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  1. I'm pretty sure Fatal Run has a good value.
  2. Having more than one layer of emulation is bad...
  3. I play mostly 90s shmups... and only my desktop can handle them without having low framerates or choppy audio. Well actually my old desktop could with its 8GB of RAM, Athlon X4, and 2GB GPU. My new desktop with its 16GB of RAM, i7, and RTX 2080 (8GB) might be overkill but games run great.
  4. I had a top loader for sale back in February... I already sold it though. I sold it because I was fed up with RF and the jailbars and did not want to mod it. It was much easier to install a BLW into my toaster NES.
  5. I had 2 Game Gears... the first one is in a landfill as it broke like 15 years ago... and the second one turns on and plays sound but has a busted screen.
  6. I bought Galaga: Demons of Death on NES way back when... thinking it was a different game...nope... it's just Galaga. lol I would choose Galaga '88.
  7. Halo: Master Chief Colelction (PC) 65 mins It's weird playing Halo Reach on PC... hard to believe it originally came out nearly 10 years ago on Xbox 360.
  8. Sorcer Striker (arcade) 100 mins I played through the second loop this time. Only real difference was that when you die you don't drop your powerups. Arrow Flash (Genesis) 110 mins. Tried default game at first. It had no autofire. I got to the end of Stage 2. Changed options: set it on easy, 7 lives, and autofire on and I got to stage 5 (the finals stage) the second time. I still had to use a bunch of continues to even get there. The third time I played I got 2/3 of the way through the final stage I'm not very good at horizontal shmups, but currently it's my second favorite horizontal shmup, first being PC Denjin: Punkic Cyborgs (Air Zonk).
  9. You could use a difficulty switch to turn on the increased disability after you lose cup. Something like A has it on an B has it off for those who want to drink. lol
  10. I'm selling some old computer stuff I don't need. There's some modern-ish stuff plus some late 90's early 2000s stuff and some early 90s stuff. I'll ship to US and Canada only... XFX 2GB r7 260x GPU PCIe $40 + shipping - works Sapphire Nitro 2GB r7 360 GPU PCIe $50 + shipping - works KingstonHyperX 4x 2GB modules 1333MHz DDR3 $30 + shipping - works Kingston 2x DDR2 1GB 800MHz modules $5 + shipping - works Nvidia Gforce 2 MX 64MB AGP VGA GPU $10 + shipping - works ATI Rage XL AGP VGA GPU 8MB $6 + shipping - untested generic ISA modem + sound card (no midi) $5 + shipping - untested 2x 8MB 2M x32 EDO SIMM RAM 72 pin $6 + shipping - works 2x 4MB 1M x36 EDO RAM 72 pin $5 + shipping - works PM me if interested in anything.
  11. Avoid PS3 Skyrim it's a bugfest… If your PC has at least 4GB of RAM and 512MB of video RAM you should be good playing the original PC release with the added benefits of being able to install unofficial bugs that fix a lot of the problems.
  12. I didn't even notice that those games were Vita games... I saw the blue and though they were PS4 games... lol
  13. Got these all at Goodwill today. The joystick is for IBM PC (and compatibles) so I want to try it with my DOS PC.
  14. You should totally license the design to Hyperkin and have them make a Retron 77 portable. Would be emulation instead of the real thing, but it would still kill the awful Atgames portable.
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