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  1. Speedway classic is the closest Pole position clone existing on Apple II
  2. The ship is big but the screen is displaying only a part of what the Lynx is calculating
  3. Cool! I thought that great time was definitely over forever! thanks a lot Rebooooooooot
  4. I fully agree + the lack of developers for releasing more games and more hits. the Lynx was too dependent of the Atari sphere and did not attract the best companies. Very few "non Atari" hits were ported on the Lynx: Shadow of the beast, Desert Strike and basta...
  5. In France the GB was sold in every hypermarket while to find a Lynx you had to go in secialized shops in electronics such as la Fnac for example. I was living in the Parisian suburbs and I used to go in Paris to buy Lynx games at la Fnac otherwise almost nowhere they were to be found except in Auchan hypermarkets at Christmas time... One single time, there were Atari advertisement for the Lynx in the subway...
  6. Maybe you were not born at that time but Atari was already in bad condition when releasing the Lynx. The Lynx had some weaknesses (battery autonomy, size) compared to the the GB the main problem was the games. Atari was at that time far weaker than Nintendo and could never attract the most famous developers. Most of the Lynx games are were from the beginning from Epyx and Atari (Ten Gen, Atari games) while Nintendo could count on numerous well known companies. Despite the Epyx first games were amazing (Electrocop, Blue Lightning...) the Lynx had few games and even few hits to help selling a lot of Lynx. By the time Psygnosis or Electronic Arts released for the Lynx, it was already too late: the Lynx were over flood by the GB in sales. Marketing and advertisement were far in the advantage of the Nintendo because of the lack of resources of Atari. I would summarize the Lynx failure by the fact that the Tramiel receipt: don't spend in ad, it will sold by itself was totally old fashioned in 1990.
  7. Too bad the poll closed before I could vote Why it has been closed that soon?
  8. It too simplistic: what file to burn? for 3DO there are 2 files in a folder: one cue and the iso: what to place in the CB burning software? The as the 3DO laser lens is old, you must burn at the lowest speed possible, i.e. x1 or x2 Then Imgburn is for PC only, what to use on Mac? As you can see it is not that simple at all when you are a beginner
  9. Hi all, Any tuto for burning ISO under Mac OS X? I read the previous posts but the alternative to Img burn on Mac (isky DVD creator) doesn't speak at all about CD iso so Iam wondering if it really works for that?
  10. Please find below the .LYX file to play YNXA on Agacart! YNXA.lyx
  11. Beautiful card for a beautiful game! Hope this game will be released on cart with memory as we can save our progression to avoid having to start again each time.
  12. For sure at the moment there is not that much to do in your first draft ofInside World by like other said already: it is really cool to feel the Another World ambiant on our Lynx and the graphics are really cool. This is why we really hope you can go further with that 👍
  13. A beautiful 3D Tic Tac Toe on Lynx! Works on Agacart (attached is the rom converted into .lyx format by Rafal) Thank you for sharing this! 4TTUDE.lyx
  14. This is the VCS River Raid ported on Lynx. Funny but it crashes after the first minute on my Agacart as well. the file converted for me by Rafal is here if you want to run it on your Lynx: SkyRaider.lnx
  15. The graphics are polished and beautiful and I like the story telling at the beginning. Maybe a more beautiful title screen would be welcome (and FX sounds) At first the game sounds a bit strange and the challenge a bit easy but no man: it was just the prologue and then serious things are beginning with countless levels progressing in difficulty up to wily traps Thank you for sharing this!
  16. The 3D rendering is cool but I admit I did not understood the goal. it is possible to shoot the objects in the middle of the road. Anyway thank you for sharing this!
  17. The Another World look is totally present even if the level has nothing to see with the Eric Chahi game. It looks beautiful and I really encourage you to develop the game more and more and more Let's say it is very promising! Thank you for sharing this! Attached is the LYX rom to use with Agacart (converted by myself) TheInsideWorld.lyx
  18. For info, it doesn't work on lynx format with Agacart. To test it I will use Handy. Anyway thank you for sharing this!
  19. Very funny graphics and the duck is quaking when hit but it seems we can't slow it down and it's frustrating having to start the level just because of missing one timely jump. Anyway that you for sharing this! Attached is the LYX rom to use with Agacart (converted by Rafal) Nutmeg.lyx
  20. I agree: impressive graphics and very beautiful game. Now maybe I did not understood but I tried to killed all enemies and it seems it is what brings me to the "water world" Anyway thank you to sharing this! Attached is the .LYX rom to use with Agacart (converted by Rafal) LynxQuest.lyx
  21. Very original game (at least I never saw that before) and funny to play. The different levels of challenge keep the interest intact otherwise it would be very repetitive. Well done and Thank you for sharing this! Attached is the Lyx rom to use with Agacart, converted by myself: GrowingTies.lyx
  22. Funny game. I didn't know the 8 bits versions so no reference to compare with. Thank you for sharing this! Works on real Lynx! Attached is the converted rom to use with Agacart (converted by Rafal) Assembloids.lyx
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