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  1. Here"s a link to several Compute disks on the Apple II Asimov archive: ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/magazines/compute/ This might be duplicating what you've typed in so far, but it might save you typing in the programs. magnus
  2. Any idea when you'll get the shape capture and shape draw routines added into it? Graphics look impressive. magnus
  3. As far as I'm concerned Sweet 16, by Sheppy, is the best GA emulator. You can download it from here: http://www.sheppyware.net/software-mac/sweet16/it's freeware and Sheppy is always updating it, unlike Bernie2TheRescue, which hasn't been updated in quite a while. magnus
  4. Count me in, I think it would be hoot! Magnus
  5. Two other games you forgot to mention are: Omnitrends Universe Omnitrends Universe II magnus
  6. Do you have a copy of the directions for the game? If not I can send you a copy of a PDF I downloaded for it. magnus
  7. DOS 3.3 and PRODOS are CLI operating systems vs GUI operating systems. Now if your contention is that no computer had an operating system until the GUI was invented, then you're correct and that honor goes to Steve Jobs stealing the mouse interface from Xerox-PARC in the late 70's. Xerox-PARC pioneered it, Jobs stole it and improved it, and Microsnot stole it from them and mass produced it.
  8. and then there is this: https://github.com/badvision/lawless-legends/tree/master/OutlawEditor this is an editor for Lawless Legends and can be used to design your own RPG similar to Ancient Legends. magnus
  9. Here are some other recent Apple II games: Nox Archaist http://www.6502workshop.com/p/nox-archaist.html Lawless Legends http://www.lawlesslegends.com/ Ancient Legends https://github.com/badvision/lawless-legends/tree/master/Example%20Content/Ancient%20Legends and there are others. magnus
  10. Back when I lived in Las Vegas, the mid-90's, there was an individual that had taken an Apple IIGS motherboard, and some boards and a couple drives, and put it into a PC tower. I almost bought it from him but got a regular GS from a member of the local Apple User group. Dean
  11. Actually Lemmings GS will run slow on a real GS unless you have an accelerator installed, compared to how it runs on other machines. Magnus
  12. Try the Macintosh Garden, http://macintoshgarden.org/, this site has a ton of old Mac games and other software that might interest you. Dean
  13. Woz was the technical genius, Jobs could have sold ice to Eskimos and made them believe it was the greatest thing ever. His Reality Distortion Field made it possible for him to make people think anything he said was gospel.
  14. There is a difference between PRODOS 16 and GS/OS. Your best bet is to develop for GS/OS 6. Dean
  15. It might take a little more work. You can convert the jpg to IIGS SHR. Then you can use The Graphics Exchange for the GS to convert the SHR to DHGR. Dean
  16. Do you own an Apple IIGS? If so you can download, or I can send you a copy of, Super Convert 4.0. It will convert from jpg to Apple II format and is a GUI driven program. Dean
  17. Virtual II also does Imagewriter II output that can be saved as a PDF. Dean
  18. Bought a Sears Video Arcade (the Sears version of the Atari VCS) in 78, then the TRS-80 (model 1 level 2 with 16k of ram and a tape drive) in 79. Bought an Apple II+ (48k of ram and a disk drive) in 80. In 82 gave the VCS to my soon to be in-laws. Picked up an Apple IIe (128k, two disk drives) in 85. Got rid of the II+ about then. Added an Apple IIc in 92 while I was in Alaska. Added an Apple IIGS in 94 in Las Vegas. Finally stepped up to a Mac 6115CD in 96. Eventually got rid of all the Apple II's and have stayed with the Mac since. Went retro to the Apple II in 2010. Dean
  19. That's strange, because when I click on the link I get a readable article that I copied to my laptop computer.
  20. About 03 I fried the motherboard in a GS I had. I was stupid enough to toss it and all the software I had thinking I wouldn't want to mess with it any more since I had a Mac. A year later I changed my mind and found disk images and Mac emulators for the Apple II online. Downloaded lots of software and a few emulators and messed with it on the Mac. Decided later that I wanted to get back into the real hardware. In 06 managed to get an Apple //e (enhanced version) at an estate auction and was looking for a way to transfer disk images back to real disks so I could play all the old games I liked. I asked how to do it in comp.sys.apple2 and was rewarded with info about ADTPro so I went to Sourceforge and downloaded it, this was version 0.0.8. Of course I had to buy a cable for it, I wasn't about to try and make one and probably fry the computer. I have been happily using it since then, first on the //e, now on the GS I got about 4 years ago. About the only thing that might be better would be using the CFFA3K that is in my GS to do the same thing. Of course the only time I need real disks now is if I want to do something on my //c+. It's really nice to be able to mount the disk images as if the were disks and play games, or do other things. just my two cents worth, Magnus
  21. For those of us who have just gotten back into the Atari 2600, via the FB2, it's a way to play all the original Atari games without having to spend thousands buying the original cartridges. After I get the FB2 modded I plan on buying the Harmony cartridge to load the roms into to play on the FB2.
  22. Cool, I guess I'll have to check that out. One other question, how good, bad or indifferent are the 7800 controllers in comparison to the 2600 joysticks? I never messed with it back in the day so I'm just curious. Thanks.
  23. Thanks for your response, Bill. The quick answer is I have limited room for console systems. My question is, what exactly is a modded 2600 or 7800?
  24. Just curious if anybody might be willing to sell a modded Flashback 2 and how much you'd want for it. TIA, Magnus
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