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  1. Episode 69 -- Review of Space Bandits; Interview w/ John Strong; Discussion: Do You Gotta Catch 'Em All? Spring is approaching as winter starts to slink away, yet The CoCo Crew is back again and ready to March! There is no better way for a CoCo hobbyist to spend a Saturday afternoon... 🙂 Come and join Neil Blanchard, Michael Rowen, Boisy Pitre , and I as we discuss recent news and events. Then you can listen to our discussion about whether or not it's healthy for CoCo collectors to feel like they "gotta catch 'em all".... John Strong joins us to discuss his recent work on modeling a 3D-printed replacement plastic case for the CoCo. Hang out, and you can hear me give an introduction and overview to the Color PILOT programming language. Finally, catch Neil's review of Space Bandits by Jamie Cho. Come and join us, give us a listen, and let us know what you think! http://www.cococrew.org
  2. Episode 68 -- Does "ease of use" matter for hobbyists? ; Software Development w/ CoCoPi ; Review of CoCoSDC Explorer The old year has gone, a new year is now here, and still The CoCo Crew Podcast remains... Join Neil, Michael, Boisy, and I on another adventure -- hear about recent news and events, then join us for a discussion about whether or not CoCo hobbyists care much about "ease of use" for CoCo projects. Stick around to hear from Ron Klein about Coco software development options with CoCoPi, and catch Neil's review of CoCoSDC Explorer. So come, give us a listen, and let us know what you think! http://cococrew.org/
  3. Composite video adapters for the CoCo2 will not work on the CoCo1. Fortunately, the CoCo1 already generates a composite video signal on-board and only requires a simple amplification circuit to work. See the tech segment on episode 34 of The CoCo Crew Podcast for more information. http://cococrew.org/
  4. Episode 67 -- Interview w/ Chris Burke; Double Dabble algorithm; Review of SUKS Coming-in a bit early this month -- we wanted to be sure that everyone could spend a bit of time relaxing with our show before the holiday season overwhelms us all! So come, enjoy the usual news and feedback, listen to the host discussion, and have the grand time that you always have with us -- CoCo MANIA starts here! P.S. Enjoy some Xmas Rush too!! http://www.tuxdriver.com/download/xmasrush/ http://cococrew.org/
  5. Do you have any more information to offer about this game? Any write-up describing its development or technical information? Or perhaps a link to where it can be downloaded?
  6. Episode 66 -- Interview w/ Joe Scinta; Binary Coded Decimal; Review of Jumpy Once again in the nick of time, The CoCo Crew returns! Along with the usual news and feedback, we have an interview with Joe Scinta of Ken-Ton, a tech segment on BCD, and a game review of Jumpy! Don't despair -- Michael Rowen entertains us with his clever audio bits, Boisy Pitre reminds us of This Month In CoCo History, and both join Neil Blanchard and me for a discussion on how to deal with deadbeat sellers. Keep hope alive!! Time for you to join The Crew? http://cococrew.org/
  7. Episode 65 -- Reviews of Cosmic Aliens & Digger III; Stack Blasting; Does CB/ECB/SECB count as an OS? The end of the month approaches, and the spooks are coming out to play! Are you ready for a good time? Take a break from politics, or at least download the show to pass the time while we wait for the final counts to roll-in... Along with the usual News and Feedback, Neil reviews two new CoCo games, I give some tech talk on stack blasting, and the hosts all join in a discussion on what counts as an OS. Boisy reminds us of some CoCo history, and Michael entertains us with his faux commercials and comedy breaks as usual. Come along and join the Crew! http://cococrew.org
  8. Episode 64 -- Interview w/ Nate Lockhart; GIME color output: RGB vs CMP; Omnistar review Fresh on the heels of a Presidential debate in the USA, here comes our usual end-of-the-month treat -- The CoCo Crew Podcast!! Along with the usual pile of news, this time we have an interview with Nate Lockhart regarding his project making cassette inserts for CoCo games. John does into some detail as to why CoCo3 programs produced different colors on RGB monitors versus NTSC (but not PAL) composite video ones, while Neil reviews the newly released Omnistar game by Rick Adams. This Month in CoCo History _from_ Boisy (but _by_ Joan) and the various comedic breaks from Mike round-out the show as usual. So...time to take a break from politics and join us for some retro computing time? Indeed! http://cococrew.org/
  9. That would trade an oscillator for extra circuitry and it would make the sound output (and therefore the software to drive it) dependent on whether or not the "HI-SPEED poke" is active at any given time. It's hard for me to see how that would be better.
  10. I'm not really interested in an argument about the GMC design choices. Nevertheless... using an NTSC clock versus the 4 MHz clock only yields 1 or maybe 2 more usable notes at the low end many songs can simply be shifted up an octave during processing original music can either shft up an octave or simply avoid the missing lower notes using the lower frequency clock yields a more notes with frequency errors the 4MHz oscillators were somewhat easier to source (not as much demand in the HD era for NTSC oscillators?) the BBC Micro used 4 MHz, and most conversion tools seem to support BBC Finally, the cards can be built with NTSC frequency oscillators (or anything else desired). If someone worked on the CoCo3 game conversions but didn't want to do the frequency conversions, we could figure-out a way to make NTSC-clocked hardware available to interested users.
  11. The Game Master Cartridge technology includes the SN76489, which is compatible with the SN76496 from the Tandy 1000 line. Anyone with a "Master Edition" release of Fahrfall has this hardware. Someone familiar with the encodings of the Sierra game files should have minimal problems unpacking the sound data for each game. The frequency value for each note should require a scalar conversion to match the 4MHz clock on the GMC hardware. This might be done as a processing step when converting the game or it probably could be done "on the fly" with acceptable results -- YMMV, of course. Anyway, no need to engage the programming horrors of the Speech/Sound Pak! Fahrfall or (potentially another GMC-based cartridge) has all the necesary hardware. The rest, as they say, is a Simple Matter Of Programming... 🙂
  12. Episode 63 -- Come as you are! Interview w/ Curtis Kaylor; CoCo gaming sans upgrades As usual, the end of the month brings with it another episode of The CoCo Crew Podcast! Join Neil, Michael, Boisy, and I on another adventure -- hear about current news and events, join us for a discussion about the necessity of some CoCo upgrades, and hear about the hobby projects of Curtis F Kaylor. No doubt a good time will be had by all... So, here it is -- now it's time for you to join the Crew! http://cococrew.org/
  13. Episode 62 -- Interview w/ Fran Purcell; "It belongs in a museum!" -- does it?; The Gamester joystick The CoCo Crew, back again! Along with the usual news and announcements, enjoy an interview with Fran Purcell, listen to the hosts discuss what CoCo treasures should be confined to museums, and learn about Neil's new joystick offering, The Gamester. It's all just another great example of what The CoCo Crew delivers every month. The CoCo Crew...are you ready? http://cococrew.org/
  14. Episode 61 -- What software did you mostly use?; Simon Jonassen and Paul Fiscarelli; 3D Monster Maze Once again, the end of the month heralds the arrival of another episode of The CoCo Crew Podcast! Catch-up with our News and Announcements, then join us for a nostalgic discussion of what CoCo software we were using Back In The Day. Afterwards, help us to welcome Simon Jonassen and Paul Fiscarelli while they discuss their recent collaborations. Stick around to hear Neil Blanchard give us an overview of his recent cartridge production work involving Evan Wright. Another month of our show, highlighting another month of our great CoCo community -- ain't nothin' gonna break our stride... Won't you come along and join the Crew! http://cococrew.org
  15. Episode 60 -- Is "homebrew" a bad word?; CnoY; Review of Rampage The CoCo Crew is back! Along with the usual Announcements and News...Boisy looks back in CoCo history to May 1988, the hosts debate over use of the term "homebrew", John fills us in on the CnoY filter for the OS-9 C compiler toolchain, and Neil reviews the Rampage cartridge from Activision. Now is the time to take a break, shelter in place from the riots and the virus, and come Crewsin' with us! http://cococrew.org/
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