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  1. Hello, I´m looking for a few specific carts to cross my checklist. Looking for CIB ONLY games, please. Thank you! M Network - Bump´n´ Jump - Masters of the Universe - Star Strike US Games - Raft Rider Sunrise - Quest for Quintana Roo Apollo - Final Approach
  2. Hello, I’ve stumbled upon the attached 4-Switxh woody and I was wondering if the package is original or if it’s a Frankentari of sorts. I know the Paddles are missing. The Joystick box seems off. I’ve tried to Google around and saw a huge variation so I’m quite lost. 🤔 Could this joystick box be original? What kind of paddles should I hunt down? Is here any paperwork missing? Like a catalog for instance? Thank you! 😉
  3. Thank you! Things are looking great! 😉
  4. Al, all pictures on the "Atari 2600 Brazilian items" are missing. Is this part of the migration process or something went wrong? Thanks!
  5. Hi there, I´m at the final steps of testing and listing my entire Brazilian VCS collection. There´s probably another 40 or so recent purchases. Also I haven´t touched my CCE Thematic and CCE Supergame collections, so we can add about 100 games there, maybe 40 of them boxed. Anyway... There´s already some 700+ games all individually photographed and sorted by manufacturer. I guess you guys might find it interesting. Enjoy: http://www.lazzeri.online/vg/Atari_2600_BR/Atari_2600_BR.html
  6. Hi Oscar! Nice to see you around here aswell! :-) Had no idea you developed for INTV too. And an amazing game as usual! Sad part is, I´ll have to start buying your games for both MSX and INTV now. You´ll ruin my wedding.
  7. Hello, Looking for some manuals. If you have spares please let me know! :-) - Hangman (Atari) - Slot Machine (Atari) - Ghostbusters II (Salu) - King Kong (Tigervision)
  8. Hi Wiz! Actually three of them. Nothing extraordinarily rare but some hard catch. *Sigh* C-804 Open, Sesame! C-808 Phantom Tank C-837 Pizza Chef
  9. Nice one BTW. Great label. That´s the only CCE set I still haven´t completed (we call it "CCE Supergame series"), still missing four of them IIRC. That´s on my bucket list for this year. :-) So here´s the four CCE series in chronological order: - CCE Color - the 1st 9 games, the ones that started it all. Each one have a unique-colored label; - CCE Supergame - both in white and black casings, all with the same label above (CCE was a mess). 40 games total; - CCE Golden - looks like Supergame but with golden-ish labels; 9 unique games, never released on the other series. - CCE Thematic - the ones with those lovely drawings that are unique for each game (or almost). 57 games total.
  10. Oh and FIY, a heads-up for everyone looking for Brazilian games, specially CCE: There´s A LOT of counterfeiting going on right now. I mean, *A LOT*. :-( There´s relabeling all around (and some sh*tty labels that don´t look like the originals at all) and, far worse, complete counterfeiting - a recently burned ROM placed inside an original shell with a homemade label. And that´s going on specially for CCE carts (notably the Color series), Onyx Jr carts, Tron and some less valuable. So if that´s of any worth: If a brazilian cart looks too good to be true, it probably ain´t. (I just hate the MFs doing that right now. They seems to be everywere - Facebook, auction sites, whatsapp groups... Damn them.)
  11. Wow, now this is a nice necrobump. :-) ROM, I know this is a 9-year old thread necrobumped but I think I must say something. Star War is *DEFINITELY* not the rarest of the CCE "Thematic" label. That honor belongs to Fast Eddie, no doubt about it. (And Leandro agrees with me on that :-) ). I don´t even believe Star War is the second one. There´s a fuzzy line between him and Beany Bopper, and I tend to believe BB is a little harder to find. I mean, that doesn´t make SW common, not by a mile. It is clearly one of the 3 rarest "CCE Thematic". If we should use AtariAge rarity guide I´ll probably say Fast Eddie is a R10, SW and BB a R9 (and probably Condor Attack too) and Q*Bert an equivalent to R8. That would be my top-5 rarity for that series. And OmegaMatrix is right, Dancing Plate (from the CCE Color series) is the rarest of all CCE carts, hands down.
  12. I guess thats the one that sold recently for 16,500? The one that was (kind of) announced here? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Worlds-Rarest-Video-Game-Extra-Terrestrials-Atari-2600-Long-Lost-Video-Game/132989596329?hash=item1ef6cc32a9:g:puMAAOSwGgdciGgY
  13. Thank you! Great idea with the pots, will try that! :-)
  14. Hello, I guess you guys are sick and tired of seeing this. I´ve done my research and got kind of confused. So, I´m sorry but I have to ask. :-) I currently own four standard A5200 joystick. They were all defective once, unfortunately. I was lucky enough to grab a replacement kit and managed to change it in one controller that is now just fine. Hurray! I still have two that changing the flat might solve, only the fire buttons are bad. I also have one that is having a vertical pot problem: stick goes down but not THAT much, I can control the chopper on Choplifter but NOT Pac-man. Tried to open it and it didn´t seem to be anything obvious. So I´ll probably buy more replacement kits and fix those with trigger problems. Not sure about what to do with the one with the vertical problem though. Any other thing I might try? Clear pots? Anything not very obvious? I´m lousy in soldering but managed to close the controller I opened so I´m confident now. Also... Is there ANY commercialy available modern-day joystick solution? I´ve seen some homemade boards with Arduino but I am phisically unable to do that, I´ll set my house ablaze. BITD solutions seems to be obscene priced today so a modern product might just hit the spot. Thank you all for your pacience!
  15. Hello, I´ve just acquired a boxed A5200, 4-port model. Everything works, it is pretty neat, box is in great shape (and since I´m in Brazil that´s a HUGE step forward, bringing a boxed system alone would cost me a fortune) Anyway... Nothing´s perfect, right? Most of the paperwork is absent. It does have a catalog and a "switch install instructions", and that´s it. So... my question is - what´s the original paperwork that came with the system? I guess I´m missing at least a manual and perharps a warranty? Apparently there´s two different manuals around, right? Wich one´s the correct for an early 4-port? Do any of you have a spare paperwork for sale by chance? Thank you!
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