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  1. It´s the same box. Have the same marks and scruffs. I guess maybe the seller is trying to squeeze some cash from that other buyer who paid 2k2 for a loose copy?
  2. Would you please let us know when they’re available for purchase? Those are awesome. 🙂
  3. I´ll keep my eyes open then. Thank you. 🙂
  4. I believe I am in the wait list for trimerous but haven´t received any news regarding it. Where do I check this? Thank you!
  5. Already interviewed Mr. Leandro Sá (50% of MWG, with Darcio Prestes) when Rally Racer was released. Mr. Flávio Nunez declined to be interviewed. I´ll try to find my original article and do a rough translation.
  6. Hi there! Yes, you can find it here:
  7. Hi All, I´m a writer for a Brazilian retro gaming magazine called "Jogos 80". We´re running a series of interviews with distinguished Atari homebrewers. In this edition I was lucky enough to chat with Mr. Johh Champeau (AKA @johnnywc ), from Champ Games. It was a very interesting chat! Attached are two different files: The original PDF (in Brazilian Portuguese) with screenshots and the magazine cover, and an english translation for you guys. The magazine is purposedly designed to look like a very popular brazilian magazine from the 80s called "Micro & Video", thus the (very) dated design. It is on purpose, believe it or not! 🙂 Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we enjoying doing it! John Champeau Interview - ENGLISH.pdf John Champeau Interview - ORIGINAL.pdf
  8. Oh! About the print-it-yourself: There are four images inside that zip file. They look odd but were created as a booklet. You can see small markings on the borders to show were to cut, and a small central marking showing were to fold. So how you print it? Print page 01. The put that paper back in your printer and print page 02 on the back. Same goes for 3 & 4. I´ve used Microsoft Paint (really!). Just use print preview, "configure page" and check the boxes for horizontal and vertical centralization and "100% normal size" instead of "fit to page". This way the printing will match in both sides. Then fold them together in half. And finally using a box cutter and a ruler just cut the extra paper. Final step, staple it if you wish. Here’s the final result:
  9. Hello, Nuts is a Technovision game that originally only saw a PAL release in German. Recently Mr. @Thomas Jentzsch managed to convert it to NTSC, and Mr. @CPUWIZ ran a limited, high-quality cart release. Joining the gang Mr. @Marc Oberhäuser created a great-looking, professionally printed box for this cart. Unfortunately, there was no english manual for the combo - the only manual available was a watermarked scan on the german manual online. Long story short, myself & Mr. @Ballblaɀer joined efforts to translate this manual, so we could have a CIB Franken-release of the game. 🙂 Attached you can find the end result. There are three available files: - Nuts_Manual.pdf: A plain PDF that you can open on you computer or mobile. - Nuts_Manual_HOME_PRINT.zip: A file you can print and assemble yourself at home. - Nuts_Manual_PROFESSIONAL_PRINT.zip: A PDF file with all markings required for professional printing and binding at a dedicated shop. Hope you guys enjoy. 🙂 Nuts_Manual.pdf Nuts_Manual_HOME_PRINT.zip Nuts_Manual_PROFESSIONAL_PRINT.pdf
  10. Thank you guys! @KylJoy I’d love to but since I’m ouside USA shipping in and out might be prohibitive. 😞 I’ll check it anyway. Are those memory chips easy to find? Or are they somewhat uncommon?
  11. The console is in great cosmetic shape. I’ve opened it and the board is in pristine condition - no stuffed capacitors, no leakages, no obvious solder failures. But all I get when power it up is garbage. The pattern is variable. Reset makes no difference. Plugging a cart won’t change a thing. I’ve tried to keep it on for a few minutes to charge capacitors. No changes. Touching the chips don’t show one of them hotter than the others. Any ideas of what it might be? Simple stuff like capacitors or voltage regulators? Or most probably a bad chip? Suggestions are welcome.
  12. Thank you! Just uploaded Magnavox Odyssey2 / Videopac spreadsheet. If you´re into it I suggest you to take a peek 🙂
  13. Hello, I´ve been creating spreadsheets to help controlling my collection for some time now. Finally I took the bold move to face Magnavox Odyssey and its numerous releases, variants and oddnesses. 🙂 I am not an expert on Odyssey at all. Any help is greatly appreciated. It works fine on Excel and OpenOffice. Apparently it works partially on Google Docs and Numbers (checkboxes doesn´t work on those two). Here´s the index: A little video showing what it does (NOTE: This is for the Intellivision version): Any comments, ideas and suggestions are more than welcome. 🙂 I´ve made a few other (A2600, A5200, A7800, Coleco, INTV) too. All of them can be found here: http://www.lazzeri.online/pub/Checklists.html
  14. WOW! Nevermind. Just found out that the Japanese wikipedia have them all listed. 🙂 Japanese page: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/オデッセイ_(ゲーム機) Google Translate: https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=ja&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fja.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2Fオデッセイ_(ゲーム機) So here it goes. Game number / USA name / Japanese writing (Romaji conversion) / Direct translation of the game name. I´m also attaching it all as an Excel spreadsheet. @colormesticky, hope it helps! 9400 Speedway / Spin-Out / Crypto-Logic スピードウェイ / スピンナウト / 暗号解読 (Supīdou~ei/ Supin'nauto/ Angō kaidoku) Speedway / Spinout / Decryption 9401 Las Vegas Blackjack ラスベガス ブラックジャック (Rasubegasu Burakkujakku) Vegas blackjack 9402 Football アメリカン フットボール (Amerikan Futtobōru) American Football 9403 Armored Encounter / Subchase 大戦車軍団ゲーム / 潜水艦深海大作戦ゲーム (Taisen-sha gundan gēmu / Sensuikan shinkai dai sakusen gēmu) Great Tank Corps Game / Submarine Deep Sea Operation Game 9404 Bowling / Basketball ボーリング / バスケットボール (Bōringu / Basukettobōru) Bowling/basketball 9405 Math-A-Magic / Echo 数字マジックゲーム / ナンバー メモリーゲーム (Sūji majikkugēmu / Nanbā memorīgēmu) Number Magic Game / Number Memory Game 9406 Computer Intro マイコン ティーチャー (Maikon tīchā) Microcomputer teacher 9407 Matchmaker / Logix / Buzzword 神経衰弱ゲーム / マスターマインド / イングリッシュ・ボキャブラリー (Shinkei suijaku gēmu / Masutāmaindo / Ingurisshu bokyaburarī) Nervous breakdown game / Mastermind / English vocabulary 9408 Baseball ベースボール (Bēsubōru) baseball 9410 Computer Golf コンピューター ゴルフ (Konpyūtā gorufu) Computer golf 9411 Cosmic Conflict 宇宙大戦争 (Uchūdaisensō) Space War 9412 Take the Money and Run 億万長者ゲーム (Okumanchōja gēmu) Millionaire games 9413 I've Got Your Number プレイ算数ゲーム (Purei sansū gēmu) Play math games 9414 Invaders from Hyperspace 地球防衛隊 (Chikyū bōei-tai) Earth Defense Corps 9415 Thunderball スーパーピンボール (Sūpāpinbōru) Super pinball 9416 Showdown in 2100 A.D. 2100年の決闘 (2100-Nen no kettō) 2100 duel 9417 War of Nerves ロボット軍団ゲーム (Robotto gundan gēmu) Robot army games 9418 Alpine Skiing アルペン スキー (Arupen sukī) Alpine skiing 9419 Out of this World / Helicopter Rescue 月面軟着陸ゲーム / ヘリコプター救助隊 (Getsumen nanchakuriku gēmu/ Herikoputā kyūjotai) Moon soft landing game / helicopter rescue team 9420 Hockey / Soccer アイス ホッケー / サッカー (Aisu hokkē/ Sakkā) Ice Hockey / Soccer 9421 Dynasty リバーシー (Ribāshī) Reversi 9422 Volleyball バレーボール (Barēbōru) volleyball 9423 Electronic Table Soccer エレクトロニクス テーブル サッカー (Erekutoronikusu tēburu sakkā) Electronics table football 9424 Pocket Billiards ポケット ビリヤード (Poketto biriyādo) Pocket billiards 9425 Pachinko パチンコ (Pachinko) pachinko 9426 Casino Slot Machine モンテカルロ スロットマシーン (Montekaruro surottomashīn) Monte carlo slot machine 9427 Block Out / Breakdown ブロックアウト / ブレークダウン (Burokku auto/ Burēkudaun) Blockout/breakdown 9428 Alien Invaders-Plus エイリアン&インベーダー大作戦 (Eirian& inbēdā dai sakusen) Alien & Invaders Operation 9429 The Quest for the Rings 中世騎士の冒険ゲーム (Chūsei kishi no bōken gēmu) Medieval knight adventure game 9430 UFO 謎のUFO (Nazo no yūfō) Mysterious UFO 9431 Conquest of the World ウォーゲーム (U~ōgēmu) War game 9432 Monkeyshines いたずらモンキーゲーム (Itazura monkīgēmu) Naughty monkey game 9433 Keyboard Creations キィー・ボード クリエーション (Kyī bōdo kuriēshon) Key board creation 9434 The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt ウォールストリート株式売買ゲーム (U~ōrusutorīto kabushiki baibai gēmu) Wall Street Stock Trading Game 9436 Freedom Fighters スペース ファイター (Supēsu faitā) Space fighter 9437 Pick Axe Pete ゴールド ラッシュ (Gōrudo rasshu) gold Rush 9438 S.I.D. the Spellbinder シッド ザ スペルバインダー (Shiddo za superubaindā) Cid The Spell Binder 9439 Nimble Numbers Ned ニンブル ナンバーズ ネッド (Ninburu nanbāzu neddo) Nimble Numbers Ned 9440 Type & Tell タイプ アンド テル (Taipu Ando Teru) Type and Tell 9441 Smithereens スミザリーンズ (Sumizarīnzu) Smither Lines 9442 K.C.'s Krazy Chase クレイジーチェイス (Kureijīcheisu) Crazy chase 9443 P.T. Barnum's Acrobats アクロバット (Akurobatto) Acrobatics Odyssey_Jap.xlsx
  15. Hello, Necro-bump! I´ve been trying to extract japanese wording on those. I´ve been using OCR, Katakana tables, translations sites, dictionaries and such. Hellish work, I might add. 🙂 But I´ve managed to do some advances in that. All japanese carts that I´ve managed to see a picture of the japanese label I´ve added below. So here´s how it looks so far: 2100-Nen no kettō (2100年の決闘) - "Duel in 2100" - Showdown in 2100 AD Barēbōru (バレーボール) "Volleyball" - Volleyball Beesuboeru (ベエスボエル) "Baseball" - Baseball Chikyū bōei-tai (地球防衛隊) "Earth Defense Corps" - Invaders from Hyperspace Eirian& inbēdā dai sakusen (エイリアン&インベーダー大作戦) "Alien & Invaders Operation" - Alien Invaders Plus Goerudo Rasshu (ゴエルド ラッシュ) "Gold Rush" - Pick Axe Pete Itazura Monkii Geemu (いたずらモンキーゲエム) "Naughty Monkey Game" - Monkeyshines Konpyuetae Gorufu (コンピュエタエ ゴルフ) "Computer Golf" - Computer Golf Nazo no UFO (謎のUFO) "Mysterious UFO" - UFO Purei Sansū Gēmu (プレイ 算数ゲエム) "Play Arithmetic Game" - I´ve Got Your Number Ribāshī (リバーシー) "Reversi" - Dinasty Supēsufaitā (スペースファイター) "Space Fighters" - Freedom Fighters Robotto Gundan Gēmu (ロボット 軍団ゲエム) "Robot Army Game" - War of Nerves Sakkā / Aisuhokkē (サッカー / アイスホッケー) "Soccer / Ice Hockey" - Hockey/Soccer I´d LOVE if someone have photos of the missing ones so I could finish this. 🙂 Armored Encounter/Sub Chase Bowling/Basketball Matchmaker/Logix/Buzzword Thunderball Electronic Table Soccer Pachinko Casino Slot Machine Thank you!
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