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  1. is this game any good i just bought it today and was wonderin about the history of it
  2. atari70s

    Promo manuals?

    ill make it a trifecta. i got one for Alphabeam . the story i got with mine was the art work in mine wasnt the same as the final copy . also the way the last owner got this it was from the artist who designed the manual himself. thats all i got on it. i just wonder if it was just the CCW collection that these exist for or if its for all types. your best bet would be to ask snyper2099
  3. 1. Digital Press. but other than that 0 . not even thrift shops anymore. even the salvation army moved out of my area, ( thats gotta be kinda bad when they move out of ur area cause noone goes there
  4. i got it fixed. if u look at the diagram all i really had to is unplug the pink line ( to the TV) and directly connect the Dark GREEN atari 2600 RF box to the TO TV line. set the channel to 2 and it works just gotta re hook the TO TV line to the bottom of the 3 way when i want the cable to work
  5. BLUE MAX # 1 must have in my book late games like into the eagles nest. necromaster are good titles i hear. then u got the classics, pacman asteroids, centipede, food fight , mario bros.
  6. untitled.bmp thats the pic. mostly. minus the web of cables back there. the cable is a direct line from the cable box. to the 3 way the games are a direct way from the 5 way box to the middle switch then that lonly 2600. i tried swaping the order does no good.
  7. using a 3 way splitter does that mean there are 3 channels being used 3, 4 and one more?
  8. i need help i cant get my 2600 working on my 19 inch color tv. before i get laughed at this is my current set up magnavox 19 inch tv with a coax reciever. ( i got a 3 way coax spliter mind u ) i have a 5 way switch box that runs xbox , 360, ps2,snes, and atari 8 bit to my tv. ( that works on channel 4). i have my IO cable line running into the same spliter ( that works on channel 3) so when i hooked up the 2600 i knew a.) my atari wouldnt support RCA cables. and b.) id have to do things the old fashion way. well i pluged the wire from the system into the RF box ( making sure the box was on game and not TV) then ran a coax wire to the 3rd port of my 3 way coax spliter. ( i assumed this would either run on channel 3/4. ) but alas everythign works but this 2600 unit. what do i do ( besides not having so much stuff runnign to the tv at once. ) how do i do this with the 3 way spliter. is there something i am missing
  9. tempest, i didnt mean any harm. easy bro, its all good. i was joke jokin around wiht the "tempy" but point well taken. back to callin u tempest.
  10. i was referin to the pics. ( my first set for the # 3 sucked. and i figured id get ur take , and if u want to add them to ur page its cool.
  11. Ask and then u shall recieve The close up of the text label The chips of magic. See dated 1982 Unlike the 1983 version, The lines that flash next to it doesnt do so right now.
  12. the difference that i see from the final version date on start up still 1982 when the aliens fly off the screen ( and come back on) the screen shows 2 aliens for a second or 2. also not every time but after a round it sometimes kills u . and u loose a life. im doing this on a black and white tv so color might be different. the sound is about the same i dont notice any differences. also the text looks normal and the point system seems normal.
  13. Im sure there isnt any difference in programs ( i hear DS NFRs are demos only.) but is there a market for these GBA GBC SNES etc.? also does anyone know where i can find more of these NFR carts?i would prefer ones with the Property of Nintendo sticker on the back.
  14. Lucky! How much? cost me a vectrex system ( which i didnt get into really) not a really big selection forsale its more about hunting and asking around.
  15. Stopped off at my fav classic game shop. and got a new atari 2600 prototype to add to my collection . Atari 2600 GALAXIAN EPROM 035-02 i didnt see this listed on matts site ( atariprotos.com) but i assume this is the final version. but i figured id share this. now im at 7 protos
  16. Ok another year later i didnt think there was gonna be any new info but i got an interesting PM today. "I got an email today during one of the contests on AA. i asked him if he can find any email adresses that i can try to track down cause this might be a viable lead that might get some answers and maybe the elusive ROMOX Station. "Sorry, this copy of Mogul Maniac is for the 2600. I didn't specify the platform in the contest in order to make it a little bit harder for contestants. I've never seen a (non-hacked) copy of MM for the A8. I believe that either Andre or Nir may have a copy of this -- possibly burned onto one of those Romox EPROMS -- but can't confirm. " now i am working on finding out who Andre and Nir is. more ???s than !!!!'s that was more the ending that made any interest to me . it might end up being nothing but maybe someone here knows these people ( either handle name here or on RGVC or Digital Press i dont know. but i figure id toss it out to u.
  17. i knew you were lurking in the back drop. hmm would it be possible to post the atari open ones. I have to PM u anyway but a big thank u on top of already if you could do that for me.
  18. atari 5200 lab loaner i picked up a few weeks back. i havent been able to test it ( even though the member i bought it from is a regular and says it works i dont question that). but when i get a switch box for the 5200 i can fire it up and use it. but i wanted to get the pics out there so u all can take a look. its what i believe is a earlier version of Behind Jaggi Lines. but after i get the rom dumped u all can review play with the rom and see what is there. ( see how playable it is). being 1-20-84 i wonder how far along it is
  19. Here is some pics:
  20. i read a post here on the 2600 board about it. they said theyd test it in like a week or so and i havent been able to find it. what was the out come of that?
  21. Hey lets make this totally a Grey area. the atari 2600 isnt a video game system. like atari stated in 1977 on the box iteself. ATARI VIDEO COMPUTER SYSTEM. hell it says computer system in it. wouldnt u think the programs ( that happen to be on cart instead of disk and CD ) would qualify as media mail. if you word it that way it would stand to reason that it should be allowed
  22. shoot ill take it . also if im lucky the insides are still in the box. i need a place to store my old SNES unit
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