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  1. So here’s Sofarun running on a MSX2+ Panasonic with a MMC-SD card (not really that different from your Megaflash - actually the Megaflash can do even more) Please note: - English is not my 1st language so sometimes I struggle finding the words; - My SD card is not very organized - just like my brain, I guess; - I accidentally cut the video before starting the last game. 😞 Anyway, the video shows Sofarun loading: - a binary file saved in the SD (.BAS and .BIN files) - a SCC MegaROM - a disk file - a large homebrew that uses the FM (or MSX-MUSIC)
  2. It is a front-end / shell for handling files, like Norton Commander if you are old enough 🙂 or a mouseless Windows Explorer. It has all needed tools for loading files. So yes, it is a loader for the SD card. It´s a very, very interesting and powerful tool. I´ll try to capture a video later today.
  3. Actually you can flash larger ROMs to it, including some VERY large MegaROMs like later Koei games (IIRC those can go as high as 1,024kb, or 8 mbit) or modern homebrew (some as large as 2,048kb). The only setback is that you must know what kind of memory mapper it uses. Loading ROMs from SD is quite easy. And with SofaRun it is absolutely a thing of beauty, just organize your ROMs in your drive the way you want and then just hit <enter> in the file you wish. It will autoload ROMs and DSK files flawlessly most of the time, and also detect and use the SCC when possible. When SofaRUN fails to run automatically (like picking the wrong Mapper format) you can always set up that game manually. The choices you made are saved for next time. It is a thing of beauty.
  4. Channel F homebrew scene is on warp speed! It’s getting hard to keep up! 🙂
  5. Hello, I´m looking for a CIB "Marine Wars" by Konami for the A2600. If you have one you available please let me know. Thanks!
  6. For sure. I’ve collecting for the ChF for almost 20 years now, started on late 2001 when I’ve imported my first system out of curiosity. And I immediately fell in love for it. For the first 10 years or so I’ve picked whatever I managed but without crazy spendings or active hunts. I’ve managed to grab maybe 17 of the games this way. Later on I’ve focused on the Saba set (love the art!), and that was really easier than I’ve pictured, within 6 months I had it under my belt. But for the last 5 years or so I’ve decided to hunt down the USA set. The last one (besides checkers) was Whizball, got it CIB for like 80 USD some three years ago. It is insane to see the prices they’re reaching now. Still missing a Democart 2, and my Democart 1 is loose. But I can live with that. 🙂 Maybe I might focus on white boxes for a while. I do have only like 4 of them... And I would LOVE to have more Luxor around, I think I only have three of them. 😞
  7. A CIB Checkers popped up on eBay. Link 2k BIN. I had Checkers on my eBay alert for around 5 years now. For three years not a single one showed up. How many popped up in the last few months? I guess something like 6 or 7. This is insane - it almost looks like they are all changing hands. The great Checkers winter migration has began! 🙂
  8. To Brazil taxes are 102%. Shipment included. So probably an extra $2,150! (no, I’m serious!)
  9. PMed the seller on Facebook. He told me about the latest prices and that eBay takes 13% off him. I told him the last one had TWO boxes. He dismissed it and set the auction.
  10. All the best, CPUWiz. Hope to see you typing from home soon.
  11. Really sad news. A man who left a bright mark in our hobby and in Atari history. If you don´t have a copy yet, please consider buying Curt & Marty Goldberg book: "Atari Inc., Business is Fun". Not only a great source of information but also a way to keep Curt´s memory alive & support his family. https://www.amazon.com/Atari-Inc-Business-Curt-Vendel/dp/0985597402
  12. I’m fine with that. EDIT: wouldn’t the unfolded, uncut boxes be at right risk of damage while shipping? 🤔 You might have to use a large box to prevent it taking a beating...
  13. It´s the same box. Have the same marks and scruffs. I guess maybe the seller is trying to squeeze some cash from that other buyer who paid 2k2 for a loose copy?
  14. Would you please let us know when they’re available for purchase? Those are awesome. 🙂
  15. I´ll keep my eyes open then. Thank you. 🙂
  16. I believe I am in the wait list for trimerous but haven´t received any news regarding it. Where do I check this? Thank you!
  17. Already interviewed Mr. Leandro Sá (50% of MWG, with Darcio Prestes) when Rally Racer was released. Mr. Flávio Nunez declined to be interviewed. I´ll try to find my original article and do a rough translation.
  18. Hi there! Yes, you can find it here:
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