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  1. Yes, they can. However writing to 1050 (for example copying a file to a real floppy disk) while BT connection is active, may fail. As long as you only read from 1050, it should coexits friendly with SIO2BT.
  2. Electrically - yes (nothing will get damaged). Logically - yes if you only read and no if you also write data to other SIO devices (it is safe when you disconnect BT, but going to the PC running RespeQt is something you wanted to avoid in the first place). This applies whether you use the splitter or not. I use SIO2BT with a dedicated SIO splitter (external power supply) with my Atari 400 (upgraded with SCCC). SIO splitter keeps SIO2BT alive even when I switch off and on the Atari 400 to load a new game.
  3. Honestly I don't know how to solve it properly... "SOFTWARE (SIO2BT)" handshake mode is implemented in a way that reading a command frame is an endless loop, where incoming data is beeing analyzed. ReadFile() returns 0 bytes either when there is nothing available at the moment (which is OK) or when the serial port was closed (in this case we should return an empty command frame to sioworker.cpp, but we don't). I don't know how to "detect" a closed serial port with available Windows API.
  4. Today I was thinking about you use case one more time. You can use the SIO Splitter from Lotharek with an external power supply: https://www.lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=158 Just plug the SIO2BT in the splitter and it will be powered all the time (in the connected mode, its power consumption is very low).
  5. It is great to see more and more games beeing adapted. I really like the idea of the WIKI on the Github: https://github.com/ascrnet/Joy2Bplus/wiki/Games where you maintain detailed information about the games. For example: "Separate fire (Button 1) and bomb (Button 2) buttons" - this is a good example "Support is added" - I hope this could be improved and the function of the buttons explained Again - great project 👍
  6. You make too good evaluation videos 😉
  7. 1 : 1 You need both, although the AVG cart is better 🤪
  8. You are doing nothing wrong. The BT module used in SIO2BT is a "slave" module and does not trigger BT connections. RespeQt does it indirectly by opening a (virtual) serial port. However you don't have to walk across the room, because you don't need to turn off an on the Atari to load another game. Instead you can trigger a cold start, for example: - with Ultimate 1MB (or with Incognito): enter the BIOS menu and press 'C' key - with a patched OS: press SHIFT+RESET (instead of RESET) It does not need to be "paired" again. Pairing has to be done only once (unless you delete SIO2BT pairing information on the PC or Phone). The PC (or phone) has to re-establish a BT connection after you power cycle the Atari (for example, when you start emulation in RespeQt, it opens a serial port and this establishes a BT connection).
  9. Has anybody ever tested this feature? I tried, but it simply didn't work reliably. With a Logic Analyzer I saw some bytes going out and in, but the emulator always reported an error (tested under Windows). My wish was to have a real floppy connected via 1050-2-PC to RPI, but Atari++ does not even work on RPI... Two years ago I experimented with Atari800: https://github.com/atari800/atari800/issues/22 and realized that the timing of the emulator is probably not good enough... Perhaps someone else could look at my experiments? @jamm ?
  10. What about the images with dumped 40 tracks? Do they look less confusing for a8rawconv? images.zip
  11. Today I successfully dumped two floppies (90K SD and 130K ED) with: - Mitsumi D503 (DD drive) - Teac 55 GFR (HD drive), which I purchased from @CharlieChaplin For Mitsumi drive I used the following command: gw read --revs=5 --ecyl=39 --single-sided atari.scp and for Teac: gw read --revs=5 --ecyl=39 --single-sided --double-step atari.scp --revs=5 increases the number of revolutions from 3 (default) to 5 as recommended by @ijor --ecyl=39 tells Greaseweazle to dump only 40 tracks (and not 80) --single-sided because those disks are single sided --double-step is required only for 1.2MB drives Interestingly Mitsumi does not move to HEAD to TRACK 0, but once it is placed manually at this position it works. Perhaps the drive is not fully functional, I don"t know.
  12. It is interesting. What are "revolutions" ? I asked in the Greaseweazle Facebook Group about 5.25 Floppy drives and got some feedback: That's why I though you need to tell Greaseweazle to compensate the different rpm / data rate of the HD floppy drive...
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