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  1. I hate breaking my attendance string, but this 77-(by Faire time)-year-old body will not be taking the risk this year. ...lee
  2. Definitely need to grok the details, but, if it requires changing letters to any arbitrary color, Graphics mode cannot do that. Changing the color of any letter affects all 8 contiguous characters of the character set of which that character is a member. ...lee
  3. Perhaps I am being a bit harsh here, but it is very frustrating to try to help you with your code when you post it this way. Normal text posts are so much more useful and easier to read if someone wishes to assist you. Cutting and pasting code is considerably faster and safer than error-prone re-typing of code. I thoroughly enjoy troubleshooting your code with you, but not with these code screen graphics. ...lee
  4. Brian (@TheBF) and I are working on porting Walid’s (@Vorticon) STRATEGO to fbForth 2.0. That effort has been on hiatus for a spell, however. ...lee
  5. fbForth, TurboForth, TI Forth and Camel99 Forth all start up in Text40 mode—the first two also in Text80 mode. It is easy enough to start them (Camel99 Forth?) up in Graphics mode, however. if that is what you want. I am not sure how to automate startup in Camel99 Forth (Brian will be along shortly, I am sure), but the others can be started up in whatever mode you want by properly setting up block #1 of the system blocks file for fbForth (FBLOCKS) and TurboForth (BLOCKS) and block #3 of TI Forth. The command line works fine in Graphics mode (32 characters, however)—Bitmap or Multicolor mode, not so much. ...lee
  6. What language? Basic, Extended Basic, Forth, Pascal, C, Assembler, ...? ...lee
  7. I never did like that TI Forth code. I converted probably all of it to ALC, but for Build 13 of fbForth 2.0, I will be studying on your code to possibly include improvements on those words ( COINC COINCXY COINCALL SPRDIST SPRDISTXY ). ...lee
  8. I do not yet know how that works with xas99, but below is the ROM header I use for fbForth 2.0, with comments that may give you some insight into some of the “magic” of the header: AORG >6000 ; cartridge rom * Cartridge ROM header BYTE >AA ; standard header BYTE >14 ; version number BYTE >00 ; number of programs BYTE >00 ; not used DATA >0000 ; pointer to power-up list DATA MENU ; pointer to program list DATA 0 ; pointer to DSRL list DATA 0 ; pointer to subprogram list MENU DATA MENU40 ; pointer to next menu item DATA STRT80 ; code entry point BYTE 17 ; length of text TEXT 'FBFORTH 80 COLUMN' EVEN MENU40 DATA 0 ; no more menu entries DATA STRT40 ; code entry point BYTE 14 ; length of text MTEXT TEXT 'FBFORTH 2.0:12' EVEN ...lee
  9. Wow! Your INLINE[ ] coding is very slick! Unfortunately for me, however, I probably cannot do anything like this in fbForth 2.0 for a couple of reasons: Several CODE words JuMP into other words or to common routines to save space, which means they have no inline NEXT. A host of CODE words branch into other banks via a low-expansion-RAM trampoline routine and return by branching to another low-expansion-RAM trampoline routine that contains the NEXT instruction. This routine switches the ROM to bank 0 before it returns to the inner interpreter via NEXT. There may be other flies in the ointment, but the above two are more than enough to preclude INLINE[ ] functionality for fbForth 2.0. Oh, well. ...lee
  10. @Willsy wrote a Sprite Designer in XB about 14 years ago that makes pretty heavy use of subprograms. It might be instructive. He later converted it to ALC (see the pinned Developmenmt Thread). ...lee
  11. One thing is clear, you cannot compare SUBs at the end of a program vs at the beginning because it is an XB requirement that they follow the main program. I suppose you could create a long list of SUBs with the same function and check whether the last one takes more/less time to find than the first. ...lee
  12. I know talk is cheap, but I really do intend to move over to Ralph’s xdt99 tools soon. Comfort is my excuse as well. Perhaps I will make the move when I get to fbForth 2.0:13, which will happen, at the very least, when I get around to making fbForth 2.0 work with >1 MiB SAMS. ...lee
  13. So as not to break this thread, perhaps one of you could share the answer here? ...lee
  14. Perhaps less convenient code, but would it not be faster to invert characters in the RAM buffer before copying back to VRAM? ...lee
  15. Just to tidy up a bit: Fredrik Öhrström is also on here as @Fredrik Öhrström. ...lee
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