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  1. Hi guys, I'm not sure where you sent your questions but I didn't received anything. To answer a few questions. Arkanoid is not in the ROM pack, it was available in the 2020 club. We decided not to sell any carts or pcbs. Bill, send me a pm, I can help you. thank you Toby
  2. I think we are good to go. So I will add the rom to the Dropbox over the weekend thank you all fot your patience!
  3. Hi Guys, Its done! we piked a winner for the Phoenix Console. You'll be able to hear it from the Mp3 File below. And the Winner is...... Member #113 Grant Frost Thank you Winner Phonix 2020.mp3
  4. The seller was part of the club, and it is the only copy he had. (He wasn't supposed to put it on Ebay...)
  5. ho yes! and we could also sell some Ghosts N Zombies! I guess we can even make more money! Good idea Youki!
  6. Its not 25 but 14 copies left. I'm the stock keeper don't forget! 100 were produce boxes, labels and manuals.(We were expecting 100 members!) we were just missing the final rom. out of this 100, 75 members, 10 for the team and 1 got lost in the mail. If anyone is interested, the price is $150. plus shipping (no discount, no rom access, no membership) All this is part of the reason why there is no Inty club this year. I do not ask you to understand, everyone can have is own opinion. All I can say it that we were super exited to make these clubs happen, we gave them a lot of time and love. I personally want to say thank you! to all our members. We did learn and i hope we'll be able to do it again. Thank you
  7. They were both sent to the same address. Maybe check with your post office.
  8. No one if forcing anyone to be in any club. If for any reason you think you won't be happy with it. well, just don't signed up We already know in advance that we won't please everyone. And every member should remember that they are paying for the membership. The rest (rom access, secret game and maybe more) its all bonus. It is totally up to you if you want to be in or out. Thank you
  9. I confirm, I did shipped all the colecovision club!
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