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  1. Is anyone selling a Collectorvision Phoenix? Where should i look to buy one?
  2. Opcode When will we know pricing on devkits, and is it first come first serve?
  3. I subscribed and am looking forward to being thoroughly engaged, I've been a long time fan of your homebrew ports and SGM games! The colors in your screenshots really pop off the screen! Looking very good
  4. opcode, How are things progressing with the OMNI controller? Have you ever used the Neo Geo CD controller? The thumb disc is very nice, it has microswitches like a real arcade stick would have. I think something like this, or an intellivision control disc design would look elegant and would be an homage back to early consoles and arcades before Nintendo Also what controller port do you plan on using for the OMNI?
  5. What connector are you using for the controller port? As far as a good controller I would take inspiration from the first thumbpad (intellivision) and the neo geo AVS gamepad, keeping with a circular design.
  6. Zaxxon Donkey Kong Ms Pacman Galaga I'm very happy to hear about your SGM2 strategy as we have a lot of positive branding and experiences with the SGM1. Also really happy to hear you are prioritizing analog video and arcade resolutions. It's clear to me that you very clearly "get it" when it comes to the arcade spirit of the 80s. I will be keeping my eyes on your website. Good luck and Godspeed
  7. @opcode I understand you have to do what is best for your product, just sad I didn't see that you had cancelled, and none of the prge material or website indicated this. I had looked through the message board here, your website, Twitter, and facebook and didn't see any notice of you cancelling your booth. It would have still been a great opportunity to meet you in person and talk about your plans, I'm sure it would have been a great opportunity to get the word out to more enthusiasts, YouTubers, and influencers, as well as support the atariage booth and get facetime with them. I hope you will be able to attend prge next year as we would love to see you then. In the future I'll try to contact you before I buy tickets to confirm It would have been fun to see the work in progress game footage, art, case designs, etc
  8. Just got home from prge. I looked all over for your booth, it was in their pamphlet but couldn't find you anywhere. Was a bit disappointed as the Omni was the main reason I attended the show
  9. Will be at pgre in about an hour with my brother, very excited to talk about Omni with you
  10. Possibly like an Amiga visuals but with an 8 bit CPU? (Not in all senses, just the Amiga was the spiritual successor to the TIA, CTIA, GTIA, but next generation)
  11. @Ksarul. Yes I didn't mean to get off topic, was just pointing out neither the 9928A in the CV nor the F18A provide 15kHz RGB, but it's not critical to the discussion at hand. Currently seems the most viable option would be DisplayPort via USB Type C connector
  12. thanks! yeah I know the CV only had RF externally but was trying to figure out what it outputs internally. to reference a newer system the PC Engine had a standard RF out but it had RGBS available internally. I believe the Atari VCS only has RF externally but has Y/C ( Luma-Chroma / S-Video) internally. So what you're saying is on the TMS9928A Pins 35, 36, and 38 output B-Y (Blue difference) Y (Luminance) and R-Y (Red difference), and that in this mod it is a simple color Transcode from Y,B-Y,R-Y to RGBs, which is a much simpler process than a from scratch digital to analog Encode which these other devices like the F18A, NESRGB, etc are doing, which basically bypass the entire native analog encoding process of the Colecovision video IC. Whereas the solution in this thread works with what the original Colecovision IC natively outputs and performs a simple transcode on. right? Thanks!
  13. is this the only mod (other than composite video mods) tapping a video signal directly from the original hardware vs other mods that introduce a new video encoder chip?
  14. YPbPr/component or RGB No Atari Yes Roller Controller Power Coleco controller only Plug-n-play power and reset switches smaller case (standard has a ton of empty space) please everything socketed, much better this way
  15. This is a bit off the main topic. but in the case of the colecovision and adam computer, they only have pins for composite video, correct? in that case you'd need some kind of replacement of video encoder chip (like the F18A) to get RGB as the base systems do not supply it in a ready to use format.
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