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  1. Different store but I had found a boxed Sound Blaster 16 at Salvation Army once but when I opened the box it had a networking card inside it instead so I took it to the register saying that it was in a way false advertising selling it that way (the box was taped shut). I'm sure they just put it back on the shelf. Kinda shady.
  2. Override (PC Engine) 62 mins Was trying out my RGB/AV adapter and it's much better than the direct-to-pin cable I was using. My CRT does not have component but it still like great via composite and the audio is much cleaner. Anyway, I got to the end boss of stage 6 in Override (the farthest I have ever gotten in this game).
  3. Blackout? No one is going to win cause nothing with Atari is free...
  4. I don't think he means light gun games... he means more like shoot em up games and 3rd person flying or vehicle shoot type games... I don't have many shmups on Genesis just Thunder Force III, Arrow Flash, Grind Stormer (V-V), Task Force Harrier EX, and Twin Cobra (which is not very good but everything else is great). Also I have Galaxy Force II but that's a faux-3D shooter. Not big on the gameplay but I think the music is nice. I do want to grab the other Thunder Force games as well as some others like, Biohazzard Battle, Truxton, Musha, Phelios… I want to get Zero Wing as well but there's no 60Hz version with the English intro screens AKA "ALL YOUR BASE"... maybe as a repro, but it would have to be a hack with the English intro but with the Japanese version of the game. I do have BattleTech (like the Strike games but with a mech instead) but the controls are kind weird in my opinion.
  5. Didn't say their wasn't any just that I've personally not seen them. I didn't get my Saturn until 2008 so I did not pay attention to the games in stores when it was new.
  6. Um... Japan an American Football... not many options there... baseball or soccer on the otherhand... But on the Saturn... I don't think I even seen a football game on the system in the US, let alone any Japan releases...
  7. My RGB/AV adapter arrived today! The sound does appear to be cleaner but I still need to turn it up to -8 dB on my receiver to get my PC-E to a good volume. There's still a bit of noise in the sound but it reduced the noise pretty good! also the 60 cycle hum is gone which is good.
  8. Expect my play time to increase dramatically in the next few weeks due to work closing down.
  9. I have most of those in my Mame collection... lol
  10. I had no idea the new i7 did not have hyper-threading... what a downgrade... lol
  11. Hyper-threading rendering is amazing! Not as CPU heavy as rendering video but my hex core 4.8GHz i7 8700k can render an entire song in 30 seconds or less...
  12. Sound like it has an audio output amp then? Also my PC Engine's audio is a bit noisy... is this normal?
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