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  1. I started running a UT 99 server in 2004 and and still run it to this day. One of my all time favorite games. To me this Atari version is completely awesome. If a physical version ever comes around sign me up!
  2. You know what upsets me about this whole thing the most is when I put the system away 7 years ago it was in perfect working condition. Some how from sitting one of the RAM chip went bad and of course this color issue. It was carefully packed away in it's original box any lovingly placed on display. I know I should have played it more!! The weirdest thing of all is all 3 controllers still worked. If anything I would have expected at least a controller to have been broken. Lesson learned. Do not ignore your 5200 PLAY IT!
  3. No I have not tried that I don't actually have an extra 4050 chip unless i snag it off my now good 5200. If I feel ambitious I might give it a try.
  4. Well still don't know whats wrong with it I tried replacing the ANTIC , GTIA, chip and others as well, replaced the RF Modulator, replaced the potentiometer still black and white. So I gave up and just ordered a broken 5200 off ebay for 30 bucks that just needed a CD4052BE chip replaced on controller port 1. I'm back in business. Thanks for the suggestion though, maybe someday i'll have another go at this and see if I can't figure out whats going on.
  5. Tried adjusting the RF modulator but that didn't seem to help. As for the TV it's the same TV I've had for the past 20 years that I've always used with this 5200. Thanks for the suggestions. Nope not that.
  6. Could use some help with my 5200 4 port. I recently had to repair the console after it sat for 7 years. Ended up having to replace the RAM. But after that I noticed it was only displaying games in black and white only. I tried adjusting the potentiometer but it did nothing. Next I installed a new potentiometer and I did see color but only for a few minutes and now it's back to black and white only. Anyone have any ideas what the problem could be?
  7. Finished product. I'm guessing no one cares about these any more. Or anyone who wanted to mod these did so long ago. I'm late to the party.
  8. Think I figured it out. Here is what I did. Seems to work, hopefully this helps someone else out.
  9. I have a flashback 2 and have been doing the cart mod. I have the cartridge part all wired up but I'm very confused on the switch part. I don't know how to wire it up correctly. I was fallowing the guide over at http://www.atarimuseum.com/fb2hacks/page2.htmand have the same board version as they have pictured but the part where they tell you how to wire the switch makes no sense to me. I was searching everywhere for some kind of wiring diagram that would clearly show how to wire a switch up. Is there anyone that can help me out with this part. I know my cart port works correctly as when I was testing if i powered on the unit with two wires touching and then quickly removed them my game started up. Not sure what the hell I did I think I had j3 wired to c4 and powered the unit on while holding those wires to IC2 then quickly removed them from IC2 and saw my game. Something like that, anyway the cart port works. Any help on how to wire the switch would be great.
  10. I made a Atari 2600 counter that shows how many days, hours, min, and sec it's been since the US release date 9/11/1977 (according to wiki) 911 spooky! Anyway as of today it's been exactly 13444 days! Here is a image of what it looks like If you want to see it live you can check it out here http://dfbgaming.com/MattMan/Nintendo/Counter/ataricount.html If you have a website you want to put it on you can use this code below. NOTE: bgcolor can be changed for your needs. <embed src="http://www.dfbgaming.com/MattMan/Nintendo/Counter/Atari2600-Counter.swf" width="275" height="275" bgcolor="#3333ff" id="ataricount" name="ataricount" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" quality="high" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed>
  11. I don't see this copy going for much more than it's current bid now that yet another boxed copy has been found. Unreal!
  12. I signed up for Game Gavel just to bid on the Air Raid auction. Before this auction I have only heard of Game Gavel a handful of times and never even looked at the site before. I've been a member of eBay since 2000 and have 100% feedback and have been very content to stay on eBay for my buying/selling needs. My bids on this auction were for real but unfortunately the price quickly went past my range. Just because noobs signed up for Game Gavel just to bid on this auction doesn't mean the bids were not real. Now that I have become a member of the site it seems pretty cool and I just might start doing more business there.
  13. Yup I think that is the one. After digging up this old info it makes me want to know even more now how the games name was first found out. I know for a fact people were asking for this game by name as far back as 1994 but I can find anything before that.
  14. ok I remember that it was first discussed in the old news groups that people used years ago. You know the ones everyone used before pretty forums like this started popping up. But all i know is there was some debate as to what the game was actually called since it was no where on the cart or no where seen when playing the game. Some how someone new the games name and said he had the box but was never heard from again. I'm sure someone here knows what I'm talking about and can clarify. But what would really be nice is if all the steps or pieces of the puzzle that have been uncovered over the years could be documented and archived. From when the game was first found (cart only) to finding out it's name, first box discovered, and now first manual to ever appear. Plus all the other info that has come to light.
  15. If I remember right years ago before they even knew the games name 100% some dude said he had the box and told everyone the name of the game. I think the guy was never heard from again or something after that so I guess it was never confirmed. If anyone remembers this or knows what really happened I would like to know. I'm just going off of my bad memory.
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