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  1. I think most will find the game fun and will get some replay value out of it with the 3 levels of difficulty. For me I really like trying to come up with the gameplay from scratch. The more I do the better I get at it. I'll wait til everyone has received it and see how they feel about it. Feel free to leave any feedback or not. I don't think I left any amount of feedback for anyone else's game. Some I really liked some not so much so but often it's the game type wasn't my type of game rather than the execution. It's defiantly homemade and I'm not sure if I'll make anymore but I liked making this project so probably. I don't want to be the Ed Wood of colecovision games either though. I got it and i think it is a great game. Haven't gotten too far into it yet; but a list of cheats is always a good thing to have!!!
  2. I sold mine for $300 buy it now, maybe could have gotten more??? don't know. BUT, no box, instructions, or tracing samples
  3. Pretty much correct Rey; and some ADAM's are different for some reason or other. When ADAM turns on, he looks to see what is hooked up (disk drives, data drives) and IF he sees a disk drive plugged into ADAMnet, ADAM expects it to be working. Turned off = not working; plain and simple, therefore ADAM freezes. This is all due to what steps ADAM goes thru before booting SmartWriter. All of this can be eliminated by using a power strip to plug in ADAM & it's peripherals. I always stress this when selling ADAM merchandise; all these problems get solved very easily. ADAM looks first to any cards inside the cpu, then disk drives, then data drives, then onto th side port, etc; until every port or ADAMnet device is accounted for.
  4. The problem here is that there is NO extra space for the heat to get out. With a heat buildup, it will fail; sooner than later. At the very least there should be a fan to take the heat out, and the case should have more space to disapate that heat. I also have ps like that one except that it has more space around it.
  5. AWESOME Gerry !!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. Goto ann.hollowdreams.com; click on the platen roller link which says ColecoVision Programming. Then download the file Coleco ADAM Hardware Schematics and unzip it with 7zip.com. Should have the schematics within if I recall. the Module 3 is a duplicate of the standalone ADAM bottom board, so is almost identical.
  7. I'm very surprised that no ones had talked about this auction. Any thoughts? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/FIRST-EVER-COLECOVISON-GAME-PROTOTYPE-Cosmic-Avenger-June-1982-Colecovision-/191552571205?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item2c996c4745 I think by looking at it, that it IS a very rare CV cartridge. Kind of hard to make on a whim, but just what is the true value of it. Only what someone will pay, right? It would take fair amount of money to remake or duplicate the cartridge shell itself, but then everyone would know when multiples started hitting the market.
  8. Thinking that it probably won't work then Geoff
  9. I KNOW all you guys and gals can help. Have a request for a parallel printer cable for the ADAM. I do have a diagram to make one, but there must be some of you that have found a workable cable out there in the wild. If anyone knows of a cable that works, this user would be grateful.
  10. I am thinking that the refresh rate of your new tv is WAAAAAY faster than the ColecoVision can even try to match
  11. Based on my converted 320k drive, the conversion requires the following: - replace U10 with an alternate EPROM image - jumper from pin 17 of U6 (6803) to both pins 9 & 10 of U3 (74LS32) - jumper from pin 8 of U3 to pin 32 of P5 (floppy connector) - side select - jumper from pin 2 of P4 to pin 34 of P5 (floppy connector) - disk in mechanism - jumper from pin 4 of U4 (74LS05) to pin 21 of U6 (6803) - solder a 7405 either instead of or on top of U4 if it is a 74LS05 - rewire from P3 to P6 (power connector of floppy) correcting supply voltage locations ****** 160k mechanism does not use standard power connector wiring ****** - install disk-in mechanism (momentary switch) on floppy disk drive and connect to pin 34 of floppy disk drive ALSO, check your email. I sent you some pics to go with the docs
  12. GREAT, if one has the ability to send the power thru the ADAM power supply, it does save having to deal with the additional mini supply. I include it because a lot of users don't have the ability to solder and rewire or just don't wan tot attempt it, so use the mini power supply I send to them.
  13. WHOA, that is a lot to digest. Having never attempted to convert a drive; I can't be a very big help. I believe the green wire you mention is just a ground for the 160k Coleco drive and do not need to address in the conversion. I believe you are correct that the disk in sensor connects to pin 34 and ground. and closed when disk is in. The others issues I defer to NIAD or son Doug if he sees this.
  14. I think they are real Toby. The date is right and the subject material is correct. They may never have had much exposure or sales and that is why we dont' really see them around, but they look good to me. IF you need them or want the for a collection, they might be a good buy.
  15. Would LOVE too, but not so much. That is beyond my expertise; me, ribbon cables, and termination ends are not friends. Seems easy enough BUT it is not. Maybe you could find a company on the internet that makes cables on demand.
  16. short answer, no. BUT! why not; some of the aftermarket serial/parallel port units, the 80column unit, used a cable to connect. would "assume" that a straight thru 60 pin ribbon cable with appropriate ends should work.
  17. Very first thing to do is take the entire ADAM apart right down to the bottom case. Clean out the dust, unplug and clean all connectors such as the one between the cv board and the bottom board, carefully pull clean and reseat all the chips that are removeable. This usually does wonders. OH, and make sure which channel you have the ADAM switch set to; it is on the back right next to the composite out plug.
  18. This is INCREDIBLE!! I sold and shipped an IDE package to a fellow in Uraguay and had email conversations with him a year or two ago. IF my memory serves me correctly I want to say Benny, but not sure. Anyway, he found all of the ADAM sites here in the US and had a good knowledge of the ADAM. I had never seen what variety of ADAM he used, but find it incredible that some company apparently carried on the ADAM after the originals ran out. Another testament to the quality and popularity of our ADAM - after the bungled introduction Coleco did for the 1983 Christmas introduction.
  19. the Canadian Mini Games cartridge had that option. I do not know if the rom is pd or not though
  20. Darn straight son.................middle age has it's perks! Took 3 days to get here, but we are here until warm weather comes back north
  21. OK PILGRIMS............I am IN Florida, nice and warm. AS Jim says, the MicroFox setup is on the cf cards; Jim's bunch of files is on the included cd along with instructions, etc. You can buy 2 more cf cards and program your own cf cards and save the originals. As I told you, a lot of software is included and Jim has more; only the supergames won't run on the cf system - they don't have a directory structure to use.
  22. Actually...... go straight to http://ann.hollowdreams.com/colfacts.html
  23. Got mine today THANKS!!! Just popped it in a little while and it LOOKS GREAT !!!!! GOD JOB!!
  24. Can certainly understand that. The end result depends on signal quality from each device, no way around that.
  25. Well, I don't know if this will help; but..........years back one of the group recorded video to be played on his hotel tv feed. Simply run the rca cable for the cv or adam into the input of the vcr player and record. What channel or input you need the vcr on, I do not know. Play with it and see what happens. IF you have a modded cv with audio & video, even better to recor don a vcr. Could also run cv cable into tv and record with cellphone or camera.
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