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  1. I prefer the 2600 version even though it doesn't have the boss stages.
  2. Divinity Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition (PC) 2820 mins 83 hours into the game and I'm still at the second area. This is a long one but I'm loving every minute of it.
  3. But I love that game... the NES version way more than the arcade version.
  4. In my opinion it should only include games that could be played straight from DOS.
  5. I'm so sorry. XD Anyway mine is the NES version of Road Blasters which many consider to be the worst version of the game but that version IS my favorite version and the only one I've beaten. But it's not my favorite game as that is Soldier Blade and there's only two versions the original and the Special version.
  6. Make sure you check to see if the VCR as stereo RCA outputs. Many of the late cheapo VCRs only had mono RCA output. Even if the console you are hooking up is mono with a mono VCR via RCA the sound will only come out of one speaker.
  7. Oh I forgot I also had around 120 mins in TESIV: Oblivion (GOTY) (PC).
  8. Divinity Original Sin 2: Definitive Edition (PC) 2160 mins I just picked up this game and I am loving it. I knew about it before and but didn't get it as I thought I wouldn't enjoy the turn based combat but I found out I really do. Plus I can be lizard... XD
  9. I would be pissed if I bought a game didn't work on most of the consoles of the platform it's supposed to be released for.
  10. wow I never thought I'd see an actual vertical scrolling shmup on the 2600.
  11. A Westworld game could be like Red Dead but with robots...
  12. I like it... it makes me think of the gross 90s cartoons (you know the ones).
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