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  1. I think you have answered yourself 😉 And one could just download and use a complete working WUDSN development chain (including Altirra) with no effort from @JAC! https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide/installation instead of torturing himself with a mac setup. I have no problems to use my Mini Mac with Handbrake software for video recoding, since Handbrake makes use of the Mini Mac hardware acceleration and it is very silent. Why not to use a suitable tool ?
  2. Perhaps I would ask, but I would respect the answer "NO". Long time ago I was involved in RespeQt development I decided to invest in a Mini Mac. I did it to be able to test all my changes under Windows/Linux/Mac. It was a lot of effort only to build and test the software on all platforms, despite the fact that Qt is already multiplatform... If Altirra were a macOS project (and I wouldn't have my Mini Mac) - I would definitelly buy one. MacOs users don't even need to buy an extra PC, they can run Windows on the same hardware (setup a second partition for Windows).
  3. If I were you I wouldn't spent a single minute debugging this monster Altirra-Wine-macOS combination. No idea what is wrong with the religious fanatic apple fanboys. Why don't they accept the fact that the Altirra project is for Windows? They can even install Windows 10 parallel to their holly macOS: https://support.apple.com/kb/HT201468
  4. The Espressif CEO Teo Swee Ann wrote on his Facebook about the #Fujinet: "Coolest project ever". Congratulations!
  5. I was just curious - some statistics (generated by cloc tool): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Language files blank comment code ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C++ 73 3539 3247 20143 C/C++ Header 83 1115 1058 4397 C 5 506 1149 2225 Markdown 4 388 0 943 HTML 1 1 0 340 JavaScript 3 25 0 112 JSON 2 0 0 94 Python 1 12 2 43 INI 1 4 26 24 CSS 1 0 0 10 CMake 2 2 2 5 YAML 1 6 61 0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUM: 177 5598 5545 28336 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Fujinet has almost 30K lines of code !!! (not counting Atari code, etc.)
  6. I quickly looked at the source code. For hardware 1.0: - short B press is used for debugging - long B press reboots Fujinet I guess it is not the final assignment, especially because 1.1 hardware got the third ('C') key.
  7. Now I can say the same This is some 'fact' that keeps repeating in the a8 scene, but it is actually not entirely correct 😉 800XE was not targeting Eastern Europe, but Germany. Atari hoped that 800XE will sell thanks to a positive connotation to the 800XL. http://www.atari-computermuseum.de/pics/scans/800XE_0787.pdf 800XL was not that popular in Poland, so there was no reason to replace very popular 65XE with 800XE. As I mentioned, the 800XE was the last 8-bit model and Atari used remaining stocks to manufacture the computers. That's why common defective GTIA or keys from various production runs (some are more yellowed than the others).
  8. The country of origin must be Poland ("PLOMBA GWARANCYJNA") It does not have the original logo (you can buy it at E-Bay): 800XE was built using 130XE mainboards, but was equipped with 64KB only. It was the end of 8-bit manufacturing, that's why damaged GTIA are very common in 800XE.
  9. Originally Bluetooth support was assigned to 'A' button, because there was no 'B' button (which was added later). Perhaps it is a good idea to change it now? 'B' like Bluetooth ?
  10. One of them is a fix for regression with Bluetooth. The feature is a kind of an easter egg: long press the button A until the blue LED is ON. Now your Fujinet turns into a SIO2BT (Note: remember to configure Ultimate 1MB/Incognito for SIO2BT in order to use it). In the SIO2BT mode, short key presses of the button A toggle the baudrate between 19200 and 57600.
  11. Yes, they can. However writing to 1050 (for example copying a file to a real floppy disk) while BT connection is active, may fail. As long as you only read from 1050, it should coexits friendly with SIO2BT.
  12. Electrically - yes (nothing will get damaged). Logically - yes if you only read and no if you also write data to other SIO devices (it is safe when you disconnect BT, but going to the PC running RespeQt is something you wanted to avoid in the first place). This applies whether you use the splitter or not. I use SIO2BT with a dedicated SIO splitter (external power supply) with my Atari 400 (upgraded with SCCC). SIO splitter keeps SIO2BT alive even when I switch off and on the Atari 400 to load a new game.
  13. Honestly I don't know how to solve it properly... "SOFTWARE (SIO2BT)" handshake mode is implemented in a way that reading a command frame is an endless loop, where incoming data is beeing analyzed. ReadFile() returns 0 bytes either when there is nothing available at the moment (which is OK) or when the serial port was closed (in this case we should return an empty command frame to sioworker.cpp, but we don't). I don't know how to "detect" a closed serial port with available Windows API.
  14. Today I was thinking about you use case one more time. You can use the SIO Splitter from Lotharek with an external power supply: https://www.lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=158 Just plug the SIO2BT in the splitter and it will be powered all the time (in the connected mode, its power consumption is very low).
  15. It is great to see more and more games beeing adapted. I really like the idea of the WIKI on the Github: https://github.com/ascrnet/Joy2Bplus/wiki/Games where you maintain detailed information about the games. For example: "Separate fire (Button 1) and bomb (Button 2) buttons" - this is a good example "Support is added" - I hope this could be improved and the function of the buttons explained Again - great project 👍
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