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  1. In the past, Dale, Dr D or others have had live feeds, and maybe some videos..............will have to holler at someone and see if we can get some footage this year
  2. EXACTLY Steve, you should be able to find us easily when you come to the front desk. I have not personally been there, but do not anticipate anything hidden or secretive.
  3. My bad!!!!!!!! I miss quoted the dates in the original post, PixelBoy is CORRECT on the dates
  4. This is your second THUMBS UP, awesome video!!!!!
  5. Don't know how good his "high quality" copies are, and I can't find it at the moment, BUT if you search the internet, there is a site to get almost all the original manuals as scanned copies...............for free.
  6. Man, you got it ALL Rey. I am on blood thinners and know how delicate the clotting process can be to keep in check. Hope you find the magic bullet soon, for both you and your wife.
  7. Don't forget about the long walks with Pokémon and the beer rights after!!
  8. Got a REAL late start, but ADAMcon 29 will be held in Guelph, Ontario, Canada on July 20-23 at the Hampton Inn . Registration form is available at http://ann.hollowdreams.com Just click on the AC29 Registration link on the lower right of the page and get the .doc file for it. Time is short and we only have until June 5th to confirm hotel rooms; after that date we are at the mercy of the hotel having rooms available to us.
  9. Exactly; and the disk can be populated and copied as an ADAMem file or made blank, named and copied form your ADAM itself. It can then bu used on the ADAM
  10. Any or all the disk may be in any size normally used by the ADAM. The disks were taken from the internet (in ADAMemulator form) and as such, some disk are 160, some are 360k, some are 720k, some are 1.44m. It makes no difference what size the disks are, they all work.
  11. DUH. Great ideas Jim, why did I not think of that...............brain fart I guess.
  12. Some years ago, like 15, there was a motel manager (Bob Miller ????) that used an ADAM to run a form of screen saver to the tv's in the rooms upon check in. If memory serves, he used SmartLOGO with either previously made screens or special screens he made. Logo has that ability, Francis C was quite into LOGO and had a train running around a mountain continuously. S
  13. PM Pixelboy, he is getting his full size boxes made up, I believe, in Europe somewhere and sent to him in Montreal
  14. Somebody has been hitting the liquor bottle a little too hard, it would seem.
  15. Awesome Soviet. Thanks for the additional pictures!
  16. Not far Jeff. Grand Rapids, MI and Delray Beach, Fl for winters
  17. Those are real slick Philipp! Can imagine a lot of users who can do simple solder or (not at all) to start burning all those roms on the net into physical carts. BRAVO!!!!
  18. EASY PEASEY. The only thing you have to remember is IF you are a little sleepy (or hung over on New Year's day) it will be awfully hard to almost impossible trying to stuff a 5 14" disk into the unit!
  19. Correct again NIAD, the Virtual Disk Drive is as close to an ADAM disk drive as there is available. Able to read & write ADAM programming, the only thing lacking is the ability to use physical disks. Christmas was a bad time to bring them out, what with everybody spending their cash on loved ones; but we didn't want to hold them back for the users who reserved ahead. The VDD will be available for a long time to come and available only dependent upon parts shipping times. HAPPY HOLIDAYS YA'LL !!!!
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