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  1. If you like the Dungeon Explorer games check out Crystal Beans on Super Famicom. It wasn't released outside of Japan but there is an English translation available.
  2. Juno First... love the title screen music even though it rips off another game.
  3. Terra Cresta (NES/Famicom) 15 mins Aero Fighters (arcade/Neo Geo) 10 mins Baryon - Future Assault (arcade) 10 mins Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons (arcade) 65 mins beat the first loop of this shoot em up. I love that the 'ships' are like robo-dragons... so cool! Metamorphic Force (arcade) 75 mins beat this game and man is it anthro-city I love it! Never played it before until now. I knew the final boss was going to transform into a dragon! I played as the panther-guy. Did not bother with another loop. Sorcer Striker (arcade) 10 mins I tried playing this on my laptop using MAME and it it ran too slow and the sound kept skipping. The laptop is too underpowered. it runs flawlessly on my desktop. Super Mario World (SNES) 45 mins I was visiting home... played some 2 - player SMW with my sister. This was emulated as I did not feel like bringing my SNES with me. Override (PC Engine) 40 mins
  4. Glass cleaner if dusty, 91% rubbing alcohol if dirty... brass polish if worn and extremely dirty.
  5. Star Parodier would be my top choice since I love all of the Star Soldier games (and despite its silly theme, I still consider it part of the series).
  6. The most I paid for an SNES game was $40, but that was for Super Aleste (a Super Famicom game, rather than paying $70+ for Space Megaforce). The most I've paid for a NA SNES game was $30 for Super Metroid around 2008 (or so). It must easily be double that now. Super Nova cost a bit more than $30 but it was a Christmas gift a few years back.
  7. Ugh I hate uplay with a passion ever since it forced itself upon me when I bought Farcry: Blood Dragon on Steam...
  8. Yeah it's bad... why play it when you could play Starmaster, Star Voyager, or Star Raiders...
  9. It's up to $454 ugh... I'd never spend that much on a single game... let alone the $10000s some collectors 'pay' for them.
  10. I used to have a CIB copy of the SNES version but I sold it. The box was a little beat up and I'm not really into space/flight sim type games anyway.
  11. Mine has yellowed but it did it consistently so it doesn't look too bad.
  12. The Colorsport VIII actually had a one player racquetball mode... I mean if you were desperate to play video games in 1976 and you had no friends I guess it could work (also the lightgun game might be better though lol)... eh.
  13. Flip the P upside down and then... um... lol
  14. Yeah, I'd rather play no video games than forced to only play Pong.
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