleco disk drive cables. https://www.trianglecables.com/catalog/product/view/id/67836/s/rj12-line-cord-6-conductor-reverse-3-ft/category/1339/ OR https://www.showmecables.com/by-category/cables/telephone/rj12-line-cord-6-conductor-reverse OR search Ebay for 6 wire reverse phone cable, there are lots of them 7' to 25'
  8. Aw man..........................I KNEW IT!!! I sold mine too cheap; I had 2 sets and sold 1 set, got good money but nothing on that level.
  9. That IS intrigueing; I remember back in the 90's when the net was a baby, the ADAM could get onto the web. It was smokin' fast, but lasted way too short a period before the graphical interface came on the scene and left the ADAM in the dust. What is available ADAMwise out in the ether? Any users with ideas or something?
  10. Here's hoping that ALL have a great Christmas with all the CV, ADAM or combination of presents you ever wanted. Have a SAFE and FUN holiday season!
  11. Believe SPLAT was a program that Coleo had and used for color graphics; common software also put into PD..
  12. Replace it anyway. This transistor is a huge problem in the ADAM data drives, and probably many other applications.
  13. No idea, BUT he is selling them cheap with free shipping...............unless they go way higher. May be a good thing to buy if you want some games.
  14. There is one easy way to make a data pack. After drilling in the appropriate holes in a cassette tape AND an original data pack (so it will fit into a cassette player); all you need is a double cassette player. Start recording at one end, then listen for the end of the squealing (more perfect timing is better). Flip them over and record the back side of the cassette tape. With a minimum of practice you will be making data tapes like crazy. It WORKS, that's how we started many years ago. As for how Coleco did it at the factory.......................probably had a program to record like a cassette player. Maybe YOU can make a program to do just that, it should be totally possible if someone with some knowledge of such things wants to make it happen.
  15. What I was told and apparently correctly, was to use Sony 60 minute tapes. They seemed to work extremely well, although some third party data packs I have here are on almost every brand in civilization; some copied data pack tapes don' t even look familiar or have a name on them. What I have had happen is that disks just lose their minds and even leave dirty magnetic material on the drive heads, requiring cleaning.
  16. Looks GOOD!!! I LIKE it! I kept it in the case inside a data drive shell (with cutouts for cables, etc.
  17. Don't know or recognize seller, but he sure wants to start at high prices.
  18. I LIKE it ! I had cut out the bottom frame on the door, never considered drilling holes for the buttons and light. Solder in a 12v wire for power and tap the data wire in and it would be self contained inside the ADAM, although it requires a partial removal to change out the micro sd card.
  19. That is a good question around which may theories swirl. Actually I think there are some pretty good theories, but at the moment I am blank on remembering them.
  20. Glad to hear that things are looking up for you and the family. AND, it is great that you are getting back to the ColecoVision hobby that you apparently love.
  21. Dat letter was WRONG; I just went and pulled it out. It uses a CV power supply and plugs direct into ADAMnet with a 6 wire "phone" cord. The strange part is that Coleco made a very professional case for it with correct color plastic, and it fit in place of the cover over the expansion slots and data drives, but the controller board in the case is a wire wrap version. For whatever reason Coleco picked the 3 1/4 to look at instead of the 3 1/2 which became the standard.
  22. You are correct in that "story" about the 3 1/4" disk drive. I have it as well as the one and only ADAMnet direct plug IDE hard drive. I got them from 2 different sources, 1 at ADAMcon 10 and the other probably about ADAMcon 20 time period. Both work great; the IDE hard drive requires a boot disk in order to redirect input/output to data drive 2 and works with no interface card needed; while the disk drive is in a cute li'l Coleco made case and takes the place of the cover on the ADAM with it's own power supply and ADAMnet plug in cable. It holds 256k of data so it matches the data pack size. As for the 1200 baud modem, my source for the disk drive had it but could not longer find it.
  23. GREAT description of the ADAM system and it's progression thru it's lifespan. You are "right on" about the impact that Micro Innovations had on the ADAM community; although others also had huge impact also. Eve Electronics pioneered sound cards, 80 column units, and speech synthesizers; Orphanware with disk drive conversions, printer cards, memory expanders, and Minnie Winnie hard drives; E&T Software with disk drive conversions and memory expanders. Micro Innovations implemented all those ideas and produced them and much more with Mark's expertise. Some of MicroFox Technologies hardware design is partially built on some of Micro Innovations designs (with Mark's permission) and partly on ideas from users - in particular, the idea to use compact flash cards, sparq and zip drives instead of a physical spinning hard drive.
  24. Even better, give away TDOS. It has a bigger TPA and improved CP/M capabilities, AND runs all CP/M programming.
  25. Time to go back to square one Kev. Remove any and all hardware except for the digital data drive; plug in the VDD making sure that you have the drives set to # 1 or # 2 in the order you want; mount and try the programs you have put on it. Keep in mind that some won't work as they need the memory expander (i.e. - ADAMbomb 2, Powerpaint, ADAMbomb 1) If programs work, then insert the emory expander and retry. This way you can test and try each piece of ADAM hardware as you build the system. Also, when copying ADAM software to a "disk", make sure that you are copying the entire ADAM disk using Filemanager and copying from block 0 to the end of the physical disk; then take out the microSD card and rename the "disk" in your ibm computer making sure to only change the name of the particular "disk". Also do NOT delete or try to change a file on the microSD card called LastFile as it holds the key to the operation of the microSD card.
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