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  1. Or what if i arran how about if i arrange the courier service myself and pay via paypal gift for the console? then there is no responsibility on yourself for the shipping?
  2. Hi if there is a console with modded controllers left , please can i ask how much it would be to ship to the uk? Also what power supply can be used? can i use a multi adapter style power supply and would it need a step down convertor too to run on uk power? many thanks
  3. any updates on PANG? (buster bros in USA) would be great to have a cart version!!!
  4. Hi that is what i really mean, whether commando will fit on the cart, and then play in standard 64k?
  5. Hi all does anyone know of a site that makes and sells labels? need a couple making for flashcart games. any help greatly appreciated
  6. money permitting! i would like elevator action, pang and penguin land.
  7. gooner73

    7800 hacks?

    Hi Walter thanks for the reply, where is the 7800 hacks section? Can't seem to find it!
  8. gooner73

    7800 hacks?

    Hi all just wondering if there are any 7800 hacks available on cart or just for download ? have heard about asterix but don't know if its real or was ever released, can't find any video or pics. many thanks
  9. Hi ALL looking for an atari 64k computer to play carts on,800xl is pref but xe is fine. my 800xl finally blew up and need a machine to play carts on! just needs to be working in decent condition pm with any prices
  10. just thought of some more classics rainbow islands pang bubble bobble ghosts n goblins
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