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  1. So just to clear my thoughts, I´ve made a very rough spreadsheet just sorting the original, BITD games by manufacturer (Telegames originals included), and adding the non-USA exclusive releases by Coleco Canada and BitCorp. Please note that I haven´t even starter doing anything fancy, I´ve just starter sorting them apart. That´s just so I can understand the size of the task & see if there´s interest. Any comments are appreciated. 🙂 Checklist_Colecovision_pre.xlsx
  2. Yeah, mixed feelings about it. AFAIK Sentinel was PAL only BIDT and the NTSC version was a limited release homebrew, that´s why I haven´t added it. But I don´t know if that´s entirely true. Can someone shed some light? 🙂
  3. I was talking about the video showing the bootleg cart. So, chill out.
  4. Some people deserve to be hang upside down by its testicles.
  5. Thank you for sharing! Somehow I missed that. Yours is really much more complete with a lot of variants and releases. Mine was supposed to be way simpler that that. Thank you once again. Maybe I`ll come back to INTV after all.
  6. Version 1.1 - Added "Sealed", just like in the A7800 spreadsheet. Also added "Golden" color for sealed games. Checklist_A5200_v1.1.xlsx
  7. Hello, I´ve been doing some spreadsheets with visual clues for some videogames, latest one can be found here: I am planning to make one of those for the mighty Coleco. Problem is, I don´t know much about it and would love some suggestions. I´m doing my research on NIAD rarity list. It seems that there´s 130 USA released Coleco games from the classic era, right? What about European / Canadian / Telegames UK? Should I add separate lists for those? Is it too much to keep track - or too uninteresting? I´ve started doing something similar for INTV but there were so many versions, variants and international versions that I got lost and lost interest. 😞 So I was trying to do it right this time, starting by knowing exactly what to do. 🙂 Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. So here´s something I´ve being playing with for some time now: Excel spreadsheets to control my collection with ease and some visual clues. Already done it for A2600 & A5200, now I´ve made something similar for the A7800. Main points: Games are divided by companies, with an Index linking to each individual company. Index also sums everything. There are checkbox for marking if you have a cart, box, manual and if your copy is sealed. Also some blank spaces for comments and to write down occasional extras. If you check having a cart, that cart name will be marked in light green; If you have a complete game (cart, manual, box) the game name will change color to dark green. And if you check as a sealed copy, it will become "Golden" (actually yellow 😀). Everything´s fully automatic. When checking any of the checkboxes, the spreadsheet automatically sums everything everywhere, including in the Index page. Hope that´s usefull for anybody else. If you have suggestions or find errors (typos, wrong info, whatever) please let me know. Please note that it works on Excel. Apparently checkboxes don´t work on Google Docs. Haven´t tried in OpenOffice. - Index page showing a summary of everything: - Example showing some marked games and the changed colors that act as visual clues. Checklist_A7800_v1.xlsx
  9. I am unable to edit first post. 😞 So here´s how´s looking so far: - Index page, with all companies and all autofilled data: . - A company page showing some possibilities, some checkboxes marked to show how it looks. Please note all color tags automatically filled.
  10. Version 1.0 is here! Feel free to give it a try. Please let me know if you found any errors, wrong info, typos. Also, suggestions are still appreciated. Checklist_A5200_v1.xlsx
  11. Does this info exists already? If so I can try adding that somewhere!
  12. Already planned! Thank you! When no overlay exists it will be written “N/A”, just like in the Sega picture. When available there will be a checkbox like the rest.
  13. Would love to! Is there a complete list somewhere?
  14. Hello, Since I´m a control freak I´ve being using for a while now an Excel spreadsheet tailored to catalog & control my A2600 collection (You can check it in this AA thread.) Now I´m finally sorting my (pretty small, actually) 5200 collection so I decided to make a similar spreadsheet for my personal use. I plan to add it here when ready in case someone want to give it a try. 🙂 SO, what does it do? - Separate companies, all 69 games listed; - Checkbox to mark if you own a cart, box, manual, overlays (when apply) and a field for "extras" like catalogs and pamphlets. Also a "comments" field for noting a torn manual or sealed box, for example; - It automatically counts how many games you have for each company and how many of those are complete; - Also, on each company it automatically colors the game in light green if you own a cart or in dark green if your copy is complete. Here´s the main page, listing all companies, how many released games, how many you own and how many are complete (everything is autofilled) Here´s an example, Sega. Note the light green for the uncomplete games that you own and the dark green for the complete games you have. All you have to do is click the checkboxes, everything else is automatic. I plan to finish it later this week. And I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions, something you´d like to add or something I oversaw. Thank you in advance!
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