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  1. WHOA!! That's a new one on me. I have taken on the ANN (ADAM News Network) projects and "stuff"; but never heard about that. The EOS programmers manual was written by Guy Cousineau; possibly with some help from Tony Morehen - both of whom have oved on to other hobbies and desires. I will have to try and dig thru some stuff when i get home next week and see if i can shed light on anything from here. VERRRYY INTERESTING........
  2. I will go to question 2 first; TDOS ( Tony Morehen's Disk Operating System) is a CPM 2.2 twin - even better with more useable memory and a other improvements. It runs all CPM programs and is for all intents and purposes CPM itself. For instance, in Printmaster, TDOS will support using all three phases (borders, graphics, text) while CPM only has enough memory to support two phases. I don't know how to get it onto a partition due to the fact that when the "hard drive" software was written by Tony Morehen, he implemented TDOS as the operating sytem of choice. Yes, you would have to remove the IDE card in order to insert the modem for use. IF you need the modem badly, there was a center slot IDE/printer card that Mark Gordon made, and there may be some floating out there on the internet; but I have never seen one for sale.
  3. Then what you need is a bunch of pictures from inside the printer so you can follow the path of the string. It is basically not rocket science, BUT it will take a LOT of patience. PICTURES NEEDED PEOPLE!!
  4. The time has come, arrangements are falling into place, and an announcement must be made. The ADAM NEWS NETWORK announces ADAMCON 28 for the Coleco community will be held July 14-17, 2016 in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Registration form is available at http://ann.hollowdreams.com and has details including hotel location, etc and pricing for those who attend. CHECK IT OUT!!! We have unitl June 15th to lock in our registrations with the hotel.
  5. Strange, we have never seen any problem with screen fuzz. The entire ide compact flash card system is internal to ADAM. Where is your power brick for the cf adapter placed? Maybe too close to the rca cable going to your monitor/tv? I am stumped by this one, usually any problems are caused by dirty connections in a slot, or loose slot connections from prior misuse.
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    replied here in the message section, Bill. Hopefully we get this ironed out! :-)
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    6:54pm today sent to [email protected] ............................from [email protected] check your junk folder maybe.........................
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    Snowbird, that has nice ring after what happened a thome yesterday! And we complained about 69*...........tsk, tsk. YES, the ADAM News Network is alive and well even as I sit in warm FL. I replied to you already via regular email about ordering the cf package.
  9. Geoff, I have 2 that take a warm up time also, and 1 that only wnats to work cold - once it warms up it gets flaky. May be caps or if I remember correctly, Dan Elliott adjusted something; possibly the tiny adjustable caps ont he way to the drive mech (??????)
  10. NICE "collection" you picked up. Pic #1 is an MIB2 for MIcroInnovations paired with an Orphanwre memory expander which appears to be a handwired upgraded 256k to possibly a 512k. Pic #2 are 2 Coleco 160k disk drives which have been upgraded to double sided 320 disk drives; the reason they look different on the locking mechanism is that both drive mechs are from different manufacturers - they both work the same as the original 160k drive mechanisms. Pic # 3 does look like a parallel interface for a printer, and it is for the ADAM from Tek Research, although the cable seems to be in the wrong place. THAT may be a treasure in itself.
  11. I totally agree with you on the looks of the unit, BUT if JF says he has the software to make it work, it is true! If JF says so, I believe; his reputation preceeds him.
  12. That's a BUMMER. First thing to do is to find a 5 1/4" cleaner disk along with a little denatured alcohol to pur on it. IF they worked before, they are probably dirty and need that cleaning. NEVER throw out a data drive or disk drive, they may be fixable in the future.
  13. Welcome to the club juicy!! Remember the customer is always right, even when it is operator error. I have zipped my lip more than a few times and ate shipping to check product and reship when there was nothing wrong, or the user screwed it up; and babysat customers by walking them thru cleaning ports, etc to make sure the new parts work with the old hardware. The CV and the ADAM are, after all, 30+ years old. If they were new, things would work as built, but............................................hang in there and don't take it personal. The bad feedback can be reversed when the buyer is happy with a refund or new part.
  14. Luc, you are one AWESOME dude! As well as a great ColecoVision and ADAM promoter. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you!
  15. Yes.....problem being; the program will put .dsk files back into ADAM format, but onto an ADAM formatted disk which then could be transferred to data pack using the ADAM. But without an ibm 5.25" disk drive and an ADAM 5.25" disk drive, this is not possible.
  16. As CP/M was a universal version of CP/M which many computers in that era used, it is an operating system all it's own. The only things it shares in common with the ADAM system is that the Coleco version implemented the SmartKey system and it's related commands to get a directory, save files, and use internal utilities. Even better than CP/M is TDOS (Tony Morehan's CP/M replacement for the ADAM. TDOS has more commands and larger work areas than the original Coleco CP/M.
  17. You got it figured out! The only proprietary part of the modem was the fancy little plug in Coleco had to go between the slots of the cover.
  18. Specifically http://ann.hollowdreams.com/colfacts.htmlwhich is SmartKey II below the platen of the SmartWriter typewriter
  19. Specifically http://ann.hollowdreams.com/colfacts.htmlwhich is SmartKey II below the platen of the SmartWriter typewriter
  20. My very well be "dirty". As you use data packs, they "shed" magnetic particles and must be cleaned. Denatured alcohol and a clean cloth do the trick. Put the cloth around your finger, dip it in the alcohol and then rub the read/write head clean, being careful to not get it on the rubber wheel to the right. Might not hurt the wheel, but why take the chance. Let the rea'write head dry and then try it again.
  21. You assume correctly. You could either solder the wires at the board level OR cut the wires and solder the new motor wire onto the original wire and tape; both ways work. I have many motors in bad drives, but no guarantees on quality or previous hours of use. They can be tested, but still no guarantee.
  22. It is a fairly easy fix. You said you took the drive apart and looked at the timing wheel and encoder. This is easier; carefully take the door off (some have screws & a block; others simply pul lthe wings and take off) then take out the 3 tiny screws holding the motor on.; next take the drive apart to the point of seeing the motors and the wiring from them to the circuit boards; the motors will be loose at this time. Replace the old motor(s) with a different motor and put back together. The squeal won't hurt anything except your ears, it is probably just the motor shaft spinning in the brass bushing bearing of the motor. You could take the easy way out and gingerly put a drop of "3 in1" oil on the motor shaft - only 1 motor at a time and test to see if the problem goes away; or at least isolates the noisy motor.
  23. It can be either the data pack or the motor. Usually I have found it is the data pack, especially if the data pack is homemade or aftermarket - not Loran. The motor, on the other hand, is easy to replace and they are plentiful from non operating data drives.
  24. Me NO squirrel ...................... but I got lots of stuff. Hopefully, it is attached here is a 2 disk set I found. ADAMemulator .dsk format SNOWMAN2.DSK SNOWMAN1.DSK
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