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  1. Looks good Oscar! I just placed my order for 2
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zaxxon-Super-Game-Pack-in-Arcade-Box-Coleco-ADAM-Colecovision/163777568861?hash=item2621e7605d:g:8gMAAOSw35ZdK9RP Nice Auction here, might go for cheap
  3. Look good Eric! I love Puzzle style games
  4. I love the idea of a Parker Bros. themed set 😀
  5. Let us a few days to think about a solution that will make people happy. I'm sure you all know that our goal is not to piss-off anyone, you are all important for us and it is because of you all that we keep on going. Thank you!
  6. I appreciate your opinion. Its still not fair for all the others how paid to be in both Clubs
  7. Again Thank you for pointing it out Pascal but as I said, it was a misunderstanding between me and JF. ( I had meant that both Vaults will be available to buy) As you can see on our website each Membership as it own Vault and nothing was said about the 2 vaults.
  8. you paid for a membership! Everything is happening! what are you talking about?? This is what you paid for: https://collectorvision.com/shop/intellivision/collectorvision-intelligent-club-membership-2019/
  9. Intellivision membership as never been soldout. We had to close the membership with 70 members. Just saying
  10. That is my mistake, I will correct that over the weekend. Thank you
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