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  1. Bill everything I try to contact you either bounces or something. Please PM me with a valid email I can use to get you a VDD unit
  2. The Coleco ADAM Virtual Disk Drive is now available in limited quatity. ALL the AtariAge members who responded earlier have been contacted as of tonight. Cost is $145 - which includes shipping within the US; buyers outside the US will have higher shipping. IF you want to purchase the Virtual Disk Drive, PM (private message) me here on AtariAge with your email address and your AtariAge ID
  3. You just pegged the seller Niad........................
  4. Here's hoping that your thanksgiving day is a good one with family and friends..............oh, and turkey or whatever your tradition is!!
  5. Long as it allows the elec circuit to complete, should work. That route is a little suspect, but I knew a guy who only used alligator clips and paper clips.
  6. Chris, problem all right. Download “ADAM IDE Boot Driver Cart 2 (2013) (JamesD).zip” from the following thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/202664-new-idecompact-flash-interface-for-adam/page-4?do=findComment&comment=2684876 Place the rom file anywhere on the Atarimax Ultimate SD cartridge under the coleco folder.
  7. It actually simulates 100 disks which can each be 1.44mb if desired.
  8. The short answer is...............................wait for it........................YES; simply use Filemanager and block copy from one drive to the other. Only downfall is that you cannot reneame the disk unless you pop it out, put it into your laptop and rename the disk, then all is well with the world. OR name all the disks things you want, then block copy from other drives onto the disks you had prenamed.
  9. RIGHT ON Niad. You are totally correct and accurate with your description. As to your next post about jumping ahead say 10 disks; no that is not possible, you must unmount the current disk then push NEXT 10 times, mount that disk and use it. It is just a matter of pushing the button 10 times as the name of the disk is displayed on the screen. Adding too many features makes the programming cumbersome and possible could slow it down, it only runs at the speed of a normal Coleco disk drive due to it's ADAMnet compatability.
  10. It will work totally independent, as it is an ADAMnet device disk drive only with internal disks rather than external disk/data pack. An ADAMem copy of the IDE boot media can be easily put onto the microSD card and then by selecting it and pulling reset, the IDE drive would be booted. Not the fastest solution as you may be at another disk area of the Virtual Drive and it would take more time and effort ot go get the IDE boot disk than it would to pu in the actual boot media and pull reset. Say you are at Powerpaint (3/4 - about 75 disks from start and the IDE boot is only 1/8 of the way into the 100 disks set (about 8 disks in); it would take way to much time to count down to the IDE boot disk on the Virtual Drive.
  11. Yes, they are placed in a directory of sorts. The unit places them in alphabetical order as independent disks, thus you can run supergames from the unit. Uppn startup, the unit starts as at the last position before shutdown and starts unmounted (or disk out). The unit is capable of 100 disks up to 1.44m each in size; depends on what ADAMem disks you put on the miniSD card.
  12. Simple, put in the program disk and pull the computer reset switch.
  13. OUCH ! The very first thing the repairman will tell is to follow rule # 1; that is, DON"T LET THE SMOKE OUT ! Can always buy another one though.
  14. Correct Jim, roms have to be in ADAMem .dsk format to run. DDP software in ADAMem format will work with the extension .ds?. First 2 letters have to be ds and 3rd can be anything
  15. Some existing on the VDD are 1.44, some 720, some 320 and some 160. No prollem sir, if ADAMem can think it up, the VDD can handle it. With multiple microSD cards, a huge number of programs are possible, BUT the microSD card itself is NOT HOT SWAPPABLE. That said; the disks on the microSD card ARE hot swappable, ie. boot Powerpaint, then change to Powertools or Yuletools, and get the info off of that disk without having to power down the ADAM. As we speak, we are in process of ordering a lot of 25 circuit boards, cases, etc. SO gang, if you want to get on the list, holler now and I will add you to that list. Delivery hopefully this year or early next, no promises yet.
  16. Think my man has and I do believe (without looking) that there are different sizes on the drive. My man just took a bunch of adamem files he head or off the net to put them on the drive. it will take the max drive size, but in reality how many people are going to want 100 1.44m disks.
  17. Yes, Bill, can read and write same as Coleco disk drive
  18. If you can get the ADAM programs into ADAMemulator format, they will work on the Virtual Disk Drive. We introduced the VDD at convention and sold a few, we have 2 prototype units; and just yesterday I sold the last of the initial run of 10. Not knowing what the reception would be, we were hesitant to jump "all in" and be stuck with expensive hardware nobody wanted. To answer Niad's questions and explanation; YES the sdcard is removable, programmable in the laptop. holds 100 "disks" from programs to data disks, is pass thru for ADAMnet, can be reprogrammed at any time. The primary reason for the number 100 is because you push a button to mount (insert) or unmount (release) the "disk" then push buttons for moving up or down the list for the "disk" you want. We settled on the number 100 as large enough to page thru to find your program or data. The sdcard is easily removable so the user could insert a different set of programs. just as one would insert a physical disk.
  19. Disk drive and modem manuals, no problem. Disk drive has no software to make it work, although it came with a disk manager program. That can easily be put into ADAMemulator, at which time you would need to convert it back via a dosbox with 5.25" drive into ADAM format. Could also do the same with the AutoDialer
  20. Sure it will, the expansion model 3 is thinner width than the standalone. The back is open for th cv unit, so it should work great.
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