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  1. I started with arcade games back in the dark ages, when most of the games were vector graphics. In 77 I joined the Air Force. In 79 I bought the Sears Video Arcade, their version of the Atari 2600. In 81 a friend told me about the Apple II+ and I bought the computer and a disk drive, couldn't afford the monitor, so I got a rf adapter to use my portable color tv. Eventually gave the Sears console to my future in-laws, because Atari games and Apple II games cost the same but the graphics were better on the Apple II+. I had shown my older brother my Sears console, but didn't know he went and bought one himself. Years later, 93 he got me back into console gaming by giving me a Sega Genesis that needed repairs. One of the best games I played on it was Starflight. I wish there had been a port of that game to the GS. I've currently got a MacBook Pro, and running Apple II & GS emulators on it along with OpenEmu, which is emulating several console systems. Of course I have an Apple IIc+ and a GS, that I play on every once in a while. Flight Simulator II running on the IIc+, at 4mhz, is definitely interesting.
  2. Thank you for that, especially the link to the video! Watching that and then doing the three finger salute, and continuing to hold down the OA and control until something showed up on the IIc+ screen, got me into Total Replay. Now I can use the Floppy EMU to run the old Apple II games I have on the IIc+! It's nice to have an emulator to run the games on my Mac, Virtual II is my emulator of choice, but it's nice to finally be able to run them on the real hardware. Again thank you very much. By the way how did you find the Nox Archaist video? I never would have thought to go to their website even though I bought a copy of Nox Archaist.
  3. I did try both Smartport and Smartport Unit 2, with two different copies of Total Replay, renamed smart0.po and smart1.hdv. Neither of them booted, though the computer did say "Rebooting from Smartport Unit 2" and then crashed with this line on the screen: 08DB- M=00 A=FF X=00 Y=00 P=85 S=F9. Any ideas?
  4. I did read it and named the hard drive images appropriately. The drive images show up on the lcd display for the FloppyEMU after I have selected Smartport, but the IIc+ still says "Unable to find a bootable disk online". Tomorrow I'll contact Big Mess O' Wires and see what he has to say.
  5. Update: Downloaded and installed latest version of the firmware to see if that would fix the problem. No dice. I did discover that if I select Apple II 3.5 Floppy the FloppyEMU will show a screen saying "Select Disk". At that point I can select a 3.5 disk image, reboot the computer and it will load the disk. So the problem seems to be that when I select Smartport there is no "Select Disk" option. I think I'll contact Big Mess O' Wires and see what I hear from them.
  6. I have an Apple IIc+ and according to the FloppyEMU documenatatio here: This quirk of the Apple IIc only applies to 5.25 inch floppy emulation mode. When using Floppy Emu in Smartport or Unidisk mode with the Apple IIc, use the external 19-pin disk port. So theoretically I shouldn't have any trouble. But I do, I boot gthe IIc+ and it tells me it can't find a disk to boot, even though I have the FloppyEMU set to Smartport Mode. Any ideas?
  7. Here is a copy of Caves of Ice that I downloaded from here on Atari Age. Caves of Ice.dsk
  8. I sent the zipped file of Compute! disks to Bradhig1 via a message here on Atari Age, but I'll also go ahead and post it here for anyone else who wants it. There are a little over 40 disk image in the zip file. Compute!.zip
  9. I have a folder on my Mac witrh about 40 disks of Compute games. I can turn it into a zip file and email it to you if you' like. magnus
  10. Reviving an old thread. I just bought a digital copy and should have the copy in the email in the next 12 hours. Does the digital copy come with a manual? magnus
  11. It's a really enjoyable game. In fact when I was getting my degree in Computer Science a few years ago I wanted to try and program a version of it, from the point of view of the aircraft, using the Unreal Engine. It proved a little more difficult than I expected.
  12. There are several other programs that use the Apple Mouse: Version 1.9 of Newsroom Blazing Paddles Animate 816 Paint DazzleDraw TutorTech Scholastic Hyperscreen The New Print Shop Copy II+ 9.0
  13. Yeah I know that .po is prodos order and .dsk is dos. I guess the disk was originally dos order. Why somebody would randomly change it to prodos I don't know, unless they thought the original disk was prodos.
  14. Now this interesting. Changing the image from a .po to .dsk it now runs on both Virtual II and Clock Signal. As a .po image Virtual II's virtual disk drive just spins and nothing happens. On Clock Signal it comes up with a garbage screen.
  15. I tried running it in both Virtual II and clock Signal, no go. Then I booted Microm8 and dropped the image on it and it ran. Interesting game, if you like playing one that simulates real life, as the title suggests.
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