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    I finally got a Vectrex about a week ago, after many years of looking for one I could reasonably get - now Im playing catch-up discovering all the great homebrew games and accessories that have been made. Id be interested in a VecFever if they are ever available again!
  2. Just noticed at the bottom of this page, more games are iCade-compatible now: http://www.ionaudio.com/products/details/icade I can attest that Compression HD and Mos Speedrun control well with the iCade!
  3. Heh, too late. Vectron is on my list of games I already own. And I actually like it! Once I figured out what in the sweet blazes was going on, it was enjoyable.
  4. Still can't get my cart of Swords & Serpents to play. Just get a purple/pink screen when I turn the power on. Tried cleaning it with no luck. Right now the only thing on my wishlist is some spare time to play the Inty.. crossed a bunch of items off the todo list over the weekend!
  5. I used to play the crap out of Fathom on the 2600 when I was a kid. Something about the animation was really charming.
  6. Yes it was. It was the first one I've done. But, I'm thinking about doing it monthly. Shall I keep thee posted? Yes, please!
  7. Was this a public event in Chattanooga? I am close enough to that area I might've driven over to check that out..
  8. This guy is my hero. I would have been making these vids if YouTube had existed when I was a kid!
  9. I'm definitely not a completist, I just want fun games. I think I will skip Turbo. Thanks everyone.
  10. Okay I'm really enjoying my Intellivision, and I'm putting together a list of the rest of the stuff I'd like to track down. I thought I'd beseech the great community here to let me know which great games I'm missing that I should track down. Here's what I've got: Intellivision 2 Console Swords and Serpents (CAN'T get it to work, though. Dirty? Incompatible w/INTV 2?)) TRON Deadly Discs TRON Maze-A-TRON Sub Hunt Utopia Checkers Backgammon Royal Dealer The Dreadnaught Factor Sharp Shot Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Vectron NASL Soccer Astrosmash Star Strike Night Stalker Space Armada Triple Action Lock N Chase Ice Trek Space Battle Shark! Shark! AD&D "Cloudy Mountain" (no manual) Burger Time (no manual) Space Hawk (no manual) SNAFU (no manual) Q*Bert (no overlays) Beauty & the Beast (no overlays) And here's what I think I want (in no particular order): An INTV 1 system (Tele Games Super Video Arcade or Tandyvision One) Cuttle Cart 3 Diner Most of the homebrew games, especially Space Patrol & Rick Dynamite. Intellivoice Module & the Intellivoice games (I'm a sucker for old school speech synth!) Microsurgeon Atlantis Happy Trails Beamrider (LOVED this on the Atari 2600) Demon Attack Mind Strike Thin Ice Thunder Castle Tower of Doom Worm Whomper Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf Bump & Jump Body Slam! Super Pro Wrestling Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man Pinball Hover Force Sea Battle Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball Safecracker Dracula AD&D - Treasure of Tarmin Mission X So what else should I be wanting that's not on my list? Is there anything on my list that's horrendous? SlowMvngTarget
  11. They aren't by any chance the games made by Coleco for Intellivision are they? Some of those won't work on an Intellivision 2. Is there a list of the games that don't work on an Intellivision 2? Just got a Swords & Serpents and it won't work.
  12. Ok after a bit more time with thecontrols, the only caveat I have is that the joystick is not ideal as a trackball replacement for games like Centipede.. and I think this could be improved with a patch for the app. Still, I had a blast playing it last night. Especially enjoyed Major Havoc, Asteroids, and Tempest. TIP: Many games default to landscape view (i.e. Tempest), but if you want to keep the iPad in portrait orientation, there will be a setting for that in the game's options. If there isn't a "landscape/portrait" setting, change "Controls" to "Arcade".
  13. I'm signed up for the mailing list and will watch that thread! Thanks!
  14. My iCade arrived today. It was pretty easy to assemble, and looks great. I love the "coin slot" in front that serves as a power indicator. The games in the Atari's Greatest Hits app are much improved with these controls! I've had a blast. Bring on some more compatible apps..
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