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  1. Xandra no Daibouken SFC aka Whirlo Legend of Valkyrie PS1 Valkyrie no Bouken PS1 remake via Namco Anthology 2 (sadly I don't own a legit copy yet) Basically this trilogy of games, because I love the series.
  2. I finally have Namco Museum 5 Japanese version in my collection. There was 1 game I wanted it for, Legend of Valkyrie, my favorite Namco game.

  3. Once the cellphone with internet came into being, it was good to research an old game before you bought it, but of course, even ol granny at a Garage Sale will use one to check Ebay to see if she's selling a lottery ticket retirement or not, and that is the bad side. Weird that outside of Saturn Bomberman (Japanese version), most of my recent Saturn gets were either fighting games, or puzzle games as those tend to still sell for affordable prices (unless it's Fighters History Dynamite, yikes it can never be found cheaply. Even World Heroes Perfect relaxed in price long enough for me to snag a nice copy of it for under $30).
  4. I love my Saturn, I own 57 games for it, sadly getting games for it is getting harder and harder to do due to rising costs to get a game I like.
  5. Shame that Fatal Fury Special on the Sega CD just feels awful, while the PCE Engine CD version is a pleasure to play. The SCD version is missing the announcer, and background animations, while the PCE CD version has the announcer, and has a bit of the background animation that the arcade and other versions had. Samurai Shodown on the Sega CD also suffers from the same problems as Fatal Fury Special suffers from as well. What I have heard is JVC and whomever worked on the game had no source code to work with, and had to build the games from scratch, and perhaps they didn't have enough RAM to run either game with.
  6. The Valis games, no matter the 16 bit console, or the PC Engine CD/Turbographx 16, are all extremely pricey, or pretty high in price compared to when I got all 3 Genesis, and #4 on SFC a matter of years ago. I don't think I ever paid more than $20 for any of them, now they go anywhere from $50, to well over $200.
  7. There is a GBC version of Super Pac-Man, either coupled with the GBC version of Pac-Man, or the GBC version of Ms Pac-Man. One of the other, either regular Pac,or the Missus, has Pac-Attack. Edit: Super Pac is coupled with Ms Pac-Man, Pac-Attack with Pac-Man on the GBC.
  8. The Genesis and Sega CD versions of Samurai Spirits weren't as great as they are always painted to be.The SCD version is missing the announcer, and I hear there is a bug that doesn't allow you to go past Amakusa and finish the game. Also lost a bot of animation. Genesis version of Sam Sho may have bigger sprites, but fewer animations than the SNES version, like win poses and such. Couple that with less background detail, half the endings of most characters were cut, the game doesn't even feel right, at least the SFC version feels closer to the arcade version, has a bit more animation, bit better background detail (the SNES version is right in between, with less animation than the SFC version, but more than the Genesis version), everyone's endings are intact, the meeting with Amakusa when he is in flame form is still there (the Gen version, that is missing). Post victory screens,with character sprite artwork, gone from the Genesis port entirely, but is intact in the SNES/SFC versions. The Genesis port of Sam Sho paid a heavy price for those larger sprites, way too much missing to even be considered great. It's good and fun, but nothing like people make it out to be. Yeah, it is a bit more censored, Japanese version included, than the Genesis version, and the sprites are smaller, but there is more packed into the game than the Genesis and Sega CD versions have. People overhype the Genesis version, but to be honest, neither 16 bit port was all that great to begin with, but it was all we had in the home in those days. The PS1 version, though it had a lot of loading, is the truest to the arcade, non Neo console version there is out there (plus you get the second game as well). The Sega CD port of Fatal Fury Special is also quite terrible.
  9. I thought my Saturn was dead, but it booted US games up fine, but my Action Replay Cart no longer seemed to work. A friend told me, rub alcohol on the contacts of the cart, then insert and take out 4 times. Did so, and now the thing boots like new, really thought I'd have to spring for another cart, or another Saturn, but I hella relieved I don't have to do so. I didn't feel like playing the discs via emulator, especially after going through a lot of trouble unlocking every character in Magical Drop 3, or having save files at the bosses in SNK fighting games. I need to play my Saturn more, as where I live, in the country, dust tends to get pulled in by my AC a lot, and those damned contacts in the Saturn cart slot seem to attract dust more than anything else.
  10. The Sam Sho Neo Geo Collection is wonderful, but there is one little hitch, Sam Sho V Perfect is actually censored. So no cutting anyone in half, nor blowing half their body off. SSV Special though is not censored thankfully. I picked this up a mere 2 hours after it went active on the Epic Store, and for something that is free, I can't complain as I have not run into any issues thus far, though I play against just the CPU for now.
  11. Downloaded Samurai Shodown Neo Geo Collection, have reported no bugs for the PC version from the Epic Store, and it was free, and is for another 3 days. SS V Perfect though, is sadly censored.

    1. Serguei2


      Why Samurai Shodown V Perfect censored? Nudity?

    2. Bloodreign


      No fatalities, like cutting in half, or decapitations and such. The series never had nudity, so nothing to censor there.

  12. Kickle Cubicle on NES, I never saw an arcade machine of it, only finding out it was an arcade port once I delved into MAME.
  13. Life Force/Salamander is one not on this list, and is part of the Gradius timeline. You listed Gradius II and Vulcan Venture on this list, they are pretty much the same game, VV is the western revision of Gradius II. Cadash, Burning Force, Marvel Land, and Final Fight are 4 great games from 1989, damned great year for arcade games.
  14. My mom is fighting coronavirus, thankfully even at her older age, she is starting to feel a little better, but we are on our guard. We knew of a guy whose father was doing great one day, and was dead the next from it.

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    2. Tickled_Pink


      Good to see your mother's fighting it. My area hasn't been that badly hit but learned the other day that a woman who works at the village shop has been in hospital for the past 3 - 4 weeks with it. Another friend has lost a friend from it. She wasn't that old. The woman's mother passed away from it 4 days earlier and her husband's in hospital with it. They have a 7 year old son. My wife isn't really taking it seriously enough. And with her health conditions, she really should.

    3. GoldLeader


      Sorry to hear it,   Best Wishes to your mom!

    4. Bloodreign


      Yeah, a girl I went to school with, her husbands dad died the other day from it, and my brothers friend has lost his dad and brother from it as well. So far so good for my mom, her case may be a far milder case than what some people have.

  15. None, as I have zero reason to do so. I've worked a lot on building collections for each console/handheld I own, no way I let that all go to waste.
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