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  1. This is a really fun game! I'd love to get it as a Cart as well!
  2. holy hell... just got this today. I actually never even heard of this title until i saw this thread. I knew it HAD to be amazing. I can't believe how awesome this is...thanks so much. This game is seriously awesome and it looks great on the 7800. I can't believe I never heard of this game! I guess Galaga kinda hogged all the limelight.
  3. Punch holes in them and make key chains! Or mount a magnet on the back and make a fridge magnet! Belt buckle! TONS OF FUN STUFF!!
  4. That's a really good idea...it's like OWNING it
  5. DJT

    High Score Solutions

    I created a Poll for this topic... http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/188829-high-score-keeping-solutions-poll/
  6. I previously started a thread on this, but I think a poll would be a more appropriate format to gauge a generalized interest. Hope everyone weighs in... DJ
  7. I was going to auction off my 2600 and some games, but i thought I'd throw it out to a more appreciative and receptive community first...keep it in the "family" Basically, I bought a nice refurb'd light sixer off ebay a few months ago. Once the Atari bug bit me, I found a great deal on a 7800 and never turned back. I'm looking to sell the system with one joystick and a handful of classic games: Pitfall joust combat enduro space invaders missile command ms pac-man asteroids defender If anyone is interested in giving the gift of atari to someone let me know. Works fine. Cosmetically the console is in great shape. I will disclose that someone broke a piece of the plastic frame where the left joystick plugs in (probably from jamming it in to hard), but it doesn't affect anything...except it might be easier to plug controllers in. I'm asking $40 PM me if interested. DJ
  8. Just a question I wanted to pose to everyone. How do you guys keep record of your high scores? A notebook? Some fancy spreadsheet? I was thinking about starting a "Gaming journal" where I could keep all my notes and scores, but I'm just wondering if and how everyone does it and if anyone had any recommendations... I know nothing beats old pencil and paper for quick and easy recording, but computers make things easier to stay organize. It's funny when I get manuals with my games, the back of the books sometimes have scores that kids have written down..it's just neat to see things like that. I know when I got my asteroids cocktail table, in the coin slot, there were handfulls of scraps of paper with names and scores on them. Mostly scribbled by the kinds that played it..then I installed a high score save kit, and there's no need. I still saved the paper for posterity. Years from now when my parents sell their house, someone will go down in their unfinished basement and see where I wrote in chalk on the cinderblock walls mike tyson punch out codes and high scores for games years ago... I'm thinking about designing a old school pencil and paper journal to organize your scores. What does everyone think?
  9. Let me know if you ever come across a copy of mean 18 with a manual. I looooove golf games and I'd love to get a hold of this one.
  10. i really love xenophobe! I used to play it on the NES all the time, but the 7800 version is way more boss.
  11. jocular... man! I love that kinda talk. = )
  12. DJT


    thanks! I've been leeching off this site long enough...i figured I'd try to give back.
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