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  1. The only places I could find a reference to the maximum number of records was page 3-3 in the File Management Specification for the TI-99/4 Home Computer in its description of PAB bytes 6 – 7: This is also paraphrased on page 294 of the E/A Manual. This implies that the actual, maximum number of records is 32768, which is one more than I stated. I could not find an explicitly stated maximum for the 2-byte “number of records” field in the FDR. ...lee
  2. Pointed out by the answer to, “How is a wad of TP like the Starship Enterprise?’ ...lee
  3. I do not mean to belabor the point because I may be misunderstanding you, but none of this is permanent. No need to solder anything. Just push the resistors into one of your spare sockets and push that into the PCB socket. ...lee
  4. Actually, it looks like only 7 positions, i.e., 14-pin DIP (You could certainly use a 16-pin DIP with one pair hanging off or pins clipped). Mouser has them for ~$1.00 apiece. ...lee
  5. Yes. For each of the 8 positions. ...lee
  6. I think it is a DIP pack of 150-ohm resistors, but I need to confirm that. [Yes. 150 ohms is the value for each resistor in the termination DIP.] ...lee
  7. That next-door socket is, indeed, for the resistor pack—and you do need it on the last drive in the chain, which is what a single drive is. ...lee
  8. As @arcadeshopper mentioned, no twist. For one drive, ensure you use the connector without the twist and that the drive jumper/dipswitch on the drive PCB is on drive 0 (or drive 1, whichever number is lowest), which will select for DSK1. ...lee
  9. I used PC Transfer back in the mid to late 1980s with a CorComp controller to transfer the text of the TI Forth Manual from TI-Writer disks (90KiB disks supplied by the MANNERS TI user group) to DSDD PC disks in order to convert to WordPerfect format to, eventually, publish a cleaned-up, corrected document. That project languished (with some work here and there) until after I retired in 2009. I then picked it back up in earnest and, using Open Office Org Writer, published my edited version as a PDF in 2013 (see the development resources thread to download it). I owe it all to PC Transfer for making the project possible! ...lee
  10. Type much? 😁 I know you meant “21st century”—and, yes, it does. I think it might have a little to do with the fact that I have far less time left on this plane than I have spent! ...lee
  11. You still need the E/A cartridge to use CALL LOAD() in TI Basic because that command is only available to TI Basic with that cartridge in place. ...lee
  12. I have often thought of doing something similar to this for fbForth, but opted in favor of compatibility with TI Forth. One day I may still do it, but, more likely, as an adjunct rather than a replacement—something loadable from FBLOCKS, perhaps. ...lee
  13. Is he not @urbite (last posted in November)? ...lee
  14. If POS is how you are passing the cursor position to the routine, you have the MOV backwards. It should be . MOV @POS,R0 Regarding saving R11, it is too late to do it after BL. The only reason to save/restore it is because you do not want to corrupt R11 with another BL call. You are not using BL in your routine that I can see, so you do not need the save/restore. Moving your flag should be LI R4,>0100 MOVB R4,@CPW ...lee
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