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  1. I found NHL 2005 for ps2 at gamestop for $0.29. It was a good deal. the second cheapest I bought was mlb 09 for ps2 (again) it was $0.49
  2. http://segmentnext.com/2013/06/19/fifa-14-to-be-the-final-gmaing-title-for-playstation-2/?utm_source=zergnet.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zergnet_68049 Even after sony discontinued it, EA still made one more game for it!
  3. Doing everything xbox one doesn't *Doesn't need online *Supports used games *No drm MS, what are you doing? I'm getting a ps4 for this gen
  4. Don't know where to get a new one. It isn't discontinued here yet. Mine was found new at loblaws for $25
  5. http://www.joystiq.com/2012/12/28/playstation-2-discontinued-in-japan-after-almost-13-years-of-ser/ The japanesse ps2 is finally gone. It's been nearly 13 years for it. My guess, is that SOA will discontinue the ps2 here shortly, it seems plain obvious.
  6. Just got an original gameboy for 20 bucks . It works, (obviously) and the front has yellowed a little. Think I got a good deal?
  7. One reason that I think that the ps3 isn't doing as well as the other consoles is because that the ps3 was "bland" compared to the other consoles. Think about it, the xbox 360 targeted what people liked about the original xbox, xbox live. They've built it up very well and I think it's one of the best online services ever made. Nintendo corrected it's mistake of the gamecube. The gamecube failed because it was the "bland" console. Nintendo built the wii completely different, and it payed off. The ps3 is basically and upgraded ps2. The ps3 had blue ray, the ps2 had dvds. The ps3 had psn, the ps2 had third party controlled online services. The ps3 had better graphics than the ps2, the ps2 had better graphics than the ps1. The ps3 had dualshock 3, the ps2 had dual shock 2 (the only difference is wireless connectivity, and ps home button) Anyone see where i'm goin with this?
  8. Thas isn't my point, I'm saying that they took my money without my permission. It had no warnings about it.
  9. Does this mean that pacman might be in the next smash bros (just hoping)
  10. First off, I just want to say sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I couldn't find anywhere else that would really fit this topic. Now to the story. There was this really cool app that I downloaded. I've been using this app for days, and I've been really happy of how well it works. So, I decided to do a review on it. I've never bothered to do a review on an app, but I said "Hey, this app is great, why not rate it." Now, on a different note, I had $10.00 of Itunes gift cards. $10.00, not even touch. So I went on to do the review. For some strange reason, it asked me for a password. I assumed this was for security reasons, so I proceeded with that. I submitted the review, and it brought me to the reviews, so I decided that I could look for other apps on the market place. I instantly noticed something wrong. I had aproximatley $8 left on my ipod. I was confused, but it hit me, it charged me $2.00 for a review. I'm just thinking, are you kidding me? What's this crap? I'm angry, confused, and feel betrayed by apple. I was dissapointed. So, now I might boycott apple. Any thoughts of what I should do?
  11. I think that all of the launch titles are amazing! Coming from someone who grew up during the jump from 2d to 3d (Playstation) It's nice to take a good look back at what was once to be amazing. Hell, I even like basic math!
  12. What are some rare games in your Atari collection? Rules to having rare games are: They have to have a rarity of at least 5 and name their rarity (With the exception of games released in Europe only) Collectors usually would want them And also, if you can, give a brief story about it's history, and/or how you receives it (optional) Mine are Salu's Acid drop (rarity 4) and Miner 2049er ( Rarity 5) (It's hard when you don't order games off ebay) Now what are yours?
  13. Why hasn't anyone mentioned Raiders Of the lost ark?
  14. I bought Salu's Acid drop a little while ago, sealed and everything. When I opened it up and played it, it was black and white, and bouncing a little bit. My console is an Atari 2600 jr rev 2. It's not my tv, it's a modern one. Does anyone know where to get a atari pal video connector? I think that's whats causing the problem.
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