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  1. Hi Lars, You are amongst the few to start developping home-brews for Jaguar years and years ago and Jagworm was one the first games my son played on Jaguar. It is always cool to hear that you are developing for the Jaguar. Now for Halmock furball, my children don't like the idea that a guinea pig is fighting for life and eventually will die by drowning... They didn't appreciate much an another game for Jaguar which consists of crushing ants... From my point of view, I like the cartoon style and the character but the action is too repetitive to play more than few minutes and the music is too present. Far from discouraging you, I would like to encourage you to continue to develop for Jaguar. What a pity for example that all the work done for Eerrivale never achieved to a new game. That would be sad to give up developing for Jaguar as nowadays there are more tools and technologies than anytime before (Raptor, Sound Engine...)
  2. The Lynx version was so addictive It is cool to see it onJag and with 2 players mode!!!
  3. Felyx

    Wyvern Tales

    I gave my email on the dedicated website, weeks ago but so far no answer: is the game sold out??
  4. Thank you for the nice message. I was not the only one to create covers but yeah I did some...that was years ago time passes....
  5. You're right I haven't done any for ages now...but unfortunately a cover is useless as this rom can't be burned on CD... I loved the time many home-brews were somehow DIY for the covers and CD deco but it seems this time is now over
  6. Lost my ears is there already an action class to fill a complaint?
  7. JagZombies is now available for Jag CD also on eBay: It is cool to see that game released and it is a cool attention that the cartridge and the CD are bloody red It feeds a gap in the Jaguar games as so far we didn't have any shooter game like Operation Wolf.
  8. Why not? previous games released by Wave1 were in CD so why not this one?
  9. Beware if you are in Europe as eBay charges import taxes: My son liked the demo a lot but sorry I don't have almost $100 for that game as moreover start of school is approaching and will be the priority for my budget... Hopefully there will be a CD version and that it can be shipped as gift to avoid those tax import. Maybe for Christmas in CD?
  10. Any CD version planned as I don't need to pay a lot for a cartridge?
  11. Thank you for the link: I made a search on Google but what seems to be the "official" site is not updated since 2014. (see the link I gave a bit before)
  12. Thank you gun for that 2.1.3 version. You're right: I didn't notice your post before as I skimmed this thread. I downloaded it from your link and it works fine. I still had to change the path manually for the rooms like explained before. Does that new version fixes bugs or do that bring anything new?
  13. Hi, As far as I know, the latest version of VJ for Mac is the 2.1.0 and it works very well so you shouldn't need to run a PC version of VJ under Wine It is quite fast: N.B: I placed Jiffi on the same folder but Jiffi runs under Wine, not VJ. The roms are in the software folder. I am currently running it on my iMac under High Sierra. To do the same, you need VJ 2.1.0, QT and to precise the path for roms and that's it. I detailed step by step how to here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/247783-virtual-jaguar-for-mac-need-for-qt-4-help-help/page-3 Below are some links: VJ 2.1.0 Mac version: http://www.mirari.fr/xsZe or here: http://icculus.org/virtualjaguar/tarballs/ QT 4.8.5: https://download.qt.io/archive/qt/4.8/4.8.5/ then chose the 4.8.5 .dmg version and change the cartridge path with for example "/Users/user/desktop/virtualjaguar/software/" if your "software" folder is on your desktop:
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