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  1. https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=45 https://ultimatemister.com/product/ultimate-mister-pro/ 210€ vs. 350€ ?
  2. Because MIST is a commercial product and MISTer is a kind of hobby project based on the FPGA development board. Unless you are a 200% nerd 😉 you should rather be very happy with the MIST from @lotharek With MISTer you will end up with spending much more money, having plenty addon boards and a lot of problems to make it all work.
  3. Sorry, but I know nothing about ATX and copy protection... Maybe @Farb could help? He is an expert in those things and also has experience in Arduino programming (afaik).
  4. You can download an app "Bluetooth Terminal" to see if you get any data from Atari. And yes, it could be related to Arduino, it's configuration or ESP32 support. Perhaps software update would help.
  5. SIO2BT doesn't actually work this way. You can't directly mount links. First you have to download a file, then you can mount it
  6. I had exactly the same idea TNFS server C source code is available, so maybe someone could port it to Android.
  7. @manterola grab the multilator-rev2.ino and flash it on the ESP32. Long press (> 1 sec) the BOOT button and the ESP32 will turn into SIO2BT (it will behave like HC-06 modules configured for 57600). Another long press and the #Fujinet is back, so you can have best of both worlds with the same hardware. I really like that @tschak909 "boldly goes where no one has gone before" #Fujinet is a fascinating project and the world needs all these new features
  8. Do you speak polish? I assume that you are aware that the game is a text adventure (in polish). Was the model car and unboxing feeling the only reason to buy the game ? 😜
  9. So you would like to connect Fujinet to your laptop running Atari++ emulator ? I would first try out if the Atari++ is good enough to control a real floppy drive (via 1050-2-PC). If yes, then it is worth to keep this use case in mind. Otherwise Altirra can emulate plenty of peripherals, perhaps FujiNet will also be supported in the future.
  10. Let's forget for a moment technical aspects of how to make 1050-2-PC out of the ESP32 board. Assuming you got 1050-2-PC adapter, what exactly are you going to do with it ?
  11. Have you already tried to connect a real floppy drive to Atari emulator (I guess this is were you were going to) ? I tried to do it with atari800 emulator running on Raspberry Pi (inside Atari enclosure). Unfortunately the emulator timings were not precise enough, so I gave it up: https://github.com/atari800/atari800/issues/22 Otherwise, it should not be a big deal to make FujiNet acting as SIO2PC or 1050-2-PC. Perhaps except for the need for additional hardware switch on the board (to select a working mode). I have actually already done a similar thing - I made FujiNet acting as SIO2BT: and Mozzwald made Fujinet working as a MIDI interface for playing MIDI Maze 🙂
  12. Yes, it would be great to get more feedback from ATARI users. I will try to summarize all options, describing advantages and disadvantages: Web interface ------------- Web interface is comfortable, flexible and comprehensive. It can provide access to every single configuration item and trigger every possible action. With only little effort it can be maintained to support all new features added to the firmware in the future. It requires a PC (or smartphone) and a WiFi connection. Atari configurator ------------------ Atari configurator is loaded after Atari is powered on. It can be used for initial setup (disk mounting, etc.). Simple configuration is also possible. Atari configurator is limited to actions/parameters available over SIO interface. After initial setup, the configurator is gone, so it can not be used (for example) to swap disks, when the user is asked for that by a multidisk game. Hardkeys/LEDs/(Touch)Display ---------------------------- Available all the time (regardles of the Wifi and SIO status). Good option for the most common/typical actions, which can not be otherwise achieved with Atari configurator (for example: swap disks). It can present status information (for example WiFi status using LED, Disk assignment status using display). Depending on the design it could be easy or hard to use. For example: - the usage of hardkeys with SIO2SD is not very intuitiv - SDRIVE-MAX display does not support long file names It is a major price factor for FujiNet (it is prefered by FujiNet team to minimize the costs and hence the number of hardware elements).
  13. Nice. A "new ATR" is a good candidate! If we had a multiline OLED display and 4 buttons (menu/exit, up, down, enter), Fujinet could offer easy control for all possible actions.
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