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  1. Episode 49 -- Ways To Contribute, M. David Johnson, RS232 Stuff Due to a few problems (let's call them "technical difficulties"), we are having to do a "head first" slide into home for this month's release. Hey, at least we made it! Anyway, download the episode, give us a listen, and check-out the show notes for more details. Get to it, CoCo Crewsers! http://cococrew.org
  2. Thanks, James! FWIW, I can see Bruce's video as well now. If he was blocking me, he must have gotten over it...
  3. The video link says "unavailable" -- perhaps it needs a refresh?
  4. Episode 48 -- ''Don't be a jerk!'', Becky Fox Matthews, McDougall on Knight Lore That time once again -- the CoCo Crew is back! Catch-up with us post-CoCoFEST! and enjoy the news round-up. Definitely be sure to catch this month's Feedback section! Along with that, we have a great interview with former Rainbow contributor Becky Fox Matthews, Mark McDougall discusses that new Knight Lore cartridge, I highlight some differences in 6803 vs 6809 assembly language, Boisy reminds us about some CoCo history, and more... Hey, did you catch the Crew this month yet? http://cococrew.org
  5. Nice release! We are going to cover this on the January edition of The CoCo Crew Podcast. http://cococrew.org Perhaps you would be interested in sitting for an interview with us? Send me a PM if you are interested...
  6. So far, so good -- looking forward to more!
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