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  1. I know only of the SNES original, a PC version, a PS1 version, a Saturn version, it got emulated on MMXC for various consoles, and of course the crappy Sega Mega Drive pirated version. Also wasn't Rockman and Forte the true last Rockman game on the SFC, with a 1998 release?
  2. Visit Youtube channels like VC Deicide, and you'll see it in full force. Not so much for the channel owner, but the comments section, even when there's not a Sega console game being compared.
  3. I've watched Youtube videos for years on games for both consoles, no I have not seen the tribalism I have seen now from either side, but then again I tend to watch videos from more respectable content creators, and not the dreck of Youtube, where this type of tribalism about which console is better and worse, is allowed or encouraged. No fanboyism from me, I own consoles from both Nintendo, and Sega. If I were a fanboy, I'd not be collecting for consoles from each one. The SNES was the better console of it's era, much like the Saturn was the better console of it's era, despite the Saturn never getting a fair shot in the US.
  4. Yeah, the thread is old, but the things I speak of, are quite recent.
  5. I've seen this sudden resurgence in crapping on the SNES plenty the last year or two on Youtube, especially on channels like VC Deicide, which often compares games that aren't even the same on both consoles, or a CD game versus a cart game when the games are also vastly different. I've even seen that channel compare two different games, and some folks say that the channel owner does what she can to make the SNES and the PS1 look crippled. Her channel has sadly been overrun in the comments section by Genesis/MD fans, it really is a toxic environment on the channel. I've even seen a site, Sega Retro I believe, where they compare the consoles, and skew every, and I mean EVERY number in the Genesis favor. It's like the console war turned some of these people mad, it's not about the games, and how fun they are for both consoles on that channel, they MUST beat their chest and proclaim the Genesis the King of the 16 bit wars. I've even had or 1 or 2 comments over time on that Youtube channel, and a couple other channels, tell me that the Genesis outsold the SNES in the US and overall, when we all know it won in Europe, but not anywhere else. They don't answer back when you throw the 49.1 million worldwide SNES units sold versus the 40 million Genesis units sold worldwide, and claim anything still made in Brazil as counting officially. I honestly don't know what sparked this sudden influx of Genesis being the superior console, because for years it was known and not debated that the SNES was the better console, and sold more worldwide, and it was left at that, and people just played and loved games for both 16 bit consoles. My guess is, a lot of them doing this on Youtube are likely too young to even remember the 16 bit wars, or most of the games that came out for both consoles. I was lucky enough to be in high school when both consoles launched in the US, Genesis 89, SNES 91. Makes me throw my hands up in the air, because some people cannot be convinced otherwise. As for the PC Engine/TG-16 I harbor no ill will to the console, there's a lot of games I love for that console.
  6. While I love Galaga, and Galaga 88, and to some extent Gaplus, I prefer the Galaga not named Galaga, Cosmo Gang the Video, Namco's parody of Galaga.
  7. The red Tengen logo is the ones for Ms Pac Man that were released in the cardboard boxes, I learned this just the other day. The original Tengen Genesis release did not have the Sega Seal of Approval.
  8. Taito is one of my favorite developers, whether it's the timeless Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble, it's prettier sequels, Bubble Symphony and Bubble Memories, as well as Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars, the awesome sounding for it's time Legend of Kage (the arcade version of course), Ray Force/Raystorm/Raycrisis, just to name a few (hell I got a fondness for later games too, like Magical Date). Zuntata were some of the best ion the world when it came to music that immersed you into the atmosphere for the game. I went out my way to get both Taito Legends for PS2, and even the 4 Japanese PS2 volumes, which a friend got for me many, many years ago, as well as Taito Legends Pocket on PSP. I probably have more Taito games than Konami at this point (174 Konami, but if I counted separate games on compilations, it could be over 200, Taito would be even more considering there are 174 games between both Legends and all 4 Memories, though they tend to carry identical games, but different region variations). Taito's weird stuff was pretty groovy too, like Pulirula, and of course Growl, where you get to beat the crap out of animal poachers working for an evil alien using the animals to feed it's species. Also a tad on the weird side is Don Doko Don, there's even that Famicom sequel, though that was done by Natsume. There's also the Kiki Kaikai series, first arcade one was done by Taito, after that Natsume started making the sequels. Then you have stuff like Light Bringer, which despite being slower paced, is a cool isometric hack and slash, and of course timeless games like Cadash, and even somethings cool on consoles, like Saint Sword for the Genesis (I consider it their best Genesis game despite Rainbow Islands Extra and New Zealand Story also coming out for that same console. To the person who didn't know what Layer Section II is, it is pretty much Raystorm on the Saturn, for some reason the 2 Ray games on the Saturn got renames, though Ray Force, the original game, also goes as Gunlock in Europe I believe, and as Galactic Attack on US Saturn. Then there's games like Space Gun, which has an OST that definitely fits the mood of you mowing down aliens with your....Space Gun. Then there's Elevator Action Returns, which plays a bit like Rolling Thunder, and has a great Saturn port (lucky to own a copy of it too, got it cheap on a late night Ebay listing for $20), and is quite an upgrade from the original Elevator Action. The Saturn EAR also has the original Elevator Action unlockable on the disc. And last but not least, my biggest gem in my Saturn collection, Mizubaku Daibouken, aka Liquid Kids.
  9. My favorite, besides Galaga 88, the parody starring the Cosmo Gang, Cosmo Gang the Video, the Parodius of the Galaga series.
  10. Xandra no Daibouken SFC aka Whirlo Legend of Valkyrie PS1 Valkyrie no Bouken PS1 remake via Namco Anthology 2 (sadly I don't own a legit copy yet) Basically this trilogy of games, because I love the series.
  11. I finally have Namco Museum 5 Japanese version in my collection. There was 1 game I wanted it for, Legend of Valkyrie, my favorite Namco game.

  12. Once the cellphone with internet came into being, it was good to research an old game before you bought it, but of course, even ol granny at a Garage Sale will use one to check Ebay to see if she's selling a lottery ticket retirement or not, and that is the bad side. Weird that outside of Saturn Bomberman (Japanese version), most of my recent Saturn gets were either fighting games, or puzzle games as those tend to still sell for affordable prices (unless it's Fighters History Dynamite, yikes it can never be found cheaply. Even World Heroes Perfect relaxed in price long enough for me to snag a nice copy of it for under $30).
  13. I love my Saturn, I own 57 games for it, sadly getting games for it is getting harder and harder to do due to rising costs to get a game I like.
  14. Shame that Fatal Fury Special on the Sega CD just feels awful, while the PCE Engine CD version is a pleasure to play. The SCD version is missing the announcer, and background animations, while the PCE CD version has the announcer, and has a bit of the background animation that the arcade and other versions had. Samurai Shodown on the Sega CD also suffers from the same problems as Fatal Fury Special suffers from as well. What I have heard is JVC and whomever worked on the game had no source code to work with, and had to build the games from scratch, and perhaps they didn't have enough RAM to run either game with.
  15. The Valis games, no matter the 16 bit console, or the PC Engine CD/Turbographx 16, are all extremely pricey, or pretty high in price compared to when I got all 3 Genesis, and #4 on SFC a matter of years ago. I don't think I ever paid more than $20 for any of them, now they go anywhere from $50, to well over $200.
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