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  1. Episode 61 -- What software did you mostly use?; Simon Jonassen and Paul Fiscarelli; 3D Monster Maze Once again, the end of the month heralds the arrival of another episode of The CoCo Crew Podcast! Catch-up with our News and Announcements, then join us for a nostalgic discussion of what CoCo software we were using Back In The Day. Afterwards, help us to welcome Simon Jonassen and Paul Fiscarelli while they discuss their recent collaborations. Stick around to hear Neil Blanchard give us an overview of his recent cartridge production work involving Evan Wright. Another month of our show, highlighting another month of our great CoCo community -- ain't nothin' gonna break our stride... Won't you come along and join the Crew! http://cococrew.org
  2. Episode 60 -- Is "homebrew" a bad word?; CnoY; Review of Rampage The CoCo Crew is back! Along with the usual Announcements and News...Boisy looks back in CoCo history to May 1988, the hosts debate over use of the term "homebrew", John fills us in on the CnoY filter for the OS-9 C compiler toolchain, and Neil reviews the Rampage cartridge from Activision. Now is the time to take a break, shelter in place from the riots and the virus, and come Crewsin' with us! http://cococrew.org/
  3. But to be honest, just about any machine has a lot of potential when you start replacing the main chips with modern tech...
  4. Episode 58 -- Interview w/ Carl England, Review of GunStar, Social distancing... CoCoFEST! may be delayed, but the CoCo Crew is still here as scheduled. We try to never disappoint! Catch this months news and views, hear Carl England's interview, and catch Neil's take on that recent Aussie SHMUP. Current events seem grim, but the CoCo Crew continues. Seriously -- it is time for you to join the Crew! http://cococrew.org/
  5. Episode 57 -- Interview w/ Phil Zwart, Restarting a project, Knight Lore tech talk, part 1 The Crew returns, once again, with something great to entertain you this Saturday afternoon! Along with the usual news and announcements...listen to our hosts discuss how to restart an old project, enjoy our interview with Phil Zwart (author of Autoterm), and learn a bit about how Mark McDougall does his game porting projects like Knight Lore! Come now -- it's time to join the Crew! http://cococrew.org
  6. Any info on how you constructed or obtained that? If it isn't 100% custom, any info on how you have interfaced it to the CoCo?
  7. Episode 56 -- Assembled vs Kit vs PCB, Dale Puckett, Review of Currillian Cruiser As the end of the month approaches, the Crew comes a callin'... Along with this month's community news, we have a discussion of the pros and cons of pre-assembled hardware vs. kits vs. bare PCBs, and an interview of CoCo/OS-9 author Dale Puckett. Neil, polishes us off with a review of Currillian Cruiser! The Crew is back for 2020 -- come and give us a listen... cococrew.org
  8. Episode 55 -- Year-end 2019, Interview w/ Aaron Doughty, Color Car Action It's the most wonderful time of the year, and time once again for another episode of The CoCo Crew Podcast! Along with the news and our usual announcements, join us as we reflect upon the year just past and make wishes for a more joyous year to come. Also, get to know Aaron Doughty a bit as he discusses The CoCo Show on YouTube. Don't forget, Neil Blanchard gives us his review of Color Car Action as well. Whether you are wrapping presents, decorating cookies, or preparing the family feast, what could be better than a visit with The CoCo Crew? http://cococrew.org/
  9. Random guess, something similar to what is known as the "yellow bar" problem. Try googling for "coco yellow bar fix"?
  10. Indeed -- not sure how that happened. Well, I'm sure you can figure-out the proper URL from the text in the message...
  11. Episode 54 -- What makes a machine ''retro''? Review of Star Trader Well, it's been a busy month...yet, we managed to at least put together something for your listening pleasure once again. Think of it as our Turkey Trot! Michael Rowen and I hold things together for the news segment, Boisy Pitre joins us for a discussion about the nature of "retro" computers, and Mike even fills-in for Neil Blanchard with a game review. Ron Klein owes us...but, we hope you'll enjoy it. 🙂 So, what do you say? Come and join the Crew? http://cococrew.org/
  12. PRINT #-2 expects a printer at the other end of the line, which it expects to drive a BUSY line (low for busy, high otherwise). To capture the input over a "normal" serial port, you'll need to pull line 2 on the 4-port serial port high, as indicated below... There is nothing in Color BASIC or Extended Color BASIC that accepts serial input, other than the DLOAD command. DLOAD servers exist from antiquity, but they are hard to locate these days -- may the Google be with you... (e.g. https://willus.com/trs80/?-a+5+-p+124632+-f+23)
  13. Episode 53 -- Interview w/ Boisy, Review of Rogue, and Importance of collecting docs? No need to be scared -- the CoCo Crew is still on the job! This month we have a long chat with Boisy, Neil reviews Rogue, and the group discusses the importance of collecting documentation for all this old CoCo stuff... Serious talk... Soulful discussions... Superior entertainment... It's time for you to join the Crew... http://cococrew.org
  14. The CoCo, of course! 🙂 The graphics are easier to program. The colors...well, you get used to them, mostly... The mod for composite video is fairly simple and usually available. YMMV, but it is doable. And, of course, the 6809 is sooooo much better than the 6502... Note, that there is a _slight_ chance that my analysis is somewhat biased! But be sure to check-out our podcast... The CoCo Crew Podcast
  15. As above, the 4-pin DIN is the CoCo serial port standard. The one with the WDC1773 is a floppy driver controller, apparently with 4 ROM sockets for alternative DOS ROMs. The Symphony 12 indeed supported quad AY-3-8912 chips. If you might be interested in selling that one (separately or part of a lot), then please let me know. I would be interested.
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