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  1. ho yes! and we could also sell some Ghosts N Zombies! I guess we can even make more money! Good idea Youki!
  2. Its not 25 but 14 copies left. I'm the stock keeper don't forget! 100 were produce boxes, labels and manuals.(We were expecting 100 members!) we were just missing the final rom. out of this 100, 75 members, 10 for the team and 1 got lost in the mail. If anyone is interested, the price is $150. plus shipping (no discount, no rom access, no membership) All this is part of the reason why there is no Inty club this year. I do not ask you to understand, everyone can have is own opinion. All I can say it that we were super exited to make these clubs happen, we gave them a lot of time and love. I personally want to say thank you! to all our members. We did learn and i hope we'll be able to do it again. Thank you
  3. They were both sent to the same address. Maybe check with your post office.
  4. No one if forcing anyone to be in any club. If for any reason you think you won't be happy with it. well, just don't signed up We already know in advance that we won't please everyone. And every member should remember that they are paying for the membership. The rest (rom access, secret game and maybe more) its all bonus. It is totally up to you if you want to be in or out. Thank you
  5. I confirm, I did shipped all the colecovision club!
  6. Guys.... We are still waiting on the pcbs.... on a good note, I just added a folder into the dropbox with Sydney Shrines of Peril. Thank you all for your patience!!
  7. Unfortunately we been waiting for the pcbs to arrive. Everything else is ready to go. As soon as we get the pcbs, I start shipping! Sorry for the delay... again 😞
  8. Hi Guys!, Sorry for the lack of communication here but there is so much on our plate right now! I tried to please everyone too fast. But we are getting there!! So I can confirm, I did received the membership cards! I do have all the manuals, boxes and the secret game is fully tested! I'm just waiting on the pcbs to arrived! as soon as I have the pcbs, I'll be able to complete everything and ship! Yes, it might take a few more days! Yes it might be more in the first week of November. We didn't want to ship a game with bugs. I'll do my very best to ship everything as soon as possible! I do have a day job and a family, I spend all my evenings working on the Phoenix and preparing the games. Thank you all for your patience! I promise, we'll get this done as fast as we can!
  9. Hi Guys, Very sorry for the delay! Just want to confirmed that the game is complete and in production. I think you guys will be very happy when you get it Shipping in October! Thank you for your patience!
  10. Looks good Oscar! I just placed my order for 2
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Zaxxon-Super-Game-Pack-in-Arcade-Box-Coleco-ADAM-Colecovision/163777568861?hash=item2621e7605d:g:8gMAAOSw35ZdK9RP Nice Auction here, might go for cheap
  12. I love the idea of a Parker Bros. themed set 😀
  13. Let us a few days to think about a solution that will make people happy. I'm sure you all know that our goal is not to piss-off anyone, you are all important for us and it is because of you all that we keep on going. Thank you!
  14. I appreciate your opinion. Its still not fair for all the others how paid to be in both Clubs
  15. Again Thank you for pointing it out Pascal but as I said, it was a misunderstanding between me and JF. ( I had meant that both Vaults will be available to buy) As you can see on our website each Membership as it own Vault and nothing was said about the 2 vaults.
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