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  1. Indeed -- not sure how that happened. Well, I'm sure you can figure-out the proper URL from the text in the message...
  2. Episode 54 -- What makes a machine ''retro''? Review of Star Trader Well, it's been a busy month...yet, we managed to at least put together something for your listening pleasure once again. Think of it as our Turkey Trot! Michael Rowen and I hold things together for the news segment, Boisy Pitre joins us for a discussion about the nature of "retro" computers, and Mike even fills-in for Neil Blanchard with a game review. Ron Klein owes us...but, we hope you'll enjoy it. 🙂 So, what do you say? Come and join the Crew? http://cococrew.org/
  3. PRINT #-2 expects a printer at the other end of the line, which it expects to drive a BUSY line (low for busy, high otherwise). To capture the input over a "normal" serial port, you'll need to pull line 2 on the 4-port serial port high, as indicated below... There is nothing in Color BASIC or Extended Color BASIC that accepts serial input, other than the DLOAD command. DLOAD servers exist from antiquity, but they are hard to locate these days -- may the Google be with you... (e.g. https://willus.com/trs80/?-a+5+-p+124632+-f+23)
  4. Episode 53 -- Interview w/ Boisy, Review of Rogue, and Importance of collecting docs? No need to be scared -- the CoCo Crew is still on the job! This month we have a long chat with Boisy, Neil reviews Rogue, and the group discusses the importance of collecting documentation for all this old CoCo stuff... Serious talk... Soulful discussions... Superior entertainment... It's time for you to join the Crew... http://cococrew.org
  5. The CoCo, of course! 🙂 The graphics are easier to program. The colors...well, you get used to them, mostly... The mod for composite video is fairly simple and usually available. YMMV, but it is doable. And, of course, the 6809 is sooooo much better than the 6502... Note, that there is a _slight_ chance that my analysis is somewhat biased! But be sure to check-out our podcast... The CoCo Crew Podcast
  6. As above, the 4-pin DIN is the CoCo serial port standard. The one with the WDC1773 is a floppy driver controller, apparently with 4 ROM sockets for alternative DOS ROMs. The Symphony 12 indeed supported quad AY-3-8912 chips. If you might be interested in selling that one (separately or part of a lot), then please let me know. I would be interested.
  7. Episode 52 -- Review of Bombs Away, and Is a "survivor" CoCo still good enough? Just under the wire once again, but back with more great CoCo content! This month we have our usual news, announcements, and feedback, along with a history lesson from Boisy, a game review from Neil, plenty of witty and humorous breaks from Michael, and even a host discussion with all of them and me as well. We love the CoCo, and we think it shows! Won't you come and have a listen? cococrew.org
  8. Episode 51 -- Interview w/ Brett Gordon, DECB Filesystem, Run Dino Run Time again for another visit with the Crew! Along with the usual dose of News and Announcements and a little history from Boisy, enjoy a long chat with community member Brett Gordon. Then check-out some tech talk on the filesystem used in Disk Extended Color BASIC, and follow-up with a review of the new game "Run Dino Run" from the coding team of Paul Fiscarelli and Simon Jonassen -- exciting! Come and give us a listen! cococrew.org
  9. The 6808 (and 6802), of course, are actually CPUs. The Williams sound board interfaced them to a DAC through a PIA -- quite a bit of hardware to consider stuffing into a 7800 cart!
  10. Looks like the crowd is swinging toward the GI chip, but the SN76489 chip sounds mostly similar for quite a bit less money and needs a lot less support circuitry. Just my $0.02...
  11. That appears to be a common mod that taps composite video from the input to the RF modulator. You could remove it simply by desoldering the wires that are part of the gray cables. The thing is, such a mod really shouldn't effect the RF modulator. If it's not working, chances are that you've got other problems. John
  12. Episode 50 -- CoCo standards?, Loading Cassette-based M/L from Disk, Review of Manic Miner The CoCo Crew is back again, with another delightful episode to enliven your summer daze... 🙂 Along with the usual news, and our monthly CoCo history lesson, we have a host discussion on "standards" in the CoCo world (i.e. how do they get defined? and do they even matter?). Inspired by a bit of our news segment, Neil does a review on the CoCo (actually Dragon) version of Manic Miner. C'mon! Take some time to catch-up with the Crew! http://cococrew.org
  13. Episode 49 -- Ways To Contribute, M. David Johnson, RS232 Stuff Due to a few problems (let's call them "technical difficulties"), we are having to do a "head first" slide into home for this month's release. Hey, at least we made it! Anyway, download the episode, give us a listen, and check-out the show notes for more details. Get to it, CoCo Crewsers! http://cococrew.org
  14. Thanks, James! FWIW, I can see Bruce's video as well now. If he was blocking me, he must have gotten over it...
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