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  1. Anything white or gray made plastic can yellow over time with enough UV radiation hitting it (and time). That saying I'm a proud owner of a yellowed non-Jr. SNES. lol
  2. I first need to be able to backup my disks first. If I remove the floppy drive I can't currently access the disks. I'm thinking I'll eventually get one of these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/External-SCSI2SD-v5-1-with-Case-Fully-Setup-Plug-n-Play/173937838907 So I can keep the floppy drive and backup my disks.
  3. Never mind I found a 50 pack for $20 (with shipping) on ebay. That should last a while.
  4. I need to buy some 1.44MB 3.5" floppy disks... I use them to save sounds on a E-MU sampler. I know I could just get a hard drive for it or a floppy emulator for it... but eh. Looking at packs of 20-50. And it doesn't matter what format they are. They will be reformatted.
  5. Super Mario All-Stars on Wii was a huge ripoff... the book and audio CD are neat (though the CD is in a DVD case so it doesn't even fit in with your CDs) but the game itself? It's like 1-2MB of data shoved on to a DVD that can hold 4.7GB...
  6. Overkill is neat... early 90s shooter with some cool Adlib music. On modern PC there's so many good shmups on Steam... Deltazeal is one of my favorites.
  7. At that price you'd think the controller was made out of solid gold but even that seems a little high. lol
  8. Dos original all the way for me... though the Atomic Edition...
  9. Well they weren't wrong... lol it definitely wasn't like anything else at the time. Doesn't mean it was a good "gaming experience".
  10. It really is the worst console I have played. And add to the fact that I already had a Game Boy at the time. The R-Zone was my brother's. And it was the XPG version which I think came with the Star Wars game (my brother was a huge Star Wars nerd in the 90s). I've just not played a single console which I have found worse than it.
  11. For example in the 4th stage of Final Soldier on the PC Engine... the music has a part were a sampled kick and hi hat play at the same time... Can't do that on the Genesis! Nor the panning toms!
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